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June 09

This day belongs to anna_twee.
"this outfit encompasses my key fashion element: elegance met with simplicity. been following this project from the first week of its conception and it's been inspirational. i am so excited to own this little gem of dress."
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Day 46. Mon, June 15 2009

Endless spring in New York

Silk blouse donated by Helen paired with crocheted doiley from eBay and vintage python pumps from the Lower East Side.


Britwatch tagged this Slytherin Scores!

Python Pumps rule!

Anonymous tagged this Cute


A thinking photo tagged this Cute

Very cute!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

i like the red shirt!

slim tagged this classic


Nancy tagged this Cute

I just love this idea--very inspired and inspiring. I'd love to try it too, but as a "professional" person in a not-so-creative industry, I just wonder how it could happen. Any ideas?

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Yummy glammy!!! I like!!!

The Raisin Girl tagged this Cute

This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen (at least as far as clothes go). I would never think there were this many ways to style a single dress.

jessica tagged this Cute

New York in June is cold?


^^Jessica - the past few weeks have been rainy and in the low-70s. atypical since it's usually hot at this point.

Karla tagged this classy

I wish I was this creative :)

the knotty hooker tagged this dainty

you work that doiley! (let me see if i can contribute something knotty to your efforts!)

Linda tagged this Cute


Clár tagged this cute but not girly

i like this alot :)

Juneau tagged this Utilitarian.

Good re-use of the doily.

eileena tagged this Brave

Great idea love it ,cute


Is this a deliberate or accidental ripoff of the Brown Dress project (littlebrowndress.com)? Personally I'm more impressed with her effort, since she didn't make 7 identical brown dresses; but whatever.

llu tagged this Hot

This is definitely the best look of June! What an awesome project.

RogueTess tagged this Hot

I love love love this combo.


HW, I found out about the littlebrowndress project last week through an article by Kottke. I am aware that this is not a new concept and that many have done similar projects before. This is simply my interpretation.

Diva tagged this Cute

I wore the same skirt for 7 days for a story I wrote this spring. The one thing I know for sure....you are going to have a serious aversion to having your photo taken. Aside from that, you look amazing and what a great effort/idea! Diva, Daily Crave


Love your bewitcherie!

Sacha tagged this Side-Table

I think the doily is unnecessary here.

Camilla tagged this Creative

Love the colors together, and those shoes are amazing! They really give the outfit a classy yet creative look. :)

Jessica tagged this Cute

You're so creative!

anne tagged this cute.. but a doily?

I like the creativity, but doilies belong on old ladies' nightstands.

Sara tagged this Cute

What a great project! Look forward to following you. Very best wishes.

mads tagged this Cute

luv it!!! <3!!!!!!!!!

biellen tagged this Cute

neat idea

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love this one most!!

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Liesbeth tagged this Clever

Fantastic project and cause - you have inspired me to get more out of my existing wardrobe!

salsera tagged this Try Harder

like the shoes, hate the rest

Britwatch tagged this fullydefensibleposition

HW, I had a look at that browndress project after your post. Got there first, yes, but not a patch, mate, not a patch. Let's talk panache, not precedence.

AKI tagged this Cute

Her hairstyle is also nice('-')

lissa tagged this Cute

love this idea-have just tuned in and checked out all your looks-LOVE 1June and 9June best so far! you find some great stuff on ebay! how many of the same dresses do you have on rotation? it is not just the one is it??


sorry...disregard my last question in previous post - just read your blog and the section "whats this all about". 7 dresses on rotation...


I'm sure your idea of sustainable fashin is great, but don't you still have to get other piece of clothes to make your uniform dress a uniqueness from previous days? All after all, is it really a sustainable fashion at the end of your 365 days?

Fashion Speaks tagged this Cute

love the concept behind each outfit, but this is a cute look...not sure about the shoes...

eek tagged this Cute

love your ideas! you are too cute!

sid tagged this Brave

Inspiring. and am not even here to plug my site!! :) no seriously, this is an interesting concept, looking forward to seeing it grow biiiiiig

...love Maegan tagged this Cute

I mean, what a smart and creative idea! love it.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like it.

Rich Marini

Your blog mentioned on my blog: http://blogs.mysanantonio.com/weblogs/timewasters/

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Hot

Gorgeous! So sophisticated.

havana tagged this Brave

Not sure about the style in gral but I love the idea and admire your creativity !!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love the blouse!

Chiada tagged this Cute

I love the collar with it and the top underneath with those very neat puff sleeves.


Touché, Britwatch! HW is missing the whole point of this project -- raising funds for children in need. This isn't a competition, it's philanthropy with a really fun angle, not to mention tons of effort.

Aleta tagged this feisty

perfect silk blouse

Nabila tagged this Cute


april tagged this Cute

would love to wear this

hillaryh tagged this Cute

love this look. the lacy collar is amazing.

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the blouse under the dress. I'd wear this to the office. :)

ttt tagged this sexy

One of my favs!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

"I would never think there were this many ways to style a single dress." -- Umm, but she's not really just wearing a single dress. She's wearing a single dress with lots and lots of other stuff, including other dresses, pants, and shirts. Take away the dress and she still has lots of different outfits. I wonder how much all the shoes, tights, scarves and blouses cost?

Anonymous tagged this Awesome

Very sophisticated.

V!V!@N tagged this Cute


jen@flowerdancer.com tagged this Cute

serious shoe envy

erina tagged this Cute

girlishie sweetness!

maggie thunder tagged this Batty

wow this is really really nice! guud job: )

Anonymous tagged this Hot

LOVE the lace!

Ruth tagged this Hot

Love this.

Josey tagged this Batty

Red Shirt! Love the color paired with the darker tights and shoes.

maj tagged this Hot

i heart the shoes!

Sara tagged this Lovely

What a great idea with the doily! As always, love the stockings and shoes.

Chelsea tagged this Hot

Very Fall, I dig it.

Arwen521 tagged this Hot

LOVE this idea with the shirt underneath!

Gaby tagged this Hot

very nice - I like the combination with the shirt and shoes. Congratulations with the site, great idea!

Addie tagged this Hot

I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!! Tres chic & fantastic!


The red and black combo is killer. The tights are a burgundy-brown? It surprises me, and it really works. For me it's a great fall look.. but those few weeks in June were so rainy, it may as well have been a different season.

bowie tagged this luverly

one of my favourites so far love

Manon tagged this Perfect

God, god, I love it.