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July 09

This day belongs to K Floyd.
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Day 71. Fri, July 10 2009

Descent of the space pixie

Thrift store find worn as a slip dress, vintage belt and platforms from eBay, red summer tights from Sockman and a brand new haircut.


Jason tagged this spacepixielicious

Space pixies are my favorite pixies

Claudia tagged this Cute

I love this look. Great job little lady!!!

annie tagged this Cute

one of my faves so far...great haircut!

lisa tagged this Cute

The whole look is fabulous

Mosely tagged this Hot

Lovely ad fashion forawrd

sissi tagged this Hot



Clever. Two dresses layered, yes? It's hard to tell from the photos.

hhh tagged this Hot

i love the red accents under the dress and on the belt! adorable

mary tagged this Cute

i love this! this is one of my faves!!

Julia from St Tropez tagged this Cute

You've got a perfect style every day! Very good idea, very god project, very good challenge! I would have think of it befor you. I like it. Congrats!

Louise tagged this Hot

This has to be one of my faves so far, looking lovely! New hair is lovely too!And the comments are back - yey!

che tagged this Hot

this is my faviourite so far. it is a fantastic idea. I wanted to know if you wear the oufit for most of the day or just for the photo?


Che -- all day everyday, to work and play :)

Peter tagged this Cute

wanted to hit cute and hot

Noghbaudie tagged this Retro

I appreciate this project, however a lot of the press I am reading makes it sound like this is a 'cutting edge' and 'revolutionary' idea. Andrea Zittel did seasonal uniforms in the early ninties Often they were constructed from one thread or piece of fabric. http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/zittel/card2.html http://www.zittel.org/ I'm all for what you are doing, but not for how the media is portraying the idea. There's a long precedent for this idea going back generations, let's spread some credit as it's due.

canadian cheryl tagged this Cute

love the whole look and it absolutely looks great with your new haircut. Thrilled to see that you have been nominated through nau for the grant!


I think you are fabulously creative! I am addicted to your website now - saw the article in the July 12 NYTM. I want to do the same thing!!!!

Cait tagged this Amsterdam

Snap - I have the noir rouge look today too!

Suze tagged this Hot

This is cute! Also love your hair cut!

Melanie tagged this Cute

Love the hair and the shoes. One of my favourites yet!


I like your old haircut better, but I love how it looks from the side. :/

Katharine Tapley tagged this LOVE. IT.

Another reason to wish I could wear red. This is all kinds of cute.

Frances tagged this delicious

Amazing. I hardly recognize the dress. It looks completely adorable.


Very very nice. I love that outfit.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love the outfit!

maggie tagged this Cute

at first glance i thought you cheated and changed the dress! i love this outfit, it's one of my favorites so far.

Cortney tagged this Cute

Love this look! Cute hair cut too! Keep doin' your thing. Girl, you rock!

Oscurotrophic tagged this Hot

Love it.

Gabbs tagged this Hot & Girly

Hot and very girly, or is it your great haircut? Very inspiring...

Carmen tagged this Hot

I love it!!!


gorgeous, as always. and the new haircut is just fabulous.

Creatipa tagged this Hot

This is great! You created a new neckline for the dress. Not loving the haicut though :-(

Shanda tagged this Hot

Love it!

Demi L. tagged this Hot

I love this dress!

le Journal de Chrys

Très belles associations!!!

natasha tagged this Brave

so, can we buy our own? Great project! Congrats :-)


Love the shoes and the touches of red

Pertinacia tagged this Cute

The slip dress and belt are perfect together.

Eugenia - Brazil tagged this Brave



red stoking, not sure?

wewe tagged this Hot

Looks nice

awer tagged this Hot

Chic,hot, and sexy...love it!!! very bold..:)))))

Molly tagged this Crazy, Flirty, Cool

effortless, but clearly thought out. I LOVE this combination of "subtle sexiness" and romance-infused color. Great Job!

Elizabeth tagged this chic


Anonymous tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Hot

I love it!

Amandine tagged this elegant


Alanagh tagged this Cute

Love it! Supercute and stylish

Spardha Malik tagged this retro

Hi Sheena, Its such a brilliant concept and i love your outfit.. i randomly stumbled on this website today. I wish more and more people here in India knew about this. I'm sure gonna do my bit to spread the word around! Keep the faith n the creativity!

Mary tagged this Batty

I want an Oompa Loompa NOW! Sorry, this is just silly. Coincidence that one of the captcha words is OOMPA? I think not.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love everything but the shoes

Addie tagged this Hot

This is hot. I love the shirt underneath because it gives the otherwise sweet outfit a lot of edge. Same for the belt. I think you could have picked edgier shoes to go with the theme but they are still really adorable.

Nikki tagged this Hot

I LOVE THIS! One of my faves.

Jannie tagged this so cute

I love the red accents, especially the shoes.

Mae Sta

This is by far my fave because it looks like a totally new dress!! Well done:)

mel tagged this Brave

haha this is my favorite so far!!! keep it up :)

Justi tagged this Batty

energetic, some cosmic but I like it.

Ashe tagged this Hot

Adorable! Red and black are my favorite colours.

Diane tagged this Hot

Very well done! The haircut goes well! The tights are very slimming.. Perfect colour matching here.

Manon tagged this <3

Beautiful. It's my bithday...

Leni tagged this Hot

My favorite hands down