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January 10

This day belongs to tari.
""So "My Fair Lady" classic, clean, elegant, beautiful. Audry Hepburn would have been honored to wear this! My birthday is in April, so I had to chose a favorite look instead of a special day! Brilliant charity, nicely done. I feel privileged to be but a small part of such a wonderful project!"
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Day 248. Sun, January 03 2010

Dru, 1860.

Handmade art-nouveau hat donated by Jennifer Shepherd of jenithea.com, vintage boa from a Pennsylvania auction, gloves from Sockdreams, tights donated by Cat and pumps donated by Ailes.


che tagged this suave

that is fabulous! love the lace and stripes together which tie in the socks

ammakke tagged this lace'n stripes

Wow!! gorgeous look from tip to toe!Absolutely adorable..Can't really say which accessory is the best, all seem to contribute..

mm tagged this divan japonais

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec should be smiling from his little coffin.

Anonymous tagged this Bold

very My Fair Lady

Sharona tagged this Batty

Wonderful, I love this outfit! Happy New Year :o)

ettagirl tagged this recherché

hat, ruffled boa and long gloves make you look slightly and elegantly Victorian; the stripes not so much ~_^ but it works!

abigail tagged this Brave

bold, dramatic, eccentric ~ i see you, sheena, as confident in your own skin, without arrogance ~ by the way, eccentric is beautiful for me ~~~

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I have been following the outfits daily and they are great and creative but wouldn't suit the hot climate in Oz

Irene tagged this classy

I love the lacy/stripey scarf/boa thing.

Anonymous tagged this Elegant

Absolutely stunning :)

Payal tagged this Hot

Whew! Caught up on everything I've missed for the last few days...lovely, lovely and lovely! Today - I'm mesmerised by those gloves and pumps. The shoes are stunning! I'll be putting my money on those babies in May! Like a UP-fan reminded us, only 4 months to go. Happy for the kids, not-so-much for my morning routine! But look at you...almost a year in the uniform and you don't look like you're slowing down at all! Atta girl!


I love this! The gloves and the hat make you look so elegant! And I love the the faint stripes on the tights that echo the stripes on the boa. So creative!

holly tagged this boa-tastic

You look fantastic in a big hat, nice change from your usual smaller headwear. Those shoes are stunning. So, top to toe, ticking all the boxes

jenithea tagged this elegant and chic

Yaaay! Thanks, Sheena! I'm so happy to see you wear the hat... and you look fabulous as usual... this outfit reminds me of the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady.

JessicaR tagged this Loverly

As in "Wouldn't it be loverly", Eliza Dolittle chic!

jolly M tagged this Hot

You look stunning in this outfit.Handmade hat is beautiful,so too the gloves,boa,stockings & the pumps- all well coordinated & balanced BTW jenithea's website with her artistic works & intersting life story is worth looking ....Sheena big hats suit you very well.

Rose from New Zealand tagged this Magical

You are lovely. This whole prject is lovely. xx. Thank you.

Linda from SA

Nostalgic and romantic! Love the look!

Lulu tagged this Cute

I have decided to name my new puppy Sheena - that is a compliment! Love your work!

Brian tagged this Hot

I love this look.


Those are some gorgeous scarves. How did you think to put 2 on at once - That would never have crossed my mind

Dee tagged this Cute

This is more of a costume than I like, but a cute one.


Love this look! Reminds me of Eliza Doolittle, but 21st century!

not-tolose tagged this Artwork

Not sure about the clothes..but where can I buy the model and the shoes?


Love this look!! Congrats at going over the $50K mark (I've been away from internet connection for 2 weeks, so just catching up)!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Eithne tagged this Hot

I can't believe i've discovered this site only now! Fantastic project and very inspiring ideas! As for today's look: my kind of a style - love it, especially the gloves. Makes me think of Paris.

Veronika tagged this Hot

Very nice! :D I love this outfit!

moon tagged this Hot

so glamorous! would make audrey hepburn proud! she would surely wear this <3

Mara tagged this Fabulous

LOVE this!!! I want those shoes and that scarf!

dabuka tagged this Chic

Wow! This is one of my favorite looks. Bold and elegant at the same time. Happy New Year! You are always an inspiration.

Pro-Portional Designs Fan Page

Very My Fair Lady or Jane Avril

macaroni tagged this Hot

Wow, you sure know how to make an elbow look sexy!

Molly tagged this Brave


calochortus tagged this Brave

Very cute! The boa and hat go so well together!


just amazing! i LOVE the hat!

Lilly tagged this Forties

Wow. I love the art nouveau look. Vintage, vintage vintage! Where can I get this?

Cecilia tagged this so intelligent

absolutely great... all the process... I love it .. having the same way of considering my black outfits... as a constant with an everyday different touch... fabulous !

Natalie tagged this Fantastic

Over the top without being overwhelming. It takes a brave girl to be able to pull this off without looking ridiculous, and you've done it brilliantly.

Molly in Canada tagged this Hot

Love this!!!!! Very mod Audrey Hepburn esque.

monica tagged this Cute

very classy :)

joby tagged this Awesome

I'm mesmerised by those gloves and pumps. The shoes are stunning! memory stick

becsta tagged this oh so cute

love the boa, i have one almost just like it. wish i could wear it more