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August 09

This day belongs to saby.
"Chic & Simple! I love it!"
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Day 72. Sat, July 11 2009

Cobalt mischief

Vintage slouch boots donated by Holly. Visit her Etsy store at Mariedvintage.etsy.com. Wooden carved disc ring donated by Eliza. Old pair of staple tights from Sockdreams.


Juneau tagged this Week-end Wear

Simple fun for a Saturday outfit. Cute boots!

Mosely tagged this Try Harder

not even a necklace? youve done better

bloo tagged this Magical

Magic elf boots +1 Dexterity!

Kiersten tagged this Cute

Will you and your friend who designed the dress ever consider selling it? I LOVE it. Also, kudos on your project. So creative and so important! I love checking this everyday. :]

annie tagged this Cute

love the shock of blue!

Cynthia tagged this Cute

Cool, but wear are the rockin' blue earrings or blue cuff bracelet?

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love love love the boots. Would also like another little pop of color elsewhere.

Britwatch tagged this TrueBlue

Uniformproject! Thrilled to have the comment blog back! ...I wonder if they sell the NY Times anywhere in London...

Ammake tagged this Brave

Simple but cool and cute - black is really beautiful. The blue boots are magical

hhh tagged this Try Harder

the boots make a statement on their own, i understand that... but you need something to compliment them on top - a belt or jacket or something.


I like your old haircut better =[

Georgia tagged this Try Harder

outfits are relying to heavily on footwear to make them interesting. Your earlier outfits much more inventive, maybe it is too hot to jazz up the dress with tops under and over?

Mariam tagged this Cute

Liked your old haircut better too.. but do love the pop of the blue boots

DSK tagged this awesome

I think you're very brave to do this every day and take the criticism that people shovel out. This project is awesome and so are ALL of your outfits!

lisa tagged this Batty

I have said before but you have great range of tights. I like this not sure about the boots

Beth tagged this Cute

Those are some awesome boots!

Nicole tagged this Cute

Great project.Soo much fun. You were featured in a mag, all the way from Australia! Will share you website amongst all my sustainable friends.

indianna tagged this simple but cute

theres something about those boots & that ring that i just love!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the boots!

skye tagged this sweet

i found out about you from a magazine down under in australia!!i adore those boots and that ring :)

Judith tagged this Blue Boot-y-licious

I've been browsing through your past posts, and DANG you have the most awesome accessories! Great project!

Gilly Parry tagged this Brave

Just Found your website ...GENIOUS!!!!I'm An addict already ...Love the dress Love the leggings ... Boots hmmmm ..Not sure ...Sorry about that!!!


I think you are so brave to do this, I grew up myself wearing an uniform, couldn't do it again... Love this blue boots

sefi tagged this Cute

love it with the boots

Jadie tagged this Hot

I think it is excellent what you do with this Uniform Project. You combine your creativity on fashion with a very good cause. I'm a fan! I wrote about this on my blog, I hope you like that (this is no span btw): http://jadielisicous.blogspot.com/ I love love love the shoes... and i think it's so creative to make this lovely dress so different each day, well done!

Giselle tagged this Cute

I love this idea I am doing something simular I have a uniform that I have to wear for 6 months and it is a challenge to make it look different every day.

ayano tagged this Cute

Your hair-style is very cute. It`s nice new item.

Alyssa Carlberg tagged this Cute

Love the site and the dress is wonderful. May I suggest that you manufacture and sell the dress, too, to raise money for the project! It's great.

Jane Hackenburg tagged this Cute

I want to buy the dress. It's great and so is your idea.

steve p tagged this Cute

you need different boots for this day.....


Maybe you could sell the sewing pattern for the dress? It would allow for more individuality -- not everyone loves black like I do. I love the dress, but I would make it a bit longer because I am a little older and heavier than you are ;) Love the cobalt boots!

Frances tagged this not quite complete

I like the bottom half, but the boots aren't enought to give it that creative look.

Britgirl tagged this Funky

I just love the boots; they really stand out.

maggie tagged this Cute

beautiful boots!!!

Carmen tagged this Cute

like the boots.

Katharine Tapley tagged this Cute

I love that ring. Love.


wonderful slouch boots

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the pop of color!


create boots

genevieve tagged this Eye-poppingly Perfect

I LOVE the boots. Especially the eye-popping color in juxtaposition with the dress. It's a perfect ensemble.

awer tagged this Brave



it's great!


omg those boots are gorgeous

Addie tagged this Hot

This is cool. it's a little toned down so a lot of people could wear this. The boots are AWESOME! GIMME GIMME!

Nikki tagged this try harder and cute

Would have been better with some extra accessories on top. Especially some blue to go with the shoes. needs balance.

Nameless tagged this Cute

I absolutely love the boots =D

Jannie tagged this Cute

Really cute. I would add earrings, but not a necklace.


Muito legal, mais seria mais interessante se você fizesse esse vestido, com uma cor diferente por dentro no estilo dupla face, ai vce teria em vez de 4 oito vairações beijos, e sucesso.


show the boll, bakana, wanderfull!

Tuuli tagged this Hot

really like those boots!

conner tagged this Cute