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July 09

This day belongs to eBayAnnie.
"This was the day that the first email came through introducing Sheena and the Uniform Project to the eBay family. A day that I personally will remember forever, and the beginning of one of the most fulfilling partnerships I've been a part of! We love you Sheena, Eliza and team!"
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Day 74. Mon, July 13 2009

Dickey Commission

Vintage dickey from eBay, tights from Sockdreams and vintage pumps from the Dumbo Flea Market.


Beth tagged this Cool

You know, I don't really like dickeys. Hate them actually. But you do some really cool things when them. Keep it up!

annie tagged this another hit

I come each morning to see the new outfit you've put together...and it's always such a treat! I love the crisp outline of the dickey against the dress. I'm eagerly waiting for the debut of the blog! Hope it comes soon :).

Diane Colborn

I would like it with just the collar, not the dickey

C. tagged this Cute


barbara tagged this Wonderful..again!

Love this very much. Makes me want to go to thrift stores and find shirts/blouses with funky designs and turn them into a dickey -- very easy to do with basic sewing skills. Would love to get a sewing pattern of this dress. Can't seem to find any contact info for Eliza Starbuck...

Juneau tagged this Cute

Love the texture tie-ins -- tights, shoes, and dickey -- re open weave.

Britgirl tagged this Chic

I love the collar and pumps. Very nice hair style too.

boots tagged this effing adorible

love this idea, what an inspiration for sustainable fashion. right on.

Pamela tagged this Cute

I would wear this dress often.

Jo tagged this elegant

Timless. the pumpkin shoes save it from blah.

Virginia tagged this Cute

You are doing a great job

nath tagged this Cute

you look as cute as a button.

Sara Leah PIhakis tagged this Cute


Laura Daly tagged this Not Your Grandma's Dickey

Adorable! My pick of the last week is July 8th, "Gold Chains & Sue Cie". Looks like Madeline after becoming experienced.

showroomnewyork tagged this Cute

love the dickey! can you donate it to me when you're done with it?!

che tagged this Cute

is your designer/maker friend going to put this dress into production? i better you would sell thousands! (with a percentage of profit to your charity of course.)

ammakke tagged this smart

very elegant indeed Sheena, can't wait to see tomorrow's!

Ayumi tagged this Cute

Will you be selling the dress? I would definitely buy one.

Clay tagged this seussian genius

ask my friends for verification on this, but I've always been known to love a vintage dickey.

Patty George tagged this Cute

Wow! What a great "Catholic Girl" look!


The dickey's great.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder


Lucia Green tagged this Batty

the project is incredible! well done. lot´s of luke...

Charlotte from California tagged this schoolish

great idea it's very cool, you are very enthusiastic!


Still adore your outfits, but as much as I'd like to, I just can't seem to agree with your hairstyle :(

helder tagged this Cute


aimee tagged this Cute

the inverted pleat is amazing

Cynthia tagged this Cute

oh this is just too cute - love! [except with different shoes]

Anne Kinney

It's hard to see the detail on the dickey--I can't help but think "dental exam." More power to you anyway--I actually have a few dickeys myself but have not had the nerve to wear them!

Saffron tagged this Hot

I love it the tight are so cool

jason tagged this Cute

love the hair babygirl...

gb tagged this Cute


Maria tagged this unique

I'm inspired to get with the program. I'm a mom/clothing designer. My daughter and I love this project. Living in the midwest I probably design a tunic length dress, follow your lead with the front back thing and go with a denim. Thanks for your vision.

noodleprincess.com tagged this Sophisitcated Playful

Okay, hated the floral tights from yesterday...but I LOVE today's outfit! The lace dickie (is that hand crocheted?) and the collar are so fined and elegant, the tights give it a more youthful flair, taking the sophistication of it down a notch so it's not too stuffy...and the shoes give just the right amount of POP! to make it "jeune fille", very French, I love it. You look like you should be working at some terribly chic boutique on the Left Bank. PS: I think you need different "Ratings" for outfits. Like "Sophisticated", "Playful", Elegant", etc.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love the variations on the collar. Cute leggings too.

tiedntrue tagged this Cute

Wow,so proper! I love your project.

virginsky tagged this Cute


Pamela Goldsteen

and, clever

joanne tagged this tuxedo-like

Perfection. In all ways. No jewelry, no need. I hang until tomorrow

Irene tagged this chic

I love what you did with the dickey and I love those tights!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i really hope you will manufacture and sell the dress... it is amazing!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Maybe expanding the concept to just one or two pairs of shoes and a couple of socks would make the project stronger.

