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August 09

This day belongs to ali.
"I was born on the 25th of the month (not this one), and I always find cause for celebration every time the 25th rolls around..."
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Day 117. Tue, August 25 2009

Fiery Furnaces

Smocked skirt worn as a cloak, donated by Eliza. Vintage earrings from the Dumbo flea market and platforms from eBay.

The NAU Grant for Change will help us launch our non-profit foundation that will continue to bring you socially responsible creative projects such as the Uniform Project. Please cast your votes today– Rate our nomination by clicking here.


Jasie VanGesen tagged this Brave


Anonymous tagged this Batty

not sure about the skirt as a cloak...

V_Bee tagged this Try Harder

Hmmm. This outfit is not great, sorry. Really does look like you've got your skirt stuck whilst putting it on.

bunneh tagged this Try Harder

not loving this one - i think you should put the skirt under the uniform and let the edges peek out - that would be cute


gorgeous combination of cloak, earrings and shoes. i love how you break the rules by wearing items in different ways.

else paulussen tagged this Cute


vinamarata tagged this Try Harder

naah..its like you're trying too hard to put things together just to give it a new look.

Beth tagged this Hot

Like how you repurposed the dress and I love the shoes!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder


shuchi tagged this Hot

The earrings are lovely!

stina tagged this hmm

would be interesting to see how it looks with the skirt pulled up to under your arms.

@marycray tagged this Try Harder

good thought. nice color.

X tagged this Hot

Simply one of your best!!!


Not my favorite, but the color is great on you. I'd like to see the skirt as a skirt, either over or under.


The skirt doesn't really work for me as a cloak. Just looks like you forgot where a skirt goes. I agree with the others who said they'd like to see it peeking out from under the uniform dress.

KT tagged this Try Harder

I agree with bunneh who said, "I think you should put the skirt under the uniform and let the edges peek out - that would be cute." Then perhaps wear a red belt.

ammakke tagged this fiery

the red skirt& gorgeous earrings are perfect match , but love to see that fiery skirt worn as a skirt.

Jolly M tagged this Daring

Fiery & daring indeed;and ofcourse different!Colours are fabulous too..but.......I wonder how pr4actical is the "skirt- cloak"?Sheena,you must've got "few looks" on the way to work.Still admire your skill & guts....keep it up

Rachel tagged this Batty

I love this! I never would have thought of wearing a skirt as a cloak! And the color of that skirt is so great on you!

mbah tagged this Try Harder

What if you folded the skirt a bit higher up and pinned it with a funky broach? It might make the skirt pass for a cloak and make the look more smooth.

Kelly tagged this Hot

I love the burst of red! When you have shoes with interesting heels (like these platforms) could you try to take a picture showing the profile? Thanks!!

M tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this keep it up

love it! you've been doing some great stuff lately!

Megan tagged this Hot

Those people are cray cray. Way to rock it girl!

Megan tagged this Hot

Those people are cray cray! Way to rock it sister!

Megan tagged this Hot

Those people are cray cray! Way to rock it sister!

christine tagged this Try Harder

first time I'm not totally with you on an outfit...it still looks too much like a skirt, though it's a great skirt!

Kiwigirl tagged this Brave

Sorry - skirt around the shoulders is a bit too weird.

beck tagged this Cute

This may be different, but think outside of the box people! This is what the uniform project is about: getting really creative and coming up with NEW looks, not just the same old stuff. I think it's adorable and really clever.

Ida tagged this Try Harder

I'd like to see you raise your arms... Usually love your outfits. This one just missed the mark today.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

must be tough coming up with enthusiasm every day; guess some will be better than others, but we're all rooting for you!

melia tagged this Cute

very creative. you always look great in red, you should wear it more often!


I want to see the skirt under the dress!

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Love the color (!) and cloak/earrings combo, and admiring the creativity (per usual), but not one of my favorite looks (mostly re the overall shape).

beinzstalk tagged this Hot

Looks fantastic. Very creative. Very clever picking up the stitching on the 'skirt poncho' with the earrings.


I love the idea of this outfit and the Salsa feel, but it does seem too much like your skirt is stuck.

esteff tagged this Try Harder

there is a reason we only wear skirts on bottom

Anonymous tagged this Batty

uncomfortable, impractical--did you actually wear this out anywhere? L

Claire tagged this grr worthy

big thumbs up!

