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August 09

This day belongs to cait.
"stripes and turquoise: yes please."
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Day 156. Sat, October 03 2009

Edinburgh -> London

On route back to London. Thrifted blouse from Beacons Closet, romper dress altered by Jessica, and suede boots from eBay.



I first bookmarked your site in late June. Have to tell you that you have influenced my fashion style immeasurably! I find myself looking at accessories, colors, and layering in totally different ways. THANKS!!!!!

Ben tagged this Cute

J'adore! J'ai découvert votre blog sur une chaine française. Idée géniale! Bravo!

scary. tagged this ICSI !!


Mariah tagged this A Favorite

Love it! Great lines (esp. w/belt). Terrif colors (bright, but still fall-like). And . . . my fav boots so far. Amazing how creative you've been living out of a suitcase for a month!

CAG tagged this Hot

Sheena I love it! I think you've outdone yourself ith this one mama!

ammakke tagged this Cute

another cute& smart outfit with that striped (altered)romper dress,but yesterday's "fighter" looks defeated by the cold &wet & windy weather of scotland??but we miss u a loooot & hope London treats U better..

Deb tagged this Cute

Love picture #2.

Uhu tagged this SO cute!

I really like this look. The dress is simply wonderful. I like the way you mix accessories and colors and I love your socks too!

Britwatch tagged this super!

Not been here a few days n amazed to see how you're soldiering on brilliantly. Atta girl!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

this is straight up adorable.

wasabipear tagged this "Like"

We're ready for Heathrow to JFK!

Kim tagged this Cute

So original. Luv it!

Isabela tagged this AWESOME 8D


Lauren tagged this Perfect

I adore the romper with the little undershirt. Awesome. Also, it would look really cute with some of your harlequin tights and heels.

Irene tagged this Hot

This is cute. If you have your harlequin pants you could look circus inspired.

Mara tagged this Adorable!

LOVE the romper!!! Absolutely my favorite thing you've worn yet!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

I love this - I could totally see myself in it.

Kay tagged this Hot

I love it I love it

Brittany tagged this Cute

I'm definitely a fan.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

adorable!! i would totally wear that

Soumaya tagged this Cute

So cute!!! sorry to see you go back to the US, any chance you'd consider re-locating?! :) all the best! xxx

linda tagged this Cute

my favorite so far!

natalie tagged this Fiscally Inspiring!

The outfit is stellar, as is most often the case. But what REALLY caught my eye this time is the FIGURE, and by that I mean the more than $14K you've raised so far! That is outstanding!!! How totally awesome is THAT figure?!?!?!


love the colours

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Hi sheena Jessica's romper dress is astonishing & very cute on you.... well done...

Ali tagged this Hot

Sheena, have you considered a book at the end of the project with all the outfits in it? I'd definitely buy it!

JESS Bell tagged this Cute

its cute


love the blouse - frills on sleeves & collar!

Kaity tagged this Cute

i really like this look a lot!! very cute!

gruvee tagged this dosing monday

I love the romper dress. entire look is just lovely. again.

holly tagged this Inspiring

I can imagine you in the Court of King Arthur in this outfit. Love it

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder


elisabeth tagged this court entertainer

photo2 is cute; jester-ish, fun.

Julie tagged this Cute

Adorable much?! Love the romper dress.

Justi tagged this really good

that's nice!!!!!!!

yobe tagged this Cute

Almost medieval. Thats more like it - love the colours and it all works nicely. Very cute

sweet treat! tagged this Hot

I love this look! It rocks!

sursi tagged this Cute

This is your cutest one yet


tooooo cute

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

When this project finish plz gave me fashion lessons. lol

Tito Jong tagged this I WISH I WAS A GIRL

TOO ADORABLE http://prahjeks.com

Nina tagged this Brave


Maddie tagged this Alice In Wonderland

THe tights are wonderful and bring the outfit together. It feels like alice in wonderland but realistic! Gives a nice whimsical feel. plus i love the boots

baby blue tagged this Cute

sweet! I love it!

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the romper dress.

Kiwiken tagged this subdued 76th

The bold stripes aren't my thing, but nevertheless I must admit that the layering turned out very pretty in this one.

Rachel tagged this Adorable

Fabulous!! I love the striped blouse with the belt. And the layered necklines are really cool.


Your ideas and creativity just keep getting better! I love it!


love love love love love it. this is a style

Petitmoni tagged this Cute

Wow!This is cute.

erin tagged this b-e-a-utiful!

love, love, love the dress

andrienclark tagged this Cute

I think you've outdone yourself ith this one mama! memory cards