Tanja tagged this Cute

Sympathetic cause! I donated. Good luck!

Imelda tagged this Hot

Hi, I'd send you a mail yesterday.. i work for a daily magazine in Holland and we'd like to issue a piece about your site. Is it possible to send me 7 dresses (7 days) to publish? m.kolmeijer@sanoma-uitgevers.nl It has to go to the presser this Friday... Kind regards, Imelda

Inga tagged this Cute

I think this project is very cool! You are a true inspiration for me! I like the way you mix the colours! I think it's even better that you do it for charity! Two thumbs up from me:)

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Delicately old fashioned

I wish people would not comment on what they think of your hair cut and loose sight of the great big picture you paint with Eliza. You are amazing and everyday this cheers me up and gets me thining about how much and when I will contribute to this charity for poor children. And you have the best legs!!

chickie tagged this Adorable

today it looks like an adorably perfect pinafore. Perfectly balanced elements as well. Love this project!

mw tagged this Cute

I agree with Barbara that I would love to have a pattern for this dress. I haven's sewed in years but this could make me start again!

Valéria Mendes tagged this Cute

The idea is sensational and the dress is beautiful


I love this site and I love this look very chic

lisa tagged this inspiring

this is a really interesting idea ...in one way it keeps everyone at a level playing field...but also shows a perosn's individuality in how they make it their own..


Will you be making a pattern of your dress available for purchase? I'm a larger woman, but this style can look great on any figure. My wardrobe is comprised more of accessories and this would be a perfect way to stretch the wardrobe in these lean economic times. I think you are absolute brilliant and every outfit is a great artistic expression, yet real and practical. Wonderful work!!

emily tagged this Cute

i think this is absolutely beautiful, it looks like a boutique dress. i would never have thought of buying a dickey but youve made it look cute and sweet

Phoebe Legere tagged this Darling


Katie tagged this so special!

how traditional and foreign. cute!

Judith tagged this Hot

Love the shoes...

jamyla tagged this Cute

your vintage shoe game is SERIOUSLY serious. great haircut!

Donna tagged this Cute

Why those shoes?


not sure that the collar will stay put all day long and after few movements it wont look as classic as it is on the picture.

awer tagged this Cute

cute...though the dickey ought to be a slight bit smaller.

Sandra D

Cutie Mc Cuterson!!


Would love close-ups on some of your shoes!

gruvee tagged this Cute

love it!

Creatipa tagged this Cute

So lovely!

sidney tagged this Cute

this is one of my favorite outfits...it's got a little-girl vibe that's also very retro. and YAY sockdreams! I live in portland, the home of the sock company, and I love to hear when anyone buys stuff from there.

LaLa tagged this Cute

This is a cute one. The vintage dickey and tights make this a lovely little outfit.

suener tagged this Chic

My Favorite, I love the dickey, you wear it perfectly. I don't think many others could pull that off like you do.

Addie tagged this Cute

I love this. the shoes / socks are great and the leggings bring this outfit back to the present.

Nikki tagged this Try Harder

I like the top half, but the leggings and shoes are kinda bad. :/

Jannie tagged this Hot

Very cute. However, I would try to tie in the shoes a little bit more - maybe via a bracelet or barette. I love how the tights pick up the lace on the dickey.

Rosie tagged this Cute


KC tagged this perfection

This is my fave!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Very demure, then I saw the shoes. Love them!

jena tagged this Hot

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Anonymous tagged this Brave

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