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February 10

This day belongs to ckbell.
"As a 64 year old woman, this is a look that I can wear comfortably. I love the creativity of this project and am happy to support such a wonderful cause."
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Day 319. Mon, March 15 2010

Comme des Filles

Another manic monday in vintage Comme Des Garçons skirt from Scully, argyle socks from Sosuke, vintage pumps from the lower east side and thrifted leg warmer worn as a cowl.


downundermum tagged this Hot

Gearing up for a twist around the maypole.

Britgirl tagged this Fiesta

Get to rumbo!

Penny tagged this Chic!

I love it how you can make a long skirt sexy, since some seem to think sexy always has to reveal as much skin as possible.

Nana Soma tagged this Wonder

My 1st thought when I saw this outfit was what a perfect skirt for a gypset look! Love this magical circus and yet hypster look.


P.S Comme des Filles means 'Like Girls'


picture 2, picture 2! its the best because it shows your groovy sock and shoe combo. The giant skirt works as a pulled up dress with the uniform over the top. still love to log on each morning - don't what I will do when this project ends - of course you will have to do a book or something...!


Wow Sheena, you and your band of helpers keep pulling rabbits out of the hat. Gosh, we are going to miss our daily dose of magnificence. This outfit is beautiful and inspiring! PS words below I have to type in to post this are "fantasy" and "strangulation"; a juxtaposition I find slightly disturbing...

annie tagged this just one!

Yes! I love how you've opened up the dress and just left one button done.

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Cute

You look like a delicious glass of Cab-Sauv-Merlot! Simple - a definite fave!

Susan V

I love this outfit... black & red stunning!


OMG - This might be my favorite of all the 319 days!!! I love the entire ensemble: colors, pattern in socks, shoes, etc!! WONDERFUL!!

Suz tagged this Lovely!

I think this is my favorite outfit of all!

Beth tagged this Gypsy

The skirt is delicious. What fabric is that, I wonder?


classy & pretty, but still fun.

Sue tagged this Magnifique!

It's all wonderful, but the cowl is the touch that finishes this outfit. I love the way a cowl can frame the face while staving off the chill of a March day.

leselbe tagged this Stunner



i like

Phytowoman tagged this Cute

I like this outfit! Very versatile. Love the colors


nice, sheena......def one of the best i've seen of late....u look fab in deep red with black......

Tori tagged this Amazing

This may be the most fabulous thing I have ever seen.

tlr tagged this wickedly wicked

I don't know if it's the shoes, or the pose in the first picture, but this one is so wicked witch. Love it! The colour of the skirt against the black dress is amazing and then ties in perfectly subtly with the colour in the socks and shoes

Payal tagged this Beauti-ful!

Love it! With less than 50 days to go, you still show no signs of slowing down!

crunchee tagged this Hot

ultra gorgeous!delicious

christine tagged this girl gone beguiled

love the legwarmer around your neck (& the red skirt). wearing pants as a shrug, skirts as dresses, tshirts as scarves, legwarmers as cowls...you make me rethink how to use items in fresh new ways.

Carole tagged this Fantablique!

Def one of the top ten! LOVE it!

Heidi tagged this Hot

I love the tights and the dramatic red - one of your best!

icky* tagged this Hot

so elegant. cant wait for the ebay auction, i hope to get a hold of a UPdress<3

Irene tagged this Hot

Old age romantic, sexy, and adorable at the same time. This is a beautiful ensemble. And I absolutely LOVE those shoes!

ammakke tagged this "fiery"

Wow!Scully's skirt looks super with perfectly matched pumps'n socks..

Jeanne B tagged this Hot

Love it!

smithmaria tagged this Cute

Its really very cute. I like the color and combination of the skirt. Don't know it suits me or not. r4i sdhc

nid tagged this sustainability?

i feel like this sort of defeats the purpous of the whole "sustainability" thing. I mean, seriously,this outfit would look better without the lbd. i think the message of sustainable fashion would stand out more if you made the dress the main staple of the outfit every day. not like somthing you've just "thrown on" over an indepentednt outfit.


Catherine Earnshaw: furious, obsessive, dramatic, daring, and quite unapologetically the Lilith of all long skirts.

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????? tagged this Hot


ruby tagged this Hot

want that skirt! ahhh - i get such envy when i log on each day!

md tagged this oh YES

perfect, really!



elisabeth tagged this schoolish

unicity absolutely! The most interesting 2010 fashion view:modern and generous: BRAVO!!!

canadiangirl tagged this sexystylinflare

My, oh, my. That is just...perfect. This is what can happen when we break free of definitions! By calling a leg warmer a "leg warmer" (or pants "pants", or a dress a "dress"), so many of us get trapped in perceived limitations of what we can do with it. Thanks for another reminder, Sheena, of the power of imagination when we just let go! BTW - @holly, my two words are: "cent thrower" - let's all throw a few more cents (or dollars) into Akanksha's pot!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

this is fantastic and beautiful! how lovely and playful!

Banana tagged this Cute

What is LBD and UP?? Can someone fill me in? I am confused :( Thanks!!

scary. tagged this et de la mode.

aahhhaaahahaa.. oh the craic on here. a band of helpers, stylists?! hysterical but great plan, 'tho somehow if it ain't broke.. @banana, you're cute! Little Black Dress and U as in Uniform P as in Project.

sophie B

Glad to see more color. Not many days left.

J tagged this Hot

Number two looks like you're about to dance a fierce tango! If this is manic, then I guess that's what I want!

Cynthia tagged this Dark Romance

~Love the flowing feel of this.

tina tagged this Cute

I love this outfit. Very comfy looking and great color combo!


so cute...love the way it falls...and of course the socks

moon tagged this Hot

hike your skirt and take the fundraising bull by it's horns!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Hot

I love love love Comme Des Garcons - complete and utter jealousy. I love this


Those socks kick some serious ass.

Domino tagged this lovelovelove