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February 10

This day belongs to Payal.
"Honoured to be one of the first to get the UP LBD. The energy on the page on this day made me feel like part of the global UP family. And it's not every day that you get to be part of something as consequential as this! Big love!"
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Day 301. Thu, February 25 2010

Deputy Spats

Suede fedora from a brooklyn vintage warehouse, handmade necklace made from old muslin and found objects donated by Tracey Wedderburn of Veech. See more of her wearables at veech.com.au. Handmade spats donated by Camilla Hawthorne from her Etsy store at soulmessenger.etsy.com. Vintage wool sweater and my well scuffed oxfords from eBay and vintage sheriff's badge donated by Tiffany from our favorite brooklyn store, Old Hollywood >


Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Brave

This is adorable!

Jezz tagged this Cute

so cowboy... sheena, you remember me woody on toy story. So cute

holly tagged this yeehaa!

Yet again, a completely different look pulled out of the box. I love starting the work day looking at your site; every day left to be savoured.

Sharon tagged this High Noon at OK Corrall

Howdy Pardner,... er I mean Ms. Sheriff. Just adorable.

doris tagged this Cute

this is so cute and creative. I liked yesterdays and this one is even cuter. the star totally completes the outfit, and I love the brown spats. you don't see those too often. you make them work. good job! I'm sad the countdown has begun. I'm going to miss being inspired by your fashions.

Payal tagged this Run this town tonight!

You'll be running the town before you know it, Deputy Spats! Hey UPers look at pimientaconcerezas's COTD yesterday. Let's all pull out our LDBs (other versions) and spread the UP word by doing our own little UP! How does March 1st sound to ya'll!

moon tagged this Cute

all you need is your lasso...reel in those DONATIONS!!!

new yorker. tagged this quick on the draw?

@Payal, i vote you get commenter of the year award.

emma tagged this indiana jonesing

so freaking cute!

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Brave

@payal: perfect! Let's all be creative this Monday! We can't all be Deputy Awesome, but we're sure going to try to reel in some awesome bucks!

em tagged this Cute

Here's my story to go along with this outfit: Sheena the ballerina decides to rob a bank. She steals the bank teller's dress because she thuinks it's cute. When the sheriff catches with her, she hits him over the head with a crowbar, then puts on part of his outfit to avoid being recognized. She runs into the desert where she wears a fedora to protect her from the midday sun and ankle warmers to ward off the chilly nights. Eventually, she gets thrown in jail by teh fashion police because of the degree of mismatched-ness. Most fashion blogs would give thisone star, but somehow, I love it. Go Sheena!

Beth tagged this Those Spats!

Oh, blast. I was going to give up the obsessive knitting and crocheting for a while, and then you show up at the saloon with those spats. . . Go, Camilla! And that necklace!

Payal tagged this You can dooo it!

Thank you new yorker...I graciously accept :) hehe! So let's do it on Monday, like pimientaconcerezas said - let's all wear our staple LBD (if you don't have one - maybe a skirt+top?) and accessorize! Post your photo on your fb or twitter...tag UP and send it to all your friends with UP's message. Fun, fun, fun!

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jenny tagged this loverly!

oooh, one of my favorite ensembles so far! i especially love how the dresses are starting to look worn-in and comfy. all clothes should look as though people actually wear them, not as though they sit in closets with the tags still on.

TREgirls tagged this crazy for you!!

T says i'm doing the musical Crazy For You and this totally reminds me of it... except its a modern version of the rough and tumble western gal

Tally's Place tagged this stinkn' cute

Adorable..the colors, the stye, everything just "works."

Irene tagged this sunny days

I was really tired and sleepy when I checked in. But your outfit woke me up.

Austen tagged this chic

so chic! i completely love it. its western without going full-out cowgirl. i'd love to borrow this outfit!

Mariah tagged this Nice hat, Pilgrim . . .

You and John Wayne . . .

Hmmmm... tagged this Try A LOT Harder

I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot the deputy... (Maybe I should've)

Melanie tagged this Cute

WOW...just amazing!i really like the star on you.

Alfon tagged this halloween

coooooooooool cowboy style

gruvee tagged this Cute

cute ensemble and I like, as usual, the way you've put the colours together. my only critique would be that that colour brown does not suit your lovely skin... makes it sallow instead of gorgeous.

Laurence tagged this Brave

Creative, always showing your own style.


@payal, @pimientaconcerezas, @newyorker – We love the March 1st LBD idea, let's do it! Everybody, accessorize your own Little Black Dress this Monday and share links to your photos on the U.P Facebook Page >

ammakke tagged this Brave

Sheena, The Sheriff!?Bravo...Smart & suits U so well.. Visit to 'Old Holly wood was really interesting..Love that blouse more than anything.

kay tagged this howdy

adorable it look so good with the desert-ish colors in it!

Eveline tagged this Brave

Wow, you're nearly there! 'Just' 62 more days to go... Still very impressed!

jobypollard tagged this Cute

We can't all be Deputy Awesome, but we're sure going to try to reel in some awesome bucks! flash drive