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January 10

This day belongs to Margrethe.
"So Mod!"
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Day 250. Tue, January 05 2010

Colorblock Corset

Nekkin Brace worn as corset, made from salvaged sweatshirts and denim designed by RuffeoHeartsLilSnotty. Also available at Treehouse, Brooklyn. Pumps donated by Tara St. James.


pop. tagged this Cute

Those shoes are so cute ..

dahlila tagged this Cute

Super cute! love the shoes.

moon tagged this Cute

wooowwww loveee the use of the corset as a belt!!!

renee tagged this Hot

fabulous! especially with the two black side panels.

holly tagged this POW!

Great graphic impact. Who else but you would wear white hose and shoes somewhere other than a wedding? White never looked so good!

Ann Marie tagged this Brace Yourself!

I am surprised you didn't call this "Brace Yourself!" Only you could pull this off Sheena...you are amazing!

grandma tagged this Cute

I couldn't do this, if it fit my neck it would never fit my waist :)

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Tres chic!

Jessica tagged this Très Jolie

J'adore les chaussures

Tina tagged this Snotty-licious!

Truly I think only someone as tiny as you can pull these outfits off. These are AMAZING and wicked creative!

Irene tagged this okay..

If it were on me, I don't think something for my neck would fit that well on my waist. But while it's kinda interesting, it feels like there is something missing.


Love the color blocking!

Pam tagged this Hot

Fantastic! Love the whole look.

ammakke tagged this asymmetric symmetry

Love ur colourful" corset", Sheena.. cool colours are so impressive.

new yorker. tagged this amaze.

these RuffeoHeartsLilSnotty crew are off the hook. hello underwear! amaze. leggings - more amaze. amaze amaze buying now. thank you.

Jessica tagged this ...ZING!

Guys, look at December 10th, this is VERY loose around the lady's neck! Fabulous exercise in contrast, Brava...

Caye tagged this One of the best yet

I love these shoes so much that when you first wore them, I went on a mad hunt and found them! I hope you're not wearing them in the snow.


Simple, but like the 2nd use of the Nekkin Brace better than when you wore it around your neck - adds good bit of color & the white brings out the tights & shoes!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Clever Jessica noticed how it was worn before 'Guys, look at December 10th' thats versatile and I love it.

Eithne tagged this Surprisingly good

Personally, i'm not crazy about graphics at all, but this actually looks good. i think it's the white shoes and tights that make it happen - so much, in fact, i want to pull off white tights now :-D I don't think any other colour would have worked so well here. a great use of white!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Brave

I adore the shoes

lulu tagged this hip

Agreeing that is looks better as the corset than the neck thing. And loving the white tights!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

color pops and SHOES

Maddie tagged this Cute

Love the bright color but don't dig the white on white shoes and stockings.

Chanique tagged this Pondering Persona

Thank you for replying on yesterday's inquiry. Now I'm even more curious: is the colour of the hat teal or actually blue? Love today's neck brace as a corset...quite funky. You own red tights (and boots), blue tights (and boots), yellow tights and green socks...wonder why you actually chose the neutral white??? It is not bad visually; maybe the other colours would have been too much! I'll ponder that point today!


Wow. Love the use of the brace. I've always loved the corset-on-top-of-dress/top look.

Payal tagged this White hot!

Hot, hot, hot! Just that look's gotta keep you warm! Good one!

Corrine tagged this Sharp

Oh! Love the colorful corsit! Very creative...

elisabeth tagged this game on

love your work - but i have to say today looks like a squashed soccer ball with multicoloured bruises... but I do LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! so keep on being surprising!!!

Claire tagged this Hot

Ooooh la la! I heart this one muchly! Love the colours!!

Linda from SA tagged this Hot

Incredible!! In one week you manage to switch effortlessly from a funky look to a romantic, nostalgic look to one that is so modern as today's choice of outfit! If it was not for the uniform and its constrictions that forces you to experiment with different styles and colours, which style and colours do you usually prefer? Or are you always a master at 'chameleon' style changeovers? Please...PLEASE tell us!

Linda tagged this Hot

This is great, looks like stained glass for your waist!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

LOVE the shoes

Anonymous tagged this lllove!

London look. I;d wear that!

Amy tagged this Cute

AMAZING corset! Love the tights with this, although I think it would look even better with a white long sleeve top and green or purple shoes... but that's just me :)

Bronwyn tagged this Inspiring

Hey Sheena!!!! Love this outfit so much!!! I love that colourful brace that you have worn in the past. It really inspires me to be more bold with fashion choices!!! Than-you for being a great inspiration and role model!!!!

Bronwyn tagged this Just a Correction

Sorry, spelling mistake!! I meant to spell Thank-You instead of than-you.

deedle tagged this Cute

so glad to see someone donating new shoes from a designer. Looking forward to photos from India.

tamara tagged this Hot

If you don't get a covetable stylist job out of this gig, the world is not right.

Noémie tagged this Hot

Wow, un mot, one word, WOW <3 I love the colour touch and the white socks :)

sarah tagged this Cute

I just found this site and am really enjoying going through these images; you are one brilliantly creative young lady!! LOVE those pumps!!!

joby tagged this Cute

Hi Guy's, I don't think something for my neck would fit that well on my waist. micro sd card