Kay tagged this Bright

I love the earrings -- they are kick ass. As for the skirt, it may have worked better worn as a tube top over the dress... but regardless, it's very striking.

Therese tagged this Try Harder

I like the earrings, but the skirt as a cloak idea is really not working.

cindi aka www.tallysplace.blogspot.com tagged this TERRIFFIC

seriously people, do you understand what a cloak or poncho is? does everything have to be park avenue perfect? whether i like a particular outfit or not, i ALWAYS think what sheena is doing is amazing. if you haven't voted for her and eliza at NAU go do it right now and tell others too. also, donate! i was only able to donate $5, but it helps and maybe i can donate more later. Keep up the good work, girl!

Cecília tagged this Try Harder

Nada prático. Como movimentar os braços?


Just not into this today. I would like to see it under the dress with some red accessories, or worn over like a boobtube.

Lorelei tagged this Hot

So awesome! I love the skirt worn on top. Such a great colour and it looks amazing with those wicked earrings!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Hot


Jenny tagged this Brave

Hmmm... it is interesting but I dun think I dare to wear skirt the same way you did with this outfit... Maybe as a tube but not as a cloak! =P


I'm going with the skirt under the uniform as well

Jennifer Rose tagged this trapezoidal

Ms. Sheena, I appreciate your willingness to try all different shapes and silhouettes.

Alexa tagged this Brave

Very Little Red, minus the hood. I like.

eli tagged this awkward

Ummm, not so much. The colour is fantastic but it in no way resembles a cloak.

Payal tagged this Good on ya!

I love your spirit! I know the outfit may not be the most practical, but you know what, we let 'practicality' ruin a lot of fun things! p.s. your shoes are to-die-for!


this one looks wrong...

BellaG. tagged this Try Harder

This skirt as a cloak is seeming too much for me.... I guess it would be better on the bottom, but always over the uniform. Nice earrings, though.

Fourth Daughter

Love that Spanish style.. the whole look is so happy!

Alex tagged this Batty

Eww - not a good look, sorry!

yobe tagged this Try Harder

Love the colour and the earrings, but the lampshade look doesn't do it for me either


seems kind of lazy. Love the earrings though!

ines tagged this Brave


Wendy tagged this Batty

Skirt-cloak is a little strange, like the earrings.

Jedee tagged this Hot

I absolutely adore this outfit.

Nina from NL tagged this Brave


kialy tagged this Hot

omg this looks so cute and sexy keep on keeping on

Tessa Li tagged this Hmmmmmm :-?

You've clearly reached a pain barrier by rocking the "skloak". This is just a temporary glitch I'm sure - keep pushing through, you can do it!

Kate B tagged this Try Harder

Hm. I want to like it, but it really looks like you just didn't pull the skirt the rest of the way down ...

Tati tagged this Try Harder

I loved the colors, but the skirt doesn't work as a cloak, it really seems you "forgot to finish dressing"... But I loved your shoes!

Sarah Shah tagged this Cute

Skirt as cloak is absolutely brilliant! Can't get over how cute it is. This is my 2nd fav outfit after 8/15.

casandra tagged this Brave

i like this one! its like you are wearing an off shoulder top

Elisse tagged this Hot

Love it!Something I would attempt and then take it off half way through the day though.

Shelby tagged this Try Harder

I like the colour, but I have to agree that the skirt as a cloak looks exactly like a skirt trying to be a cloak.

c tagged this Batty

Nope, sorry. It genuinely looks like what it is - a skirt you are wearing over your shoulders. Not your best

A Follower tagged this Fierce!

Absolutely amazing. This blew me away. I love the earrings. This is some pretty bold work. Keep it up!

Angel tagged this Brave

I like the way you wear the skirt!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

It actually works.

scarlett tagged this spicy hot chilly pepper!

This is just hot! I love the look and the red brings out the warmth in your skin tone. I can't say enough. Just love it :)

Saskia tagged this Cute

I love it. Especialy because you used a skirt in a different way. A lot of cute skirts can be awesome tops.

Irene tagged this Batty

who would've thought of using a skirt as a cloak? But somehow it still looks a little awkward and very skirt-like. Cool idea though. I absolutely LOVE your earrings.

Freddy tagged this Thinking for myself

You did it again. Using a skirt as a cloak! I love it!

Alice tagged this Sexy Babe

That is SEXY


viva la espagnola!