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May 09

This day belongs to Bee.
"Love the prince-look, just like in middle age ;-)"
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Day 05. Tue, May 05 2009

Edwardian spruce up

Braided headband, vintage doiley collar and square toe block heels from ebay.


Anonymous tagged this Batty


kafka tagged this Batty

bad shoes looks like a maid costume.

Jenny tagged this Batty

not a favorite. The sleeves under are nice and I like the shoes but the white tights and white collar remind me of a court jester.

Brandy tagged this Brave

Very creative. The shoes are so perfect for this costume.

Skeeter tagged this Cute

I agree, the shoes are perfect with this look. Edwardian or Victorian?

RogueTess tagged this Brave

For me, either the shoes or the sleeves but not both. Love love love the collar.

Beth tagged this Brave

Not too crazy about this one.

Anonymous tagged this Batty

i like it though

Anonymous tagged this Batty

shoes are cute though!

V!V!@N tagged this Brave

Love the shoes. Love the braid.

Salina tagged this elegant

Everything looks perfect together.

lisa webb tagged this Brave


Anonymous tagged this Batty

Nun+cat lady+school girl+table cloth. NO.

Josey tagged this Hot

love this

Anonymous tagged this Batty

not a fav, but brave.

Cherrygirl tagged this Ugly

Ugly with the sleeves.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

the shoes, collar, and sleeves are all really ugly

anonymous tagged this Brave

im not sure about the brown sleeves but i loveee the shoes and what you are doing is amazing... im a designer too


Wonderful Little Lord Fauntleroy.

tollerod tagged this puffyy

ohhh, this one is porbably my least favorite, but the shoes are cute!

Anonymous tagged this worst ever

worst ever

coconaut tagged this Batty

Meh. But I love the shoes.

Sarah tagged this Brave

It's not bad, very interesting idea. It doesn't flatter you figure though.

Gilles tagged this Try Harder

Don't really like it. Try harder. Lol. I lov this project keep going Mayrenne

Anonymous tagged this Randy Constan

Very Randy Constan

MDU tagged this Brave

? ???? ???. ?? ????? ?? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?? ????? ???? ??????.~

Isabelle tagged this Batty

c'est vraiment laid !!!!