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December 09

This day belongs to chelseagirl.
"Fantastic look for my birthday! "
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Day 241. Sun, December 27 2009

Couleur Café

Vintage hat, blouse and pixie boots from eBay. Polka socks from Sockdreams and thrifted vest altered by Jessica Engle.



First! Love it, great colors.

megintosh tagged this Cute

So cute!!! Better than a Cappuccino :)

millie tagged this Cute

one of the best yet... could go without the socks and hat though

moon tagged this Cute

ready to grab a coffee!

eewww tagged this Try Harder


Jezz tagged this Try Harder

i dont know...

Elena tagged this Cute

Love the blouse! Hope you are enjoying a little down time!

safali tagged this Try Harder

seems boring besides socks...

François tagged this french

couleur cafe, que j'aime ta couleur cafe... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyaiYkhhLVg

holly tagged this café au lait olé!

sweet look, hope you're keeping warm in all that snow.

abigail tagged this dapper

warm, rich coffee colors...smart & sweet.....

ammakke tagged this Cute

Another cute'n smart outfit..U warm enough ,Sheena? We r freezing here.love the boots & the vest the best.

Dee tagged this Cute

I think this is cute. Would have loved this without the socks, though. But still a great creative look!

Nadege tagged this university girl

nicely pulled together.

md tagged this de socks

it would be nothing WITHOUT the socks!

heynosila tagged this Cute

love the colors! =]

Britwatch tagged this Normal service resumes

Happy to declare X'mas embargo on snide remarks now closed. Keep the 'constructive criticism' coming! Ewwwww, lets all try harder eh :-D ps: these colours work for me!!

online newspapers USA tagged this Hot

Nice dress !

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like it. It's verry creative!

Irene tagged this Cute

Cute socks, but doesn't entirely fit the outfit.

Angelina tagged this Brave

I love the socks and the arm warmers but not everything else!! There is that Sockdream place again. Wishing I had one near me too.

Elizabeth tagged this Cute

Love the socks.

rachelrubyheart tagged this perfect

love love love this one. The couleur palette is perfect! And all of the different textures work together so well.

claire tagged this adorable

love love love.

Elizabeth tagged this oh noes

eh, not so much