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March 10

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Day 311. Sun, March 07 2010

Disco Doherty

Metallic tank and fedora from eBay, deer necklace from Alice Kwah at piggy.etsy.com, marionette necklace donated by Tara St. James and assorted vintage chains from eBay. Gold bracelets donated by Sara Vaccarielli at twinklestudio.etsy.com, metal cuff designed by Scully. Silver shoes from Wasabipear's wardrobe.

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Tia tagged this Fantastic!

Fave look yet! So much sparkle! I want your shoes too!

Christian tagged this tin-tastic

Proof of the Tin Man's lucrative sideline in Private Investigation! Marvellous :)

Daisy tagged this Brilliant.

I love the whole Tin Man meets Michael Jackson look. The gold jewelry is beautiful, and the cuff is hard to understand, but very, very cool.

Fantastically Fabulous tagged this Hot

Love the look today - futuristic, meets Mr T - I love it - can't believe that you have less than 50 days left of the UP left - I think that the whole website is fantastic! Can't wait to see what is next - you are a true inspiration. Preston UK

holy tagged this spin that wheel

and the project rolls on... you look ready for just about anything - wonder what's in store for the oscar's? sure to be a change from this funky get up.

MD tagged this Flashbacks

Ahhh.. I still rue the day that I got rid of my silver (human sized) Barbie motorcycle jacket...

Adelheid tagged this Batty

You could wear the top on your head too and protect yourself from aliens reading your mind. Your feet are definitely safe already.

em tagged this awesome

I think that this should be the new uniform for astronauts. Anyways, you look like something from a sci-fi movie. Like, a hooker suit for Padme Amidala.

Tina tagged this Batty

Less is more.....

moon tagged this Hot

this outfit itself is oscar worthy. i shall call you mrs. sinatra.

wasabipear tagged this Who Da Funk


ilana tagged this Try Harder


christine tagged this shine on crazy diamond

your amazing personality shines right on through all of these reflective layers. it's as though you're zapping the good vibes right back at us!

elisabeth tagged this Batty

arghh - too bright to look mr T, no... 80s into da 90s with a fedora. confuse me. kick the shoes in stardust. star.

scary. tagged this bling bling baby.

a lil bit jacko, a lil bit tacko. ;)

Irene tagged this bling bling ca-ching!

Maybe on the line of too much bling, but... shinyyyyy, need I say more?

Teenstyle tagged this The STYLE


Britwatch tagged this Bling is in!

@ Oz fans of UP - am planning a couple of UniformProject fundraisers before the grand finale, seeing as I find myself now in Sydney. If you're keen to prop the party, hey mail me - uniformproject@bloodysurgery.com

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ammakke tagged this Hot

Wow!! love the look today, insite of your hectic schedule..How's the interview getting on?? Hope u get the best candidate fulfilling all your demands..

noa tagged this disco!!!!

i love it!

Allison tagged this mmmm

this made my mouth say "ooohh"

Maarit tagged this funky

Love, love, love, love , love it. You must understand, I am going through a gold and silver phase at the moment. The shoes are awsome, need to get me a pair. Keep up the excellent work. Have been following the Uniform Project since November and I think that you are doing a great thing. This is the best way to do it: having fun by dressing up everyday, for an entire year.....GOLD.

wasabipear tagged this Renegade Soundsystem

Oi! didn't even realize this was day 311 :p

prefecta tagged this Brave


Payal tagged this Shiny disco balls!

Very, very funky look! Love Scully's cuff...so hot! @Britwatch...Let me know if you're planning anything in Melbourne! UPers, let's start planning the next UP LBD day!

NoƩmi tagged this Hot

Your eyes tell me you are sure of this outfit, and let me tell that I'm sure too. Fabuleux! Just dance, gotta be ok. lalalalalalala :)

Scully tagged this yeah hexagons!

Love that bracelet!---and if you want one, go to http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=36912364 I'm sending $10 for each bracelet sold back to U.P.!

Francesca tagged this Hot

Love the the bracelet...... So cool

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Now, here come one smart and hot collection. Must say good collection. r4i sdhc

smithmaria61 tagged this Cute

Hi, Sheena looks beautiful ins this costume. I think she is such a pretty girl that all costumes suits here very well. how to get your ex boyfriend back

Larry6 tagged this Hot

Amazing bling! Like the style, full marks. Always a winner with regard to thomson voucher elements.