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February 10

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Day 278. Tue, February 02 2010

Everybody hates Cowlplay

Handknit cowl donated by Ana at ToilTrouble.com. Vintage belt from eBay, thrifted leg warmers and suede boots from eBay.

Here are some musings from Eliza, designer of the U.P dress. More of these notes to come as we look into dress production plans and work out our plans for the future.
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Mia tagged this Fab

I disagree...I LOVE the cowls! So much so that I have learnt to crochet and I am currently making myself a gorgeous magenta one. Having seen you wear them in so many different ways I can't wait to finish it so I can have as much fun playing around with them as you :)

holly tagged this southpark redux

Wouldn't it be funny to see an army of fashionistas all wearing the black uniform dress!

zoe tagged this Cute

you look gorgeus!

mm tagged this radiohead 4 jcrew lovers

i don't even think gwyneth is a fan of her husband's band anymore. they're sorta like rollerbladers now. which in a way makes them sorta cool, if you ask me. i'm going to break out that yellow song and sing until the neighbors start complaining. oh...cowl-play. ok, foul play. i take it all back. brilliant title ms. matheiken. picture? perfect.

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Hot

This looks a bit like the cowl you wore as a hat the other day - which I adored. It's a look I hope to try soon myself. The legwarmers are really cute. I can't see them all too well but I feel like they would have owls on them. I like the woodsy look I get from them. I like the splashes of blue here too especially the oh so subtle belt. Hopefully you manage to stay warm enough in your outfits up there in New York. And for any other comment readers who may be interested in yesterdays scarf there is more info here: http://omnomnomstudios.blogspot.com/2010/01/pro-portional-designs-and-uniform.html

scary. tagged this and it was all hell-o.

@mm i can't believe you even mentioned that *insert colour* song. ugh. ICSI.

Nadege tagged this Cute

oh yeah, liking this one.

Pear Picker tagged this Meh.

I'm just not feelin it. It may be the caremel frappechino colored kicks with the mustard and milk chocolate brown ( I didn't belive I was hungary before I began this comment, but I am now begining to ponder weather or not I should fetch m'self a snack) leg warmers. Spiffy peices apart but not so keen fo' mixin. It has also come to my attention that you waist belts never seem to cinche the ittly, bittly, teeny, tiny waist that I am sure is hideing under that lovely uniform frock. But surry man, I just can't dig it.

scarlett tagged this Electric!!!

I love the color scheme, and a cute colorful belt is always a good investment. However, I have one problem with your site, which supports sustainable fashion. Is it really sustainable for you to wear all of the accessories only once? Sure, you're still wearing the LBD, but how many hundreds of accessories have you worn? I realize they're donated, but I'd still like to see you re-use and re-incorporate accessories, as I believe you've done with this belt. Some of my best outfits have come from old, over-worn pieces that I re-combined into something new.

Judith tagged this Hot

What are you kidding? Everybody LOVES cowlplay!And the blue with the brown is brilliant!

Payal tagged this Warm legs!

I can't take my eys off the leg warmers-boots combo! And that with the blue - wow! Very cool look!

Irene tagged this hidden agenda

The accessories (as simple as they may be) stand out gorgeously today!

christine tagged this !totally inspired!

love eliza's musings! you two are such amazing inpirations to me...i started my own project because of you, have vowed not to purchase anything for six months...and just look at your gorgeous goods...i am inspired to find the time to handmake more accessories. but back to you...love absolutely everything about today's look and how you can pull off just about anything. mwah!

shuchi tagged this Cute

little riding hood!

ammakke tagged this fair cowl play

The 3rd& 4th pictures are the best."musings from Eliza" make us feel proud too as supporters of this awesome & challenging project.Has spring sprung there already Sheena?believe it or not we had another shower of snow yesterday!

Alicia tagged this Cute

Enjoy how the cowl can look very 70s with the dress or more modern-- like an infinity scarf. The cool/warm contrast of the boots and the tights really makes the black dress pop, too.

maffiaek tagged this Cute

in my opinion this one's the greatest till now

Flor tagged this Cute

Congratulations on the project!!! I just love all you wear!!! Greetings from Argentina =)

lostinnotation tagged this Hot

Too cool for school. Love the hat you look like you should be hanging out in a bar apres ski in Chamonix

Eithne tagged this Cute

Armwarmers!! Yesss... ;-) And if those boots asked me out on a date i wouldn't say no. But, i have to agree with someone above who said you need to tighten the belt a bit more, I think it would give the dress a better shape - or perhaps wear it a bit lower, closer to your hips? Also, i see the cowl's going to be a mini-hit.

Big Fan tagged this Cute

I love your site and am becoming very addicted, I can't wait to sign on to my computer and see what you have come up with next. I know that I am not alone in saying that I am going to miss this site very much after the year is up. Have you thought about having viewers send in their photos after your year is up so that we can continue to be inspired?

Josie tagged this Cute

Not so much the cowl on the head, but around the neck is cute. I've been inspired to create my own uniform of sorts. We're only supposed to wear jeans at work on Friday, but I have 3 pairs of dark wash denim trouser jeans that I switch up with various flashy tops, scarfs and cute shoes or boots - today a dressy velvet jacket and pointy toed red boots. Folks are so taken with the tops they don't seem to notice that I'm wearing "jeans". I don't know when I've worn anything else and haven't bought anything new this season. Comfortable, stylish and saving money - can't beat it - thanks for the inspiration!

Robin tagged this Cute

I love the bottom half of your outfit. Inspired by you I have tried the sock /tight combination with my red tights. On days when I wear the red tight combo I get more smiles from everybody as I pass. The red tights truly light up my day as well as others.

Christian tagged this Cute

imo if everybody hates something it's time to dig it out and make it cool again ... so invite Chris Martin over for a cowl-knitting session in your PJ bums - give each other perms, learn the bassoon, play bridge and just wait for the kool kids to come running :)

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@scarlett – appreciate the question. I've tried to reuse accessories as much as I can, and you'll find many staples reappearing in various outfits in the course of the last 8-9 months. The reason you don't see them more often, is because we've been lucky enough to be inundated with supporters of the U.P who have generously donated a plethora of accessories to the project. So I try to give them all enough milage on the site. And in the true spirit of reuse, all of these donated items will be going into our accessory auction at the close of the project finding them all new owners.

Carissa tagged this almost super sonic cute

cutesy but i don't know where the yellow came from

Brigid tagged this Cute

As ever, you are as inspiring as inspired, Sheena. Your creativity is amazing! A question: you often wear arm-warmers. Where do you get them and how to they stay up? The ones I've had end up below my elbows! Keep up the good work!

moon tagged this Cute

i love the cowl!!! i love the boots and leg warmers!!! i lovee cowlplayyy!!! and i lovee UP!!!<3

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

Love it!

Tina tagged this Cute

This actually looks perfect for Groundhog's Day! You look like you're poking your head out of the ground to see your shadow!

gruvee tagged this Cute

I like this a lot since I'd be able to wear it! so cute and practical

dabuka tagged this Brave

Great outfit! Lowe it how blue and brown go together here.


Love your attitude in every pic today! Those leg warmers would have gone well with the cookie scarf theme!

mm tagged this more about martin


marina marquez tagged this smurfin'

i would wear this outfit! love it! what a wonderful project!

Nick tagged this Hot

Love that style, you look great. I saw something similar ( nero rapidshare ) but your is fantastic.