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May 09

This day belongs to Scy.
"Great concept and cause. Always inspirational and fabulous. Thanks UP!"
Each Ltd Edition U.P dress represents a day in the U.P calendar.
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Day 02. Sat, May 02 2009

Day 02. The flip side.

The dress worn the other way around. Vintage Sugar shoes and Glenover hat from ebay.


Anonymous tagged this LittleSisterAllGrownUp



Cute dress! Is it possible for me to get one too????!!!!

Jenny tagged this Cute

Love the shoes! They are so dainty and I love the color.

Skeeter tagged this Cute

the flip is genius!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Nice! Can't decide if I like the button front or back better. The hat makes it work.

A thinking photo tagged this Nice!


Anonymous tagged this Cute

I thought the project was supposed to be one dress, or is this the same one just reversible?

Michele tagged this Cute

Honestly, I'm having trouble with all the accessories.

Lauren tagged this Cute

I want this dress!

africaliving tagged this Batty

Can you sell the dress or upload a graded pattern for us sewers?

Carly.h tagged this Cute

I love the idea that you can turn the dress around and wear it backwards.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I would love to have this dress!

Leith tagged this Cute

Love, love, love the shoes!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love this outfit!

Cherrygirl tagged this Cute

very cute!

nadia tagged this Cute

were can i get that dress? I have to totally try this with my own clothes so creative awseome ides! =)

fashion lover tagged this Cute

i like the simplicity; it's very sleek. not loving the shoes, though

Bri tagged this Schoolgirl

I love the tube socks :)I could never pull this off!

laney tagged this Batty


anonymous tagged this Cute


coconaut tagged this Cute

Very adorable in a schoolgirl kind of way.



Ginah tagged this Sweet and Enjoyable

Cute but, you look a little sad and heartbroken!

Josephine tagged this Cool!

love the idea of a double-sided dress!

katie tagged this schoolgirl

school girl uniform outfit. looks good. love the high socks


The white socks are awful. The rest would be great without them.