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December 09

This day belongs to planetperth.
"It's very casual with a hint of sailor. I like the layers."
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Day 273. Thu, January 28 2010

Edith Zipperhead

Zipper headband donated by Anat Saad at SchickiMickis.etsy.com. Handmade necklace donated by Ginny Bayly-Hill from her store at bayly.etsy.com. Cropped tank top, vintage suede vest and Laredo boots from eBay.


che tagged this Cute

super cute. it is in my top 5. love the accessories. love the line created by the cropped top.

che tagged this che

sheena, does your expression give a clue to what you think of the outfit? today it seems like you know it works and it is super, some days i think your face seems to say 'not sure about this'.

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Betty Anne tagged this Super Cute

Love it! This is SUPER CUTE. The whole thing works - accessories, top, shoes, the whole outfit. <3

holly tagged this All good

yep, I like this one. I could see myself wearing it.

Sue tagged this Cute

Excellent proportions in this combination. Kudos!

Natalya and Kerri tagged this Hot

Hey! We left you a Beautiful Blogger Award on our blog! Check it out! - Natalya and Kerri of Wear Necessities

rachel tagged this adorable

so cute

Noelle tagged this Cute

I love all the elements of this look....

Irene tagged this Hello Mr. Bumblebee

I love the zipper headband, and the necklace looks pretty. Cute outfit.

JessicaR tagged this Future Chic

Perfect! So cute and a great mix, can almost be a year round look.

christine tagged this Cute

love the layers. and that zippered headband rocks!

Payal tagged this Punk rocker!

I love the look...it's so funky! And you look very comfortable in it!

Kelsssey tagged this fab-U-lous

faaaaaaaabulous! love the t-shirt, and the necklaces!

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

This REALLY is very well put together! Fun! Sexy! Your confidence shows!!!

Viv tagged this Tres Chic


SchickiMickis tagged this Hot

Beautiful combination! good luck with your project

ammakke tagged this smart

Love today's accessories...Got no sleep last nite , Sheena.??.

jsaenaen tagged this charming

I want the necklace

Maylis tagged this Cute

I love it !I keep falling in love with all the shoes you find on e-bay... I wish French e-bay was as good !

Lynaa tagged this Hot

Hot, Sexy, Beautiful! Love it

Linda tagged this Cute

Very cute layering! You always make it work, Sheena!

Noémi tagged this Hot

J'adore, j'adore! J'aime tellement ! I love it so much!

Mia tagged this Wonderful :)

I can't help but love this. Such an eclectic mix of things but you make them work so well together :)

Lizzie Roberts-Garth tagged this DROOOOOOOOL

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! THOSE BOOTS ARE :p and that tank top is :o and that necklace is :D!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!

"Addict to you" tagged this LLOVVVVE

LOOOOAVE Your work is fantastic!I love you so girl!!You HAVE the Fashion!!!

moon tagged this Cute

awww so many layers! love the accented jewelry and crazy stockings!

Sarah O tagged this Try Harder

Not the greatest outfit that I've seen here but everyday can't be glamorous (I should know!) Loving the boots and white tights though.

Sarena tagged this Hot

If I had your body, I could wear the same thing all year too and make it look spectacular! :)

Tia tagged this Cute

Love it.

Aina tagged this Cute

I love this one!


Isn't this the same top from May 04?

victoria tagged this Cute

i love this one!


So cute and girly! Also, I already mentioned this, but you are one of the few people I know of who look gorgeous in white tights!

:) tagged this Hot

I ABSOLUTELY ADOOOORE THIS ONE ! The little "marinière" is perfect with the dress and the shoes + socs.!

Alexandrine tagged this Woww gorgeous!!

I love your idea! =) Yes someone try to do something to help others! I admire you!! And I'm from Canada, Québec, so I speak french! You're international!! Pretty good work!

hannah tagged this adorable

so adorable

jess. tagged this best yet?

this is possibly my favourite. it's utter perfection, and those boots are to die for.

becsta tagged this awesome

one of my faves! love it love it love it!