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October 09

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"A great dress for a great cause! Thanks Sheena for being such a wonderful role model for girls everywhere."
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Day 180. Tue, October 27 2009

Doiley bandit

Vintage doiley collar and ankle boots from eBay and flower brooch from our friends Eva and Sophie at Bows & Bandits. For every Cardigan they sell, B&B will donate $20 to the Uniform Project. Shop vintage cardigans >

U.P on Swedish TV
We appear at about 14:57 just after the Etsy segment.
Watch now >


che tagged this Brave

loving the tonal colours

Mara tagged this Charming

Love the vintage feel! Very cute.

Payal tagged this Shoe-die-for!

Oh my god, those are the hottest boots ever!! teamed with the rest of the outfit, it's brilliant! Love it!

jolly M tagged this Cute

Hi Sheena I really love...love..this lovely blue- black-grey comb on U.Yet to see the swedish T.V. well done

Jessica tagged this Cute

Now that person in Europe (forgot which country) can go to sleep...


Great shoes!!!


Yes, can go to bed now. Thanks. I adore this outfit, it's lovely, the coulours are so suptle. I've got lots and lots of beautiful old doileys, but how do I get the middle part out?

ammakke tagged this elegant

U look adorable & that doiley collar is so dainty & sweet..The flower brooch is unique...awesome altogether


@Hanna et al – Sorry about the late posts lately... work has been manic this week. Thanks for your patience loveens!

elisabeth tagged this Cool

he best - love the cool tones, love the textures, love the brooch - very nicely put together!

Dee tagged this Brave

Yikes! That doiley collar is horrendous. Everything else is a-ok, though.


Wow!!Sheena & Eliza look stunning on the Swedish TV.. Congrats to The U.P !Welldone indeed!

Mariah tagged this Subtle + Sublime

Lovely muted colors! And boots = must have!

holly tagged this tonal

Love the dress is taking centre stage again. All the elements here are great; those boots !!! Off to watch Swedish TV now, then back to work


That was hilarious; don't understand a word of Swedish, loved the piece on the project

KatieQ tagged this Cute

Nice socks, look warm hehe

BethBG tagged this Cute

love love love those boots! XX's

Carolyn Elliott tagged this adios easel


Amanda tagged this Cute

Me lurves the hat and boots! I want!

K. Dunham tagged this Hot

This is gorgeous!

Tami tagged this Cute

so cute!

Scully tagged this Cute

Swedish! With some nice company too! Good job:) I can't wait for Halloween!

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

do the stanky legg


Love it...love the closeup

Denise (denise katipunera) tagged this Cute

oh you are amazing. I Am Denise Katipunera

Anonymous tagged this Darling!

Love everything about this outfit!...especially the coy model!

Kiwiken tagged this Cute

Not really a fan of the doiley, but the colour certainly work. And those boots are definitely adorable!

yobe tagged this Hot

You must be going through a hat phase. Not keen on this one, but everything else rocks


sweet!!!like the leggings

Anonymous tagged this Cute



loving swedish TV segment ~~~

Anonymous tagged this Brave

super !

Carolyn tagged this Cute

You are an inspiration

ashe tagged this Cute

i like the shoes! and i want to congratulate you on your success in bringing u.p. into the media. i think, you're doing great and wish you all the best for the upcoming months and for the fund raising!


I love your site, your style, your project, congratulations or how we say in Brazil Parabéns!!

Kim S tagged this 10

This is another classic gorgeous look and the ankle boots, adorable. The doily collar is a great reuse. Of course, broaches are the new-old accessory, thank you Madeline.

Ann Marie tagged this TOP MODELS

It was great to see you both on TV! What fun! Congrats Sheena and Eliza! You are creating such great buzz and excitement around the world! I don't know how you do it--you are top models for us all!

SINACALL0624 tagged this Batty

BATTY BUT IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY!!!kinda makes me think of that nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep or whatever it is called...I can almost envision a staff in her hand in a field walking among or herding sheep...a twisted nursery rhyme!! Not quite MY style..but I am def feeling it!!

Irene tagged this charming.

Cute and elegant. <3

kc tagged this lovely

I just love all these collars!

Cynthia tagged this pretty perfection


Su Zany tagged this Hot

Classical subdued beauty - as my Grandma would say, 'Color-coordinated.'