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January 10

This day belongs to acmoseley.
"Wow! The simplicity of the dress. Gotta love it!"
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Day 261. Sat, January 16 2010

Day Off

All the bugs I've been fighting have finally caught up and put me under the weather. Had to cancel my Kerala trip and stay put in Bombay. More flashy accessories tomorrow, I promise.


ammakke tagged this "Sick leave"

Tons of TLC on your way Sheena..Make the most of the "rest period "..We will storm the Heavens for your speedy recovery..Love U ....

scary. tagged this take care of you..

ah babba, will ya mind yourself! craic on to ya ginger coffee now, i'm addicted - powerful stuff! rest up darlin, love etc.,

nunu jaan tagged this Hot

feels betters sheeny..

Ele tagged this Cute

i really like what you're doing! good luck for the days left !

Judith tagged this relaxing

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Still, a lovely shot nonetheless. Get better and rest up!

Tally's Place tagged this healing

Praying for your speedy recovery so you can continue your marvelous work.

vivien_dcosta tagged this Hot

Simplicity sometimes works better :)

Irene tagged this Cute

I hope you feel better really soon! I like the scarf. :)

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Ohh, feel better soon! Great scarf, BTW.


please take care & get lots & lots of rest ~ kerala will wait ~~~


Une jour une tenue avec la même robe ... Ouah ! [ One day, one dress ... ouah] Bravo ! Bon courage !

wasabipear tagged this Dommage

Sorry to hear that you're feelin poopy love. Catnap in the sunshine and don't move til you feel better.


Take care!

Tara tagged this Brave

Oh no! Feel better soon! Even heroes need a break sometime.

moon tagged this Cute

awwww this is just such a refreshingly simple outfit... i love how the outfit reflects the simple pleasures of the background and where you are!


take care and rest up. The uniform dress stands the test of time!

ettagirl tagged this simplicity

i love the minimalism but not the fact that you're unwell. rest. feel better. *hugs*

Linda tagged this Cute

Aw, poor Sheena! Take good care of yourself and get better quickly! Have some hot tea, that always works for me.

gruvee tagged this get better

awww boo boo... hope you get better real soon.

scary. tagged this broken down?

the only way is U.P .. ;) believe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UQEl9oZNio&feature=related


nooo kerala is amaaazing! one of my favorite places!

iLsEoRt tagged this Hot

LOOOVING the pics outdoors in India! Hope you're having a nice trip!

Katie JO tagged this Cute

I think this is a great idea. One dress every day. You are so creative. Love your style. xox pebbsktjo.blogspot.com

jolly M tagged this G W S

Hope U are feeling a bit better with ?"ginger coffee",gargles & ofcourse with the "bugkillers", lot of catnap and tons of "airmail TLC".I am a bit late for my nap seeing &listening to the heart rending scenes & stories of Haity earthquake!Difficult to comprehend 100s of 1000s of lives were wiped away in seconds.Another reminder not to postpond the good things one wants to do like you are doing now.I hope Indian T.V is giving updates of the disaster!!. Get well soon &wish youa comfortable journey back !

amelie tagged this Brave

still another great look - hope you feel better!


Get better soon! Huh... never realised that the uniform was so... shapeless.

Radhika tagged this Cute

Sorry about you not being well. Get well soon. Lovely pics anyway. Like I said, you will look lovely in anything.

Olga tagged this Cute

I really like this simple outfit. Good luck.

Justina(LT) tagged this Cute

oh gosh. please take care Lady!

emilie tagged this Cute

your project is very very beautiful and interesting,I love your outfits, and you have very idea. good luck :)

elisabeth tagged this Hot

but I know you're sick. speedy recovery to you.

little sis tagged this nice photography !!!!

Guess who clicked today's daily......... Hehe...

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Try Harder

The flats - I love the flats


Hope you're feeling better! Sorry you had to cancel a day of the itinerary, but it's more important for you to get better so you can carry on! Take care!

Nadege tagged this au natural

simple & elegant...LUV!

che tagged this payable state

it is nice to see the dress in such a simple look. i hope you feel better soon. You are so clever/creative, did you choose to be photgraphed next to the broken and sick pot plants? or is it just a coincidence?

Bronwyn! tagged this Glum and Boring

Sheena, why so glum? This outfit is way to simple for you! Where is the colour??????

sandra tagged this Brave

It's not unusual after long flights of breathing recycled air, to get sick. just be patient, take care of yourself, eat nutritious foods and soups....enjoying the fashions. sometimes simple is best


I am so inspired by you and Akansha! I donated today, and will be doing so again. thank you!

okaylau tagged this Cute

get well soon!

new yorker. tagged this @Bronwyn!

Ah Bronwyn, you never fail to amuse. Simple indeed.

Payal tagged this Get well soon.

Hope you feel better soon! Refreshing to see the uniform down to its original form.

Lizzie Roberts-Garth tagged this Brave

I think this outfit is perfect :) beautifully understated and comfy looking!

monica tagged this Cute

i usually don't like plain things, but this works very nicely!