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November 09

This day belongs to annie fiset.
"Un look sympathique et décontracté : j'adore la beauté de la simplicité !"
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Day 133. Thu, September 10 2009

English vines

Hooded knit dress from Salvation Army, pendulum necklace donated by Anne Arden McDonald, thigh highs donated by Sockdreams and vintage granny boots from Fluke, Brooklyn. Printed fingerless gauntlets donated by Marie from malam.etsy.com.


KC tagged this Princess of Thieves

Oooooh, ooh, love the hood.

bunneh tagged this Cute

i would SO wear this!

Dora G-w tagged this Adorable

Love it! So cute

ammakke tagged this Cute

Another great combo.Love the cute look of the hooded knit dress,without spoiling the simplicity of the uniform dress. .


very robin hood..midieval..ish

Anonymous tagged this Cute

LOVE the longer skirt peeking out!

@marycray tagged this Fresh.

Love those shoes and hooded dress layer.

Rae tagged this Chic

Love it!

Elena tagged this hooded greatness

I love hoods, this is great for this time of year- clean, crisp Fall weather!

annie tagged this Brave

love the spider-man shoes!

pamukkale tagged this Batty

love the gauntlets!

Sandy tagged this Beyond.

This is perfect. Love it.

Alice tagged this Cute

One of my favorites. Love the touches of red.

Lauren tagged this Cute

Absolutely adorable!! I love the hoodie poking out over the uniform.


LOVE IT! I think this is my fav so far. Love the granny boots. Great color with the black dress.

Laura Daly tagged this If the shoe fits, GIMME!

Oh - those boots - I tremble with delight.

Mi tagged this Cute

absolutely adorable!


nice strong graphic look; congratulations on hitting the $13 thousand mark!

Mariah tagged this Casually Cute

Love this one! The socks, gauntlets, and splash-of-color boots all add interest without being cluttered.

marina tagged this Cute

cute.. great for London


Hi - What a great project. I am a teacher in Hamilton, New Zealand involved in a unit of study with my students on Personal Sustainability Practice. We will be following your project with interest. Great idea and fabulous cause.

Kiwigirl tagged this Good one

Yeay - love the hoodie. love the sox too. Fabulous.

raychellli tagged this trying 2 hard

ummmm no offence, butldn't couldn't someone pretty do this??

Payal tagged this Hot

Drop-dead-gorgeous socks+shoes combination! The red is a sexy burst of colour!


It's people like the one above my comment, that make people like you (and the rest of us here) look even better.

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Sheena, you look cute as ever in this combo..... cool.... All the best with interviews in London @Raychellli-ummmmmmm.... No offence,couldn't somebody "prettttier" & more beautiful for eg: like yourself I suppose start something like U.P 4 a change??? No No 'cos you would need a pretty mighty head( something called BRAIN ), bit of skill, creativity & a large heart to do anything like sheena is doing

Gracie tagged this Cute

You're totally teaching me to think outside the box!! I went to classes today wearing blue plaid shorts with suspenders and black tights and flats, something I would have never dreamed of wearing before. You're awesome ^_____^

shuchi tagged this Hot

love the gloves!

Irene tagged this Cute

I love this! The hood peeking out, the gloves, socks, the colour of the shoes, you are amazing. Ever since I first came here, you have inspired me to try much harder to find new ways to wear what I already have instead of buying new stuff, and wearing combos that I never would have before.

Derdie Doo tagged this Cute

Not my style but it is adorable on you- so i say cute!

hhh tagged this Batty

love the hood

Marie tagged this Cuuute

It is lovely as always, you have certainly assorted everything very well !

illustratix tagged this Urban fabulous

Love the layers, love the boots, love the gloves...and I think you are totally gorgeous!

Charise tagged this Cute

very cute

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the boots and thigh highs!

LoBeLa tagged this Cute

I wish I could get away with those sox! Love them!

katie.s tagged this Cute

so cute...


sweet, except for the gloves.

yobe tagged this ok

This grows on me. Didn't like the socks to start with but I can see they work ok. Love the boots

Jennifer O'Callaghan tagged this Brave

Love this one

Deane Nettles tagged this Hot

I'm a sucker for a great pose, great shoes and great lighting.

ines tagged this relaxed

cool and yet relaxed - love it!

Miss Sunshine tagged this Hot AND cute

C'est superbe! Vous faites un excellant travail. Jai hate de voir la suite.

Little Miss Sunshine tagged this fresh and cute

I like it! You did a great job! very cute!

randy tagged this Hot

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