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November 09

This day belongs to hatikuh.
"LOVE the whole outfit! Can't wait to start accessorizing my Ltd. LBD when it comes! <3"
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Day 203. Thu, November 19 2009

Cowl play

Handknitted cowl donated by Dennice Mankarious. See more of her magnificent cowls at fringe.etsy.com. Vintage renaissance hat and edwardian pumps from eBay.

The U.P will be attending Pratt Institute's Sustainable Fashion Exhibit this evening at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery. Featured designers and artists include SANS, and Andrea Zittel, who did her version of uniforms years ago.
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scary. tagged this B&W.

back for the craic...

fouch tagged this Gorgeous

Gorgeous cowl. Makes me want to pick up my knitting needles again!

ammakke tagged this Elegant

Wow!!! Love that Cowl, It transforms the black dress into an elegant evening wear..have a great evening at the fashion Ehibit, U.P.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot

Dramatic and exciting. I love the fact that the dress itself stars with its pleat showing to advantage.


absolutely love it. the two-tone cowl is awesome!

Janice tagged this Cute

A coworker finished a scarf I had started (and given up on) and turned it into a beautiful cowl for me last winter. Now I am so looking forward to wearing it again. Thank you for this one!

U.P. Fan tagged this Cute

Very stylish!

wannabe fashionista tagged this facetious fabulous

The Cowl is amazing, love the split, love the hat and the gloves and the smirk, the cheeky spirit is back! not keen on the tights may be with a different footwear

Mariah tagged this Just perfect . . .

One of my fav outfits ever. Simple. Elegant. Classy.

cherie tagged this oui oui mademoiselle

tres chic!

seb tagged this :)

Fun, cute, chic; i love it!

Mara tagged this Hot

LOVE. This outfit is absolutely perfect.


simple, beautiful~~~

Kay tagged this Adorable :)

You look fabulous. That hat is so Madeline :) Also, the sleek, white tights with your pumps work fabulously with the coziness of the cowl. Adorable adorable adorable.


The cowl makes me think of Cruella de Vil. Only because of the two-tone though, I still love it!


Crazy about these cowls...check out Etsy and salivate over the Lemon Meringue scarf...wow.

Linda tagged this Cute

Very nice, you look like you're from Paris with the little beret on! :-D


I loved this outfit, the cowl and the hat are my favourite accesories. I say Cute. Best regards. Como seducir a una mujer

holly tagged this playful

love this crazy mix!

kataay tagged this beautiful!

wonderful! one of my favourites <3

kc tagged this Channeling Cruella

Mahvelous, dahling. Simply mahhhvelous.

Sarah tagged this Cute

I like :) For some reason, I reminds me of a knitted version of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Alison czajkowskyj tagged this Cute

Could you look more chic...I think this is such a wonderful playful idea :)

Anonymous tagged this cowl-abunga

looking very regal there!!

jolly M tagged this stylish

Cowl play - Cool play.... Absolutely gorgeous...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the lot, but just realised your face is not lit enough...can we have some more light please?

Kaye tagged this Hot

Too cute!

Steph tagged this Fab!

Hint of 40's eara, maybe. My favourite so far! Looks super chic and really comfortable. Effortless and classy. Love!

Irene tagged this cute and classy

That's a gorgeous cowl. I want one now. :)Love the nice simple transformation to evening wear. Maybe with different tights or shoes?

Laura Daly tagged this Wrapped in Wow

love the two tone cowl and that is a sweet hat! Of course, I am in complete agreement with the gloves. Welcome back and...courage! I am recovering from swine flu or I would be at Pratt tonight. Have a great time.

Linda fromSA tagged this Lovely

Absolutely exqusite. Hope we will see more of fringe.etsy-designs - been to the website...what a wonderful world of scarves! Truy remarkable!

Bellabelissima tagged this Hot

I love it!

céleste tagged this Hot

I loove the tights and the renassance hat !!

IvyGail tagged this Cute

Congrats on hitting the $30,000 mark. Very adorable outfit (on you) but I don't think I could rock this one.

Dakota tagged this Cute

I envy your shoes. You can never go wrong with white tights!

Dee tagged this Cute

Cute! Maybe a darker leg would really set it off. Something closer to the color of the cowl.


I loved the french feeling of it *-*


Why are you never smileing with your teeth showing?

Anonymous tagged this G R E A T ! ! !

@Linnéa, look at the 3rd picture of 1st Nov. There she's showing her teeth - and she's got lovely ones. I often wondered as you did why she doesn't show them. Today's look is just fantastic. I truly adore it.

vintage girl

Love it! One of your best.


@ Linea showing teeth is just not done in photos, take a look ppl been photographed in magazines and stuff


The head-on photo is the first I've seen in which your camera remote is fully visible - it's usually kind of hidden. Neat photo.

Ln tagged this Hot

You made be buy a cowl from the etsy shop ! This look is gorgeous !

Dani tagged this Hot

This is gorgeous. very lady like :)


love the cowl and long gloves, but please loose the nurse's hose.

Tatiana Melo tagged this Wonderful

I think this is the best look you've ever had, it's amazing * - * !!!

Julie tagged this gorgeous !

Love the outfit ! And love, love, love the cowl, kudos to your friend !

Aliza tagged this Fantabulous!

This outfit reminds me of Cruela DeVille for some reason, but I really like it, especially the cowl.

DIYcouture tagged this Hot

Black and white simple school book rules look so beautiful

Sharin tagged this Cute

Great cowl!

becsta tagged this yummy

the cowk looks good enough to eat... :)