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March 10

This day belongs to Anneka.
"Love the ice blue queen - that necklace is amazing"
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Day 327. Tue, March 23 2010

Fade to light

I threw this on in such a hurry this morning that I didn't realize till now that I was decked head to toe in Tara St. James accoutrements... including the lovely hand-dyed gradient tights. Go Tara. Some fun things to look out for at our upcoming auction >

And thanks to my brother Sean, the U.P grand finale kicks off with a supporter party in Sydney this Sunday. If you are in Sydney this weekend, do partake in the festivities!
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Tawny tagged this Cute

Those tights are wonderful! You look like a misty summer morning by the ocean :)

anonymous tagged this DEJA VU

Reminds me a little too much of a little outfit worn on March 16th...hmmm wonder why? The two-toned tights are quite interesting though


you look realy hot!

ammakke tagged this Tara style

I am falling in love with that elegant,HAND DYED tights & that "bracelet - bangle"is so cute.And You look gorgeous, Sheena..God bless You & Your brother & can't wait to learn all about the Sydney U.P. party.We are trying our best spreading the word too..


elegant simplicity, tara's a genius! you look great.



christine tagged this lovely!

wish i had a friend like tara...a girl can dream, right?

Tara tagged this Cute

Head to toe in little ole moi... I'm so honoured!


I'll be your friend, too! You can never have too many friends. -Tara

c. tagged this effortlessly chic

Love the necklace and tights! Very hippie chic. Your hair also looks fabulous with a bit of curl in it!

wasabipear tagged this Johnny Jeans?

Looks like em to me ,)


love it all (can you tell blue is my fav - I always love your blue outfits/accessories)! The tights are awesome - trick the eyes!

Payal tagged this Stara St. James!

Wow I'm a big, big fan of Tara's accessories. She's on my bidding list! Very simple and classy look! 5 days to go...yaayyy!

scarlett tagged this envy-inducing

yeah, sometimes in the morning i just throw on hand-dyed tights, electric blue kitten heels, and two statement necklaces. you know, on the days when i'm not still in my pj's at 9 ;)

Irene tagged this Cute

Cloudy with blue skies.

moon tagged this Cute

every time you wear these tights you make each outfit look so elegant. so much versatility in pieces that dont always fit the mold of "regular" everyday pieces.

Miss Britt tagged this Cute

I like :) Especially the tights

elisabeth tagged this spontaneous

such a hurry is good. this totally works for me. hope you had a good day wearing it.

Tom tagged this Hot

Holy crap! Those tights look amazing!

noa tagged this Cute

i love that necklace.

Apeksha tagged this Cute

?? Love the tights!??

kirsten anneke tagged this tripTASTIC!

okay, serious? your legs look like barbie's legs! it's sort of sweet... :-D I want those tights!

Daria tagged this Hot



support finally reached 60K...YAY!!!

rachel tagged this Cute

so cute and chic!

Meg and Maddie

Love the stockings! I like the way it matches. The shoes are nice but a tiny bit to fancy for the rest of the outfit. Nice hair.