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November 09

This day belongs to Lisir.
"Pretty and smart!"
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Day 187. Tue, November 03 2009

Counting down to the big party

Vintage bubble sleeve blouse donated by Treehouse Brooklyn. Vintage dickey collar and ankle boots from eBay.

Come in black or white attire along with one fabulous piece of repurposed accessory. Rooftop view of Manhattan, special guest DJs and much more.
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isa tagged this Batty


elisabeth tagged this orange-tise

love love love the bubble blouse, AND orange! but the collar's a bit 'legal - court house' for me (I think I have an aversion to authority.....)

ammakke tagged this Rich!

another Stylish outfit...Excellent combo.of orange,Brick red& the magical black!

plainjane tagged this Brave

Strange combo today, only you would do it! Can't wait for the party this weekend. What the heck am I going to wear???

Mariah tagged this

Orange-ya creative?

Mariah tagged this Cute

Orange-ya creative?! Fun . . .

Tami tagged this Cute

so retro!


Love this Renaissance look!

holly tagged this Batty

Oh I wish I could be at your party!


Very retro. Have you been losing weight?! The last pic looks like it.... Maybe you're too busy to eat...?


Also, tomorrow is my little sister's b-day, so I donated on her behalf, in honor of her.....

Irene tagged this Batty

The bubble sleeves are fun, but I don't think it goes all that well with the rest of your outfit.

Joel Patrick


Steph tagged this Brave

Very costume-y, but I really like it. It's a total look without being matchy. One of my favourites.


It works. Love the dickey collar.

KatieQ tagged this Cute

Swinging sixties, here I come Baby YEAH! Haha

Kiwiken tagged this Try Harder

Hm. I don't like the colours of the blouse and tights together... the blouse is really cool, though.

yobe tagged this mish mash

This doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid. It seems like a mish-mash, and the doily neck doesn't add anything.

Caroline tagged this Anerable!

I don't normally comment but that bib is fabulous!

j tagged this Try Harder

I usually love your outfits, but this is a tad bit too much for me, with the collar and the sleeves. I think worn separately, they would have created more impact. just my 2 cents :)

=] tagged this nice,u can better

i don't like the shoes... and the white thing behind ur neck.. =] but u r sooo talented girl =] =] =]

vintage girl

love the blouse, just not with the collar. congratulations on funds raised!

Linda tagged this Cute

Very cute! I think red/orange must be some of your fave colors!

Anastasia tagged this Bad choice

Bad choice. Too much of everything - tights aren't working with the blouse, sorry but this time you need a stylist

Diana tagged this Studious

This reminds me of the school uniforms in the former USSR. But a more colorful version.

jobypollard tagged this Cute

Can't wait for the party this weekend. What the heck am I going to wear??? psp memory

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like this one very much, the red makes it stand out. nero ultra rapidshare