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January 10

This day belongs to Juanita .
"The day I fell in with my wonderful fiancé xoxo"
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Day 269. Sun, January 24 2010

Clockwork Blue

Handwoven scarf donated by Women Weavers, Vintage hat from Treehouse, belt from eBay, thrifted leg warmers and platforms donated by Tara St. James.


Moo tagged this Lovely :)

I love the layered legging-socks look =D

gale tagged this Cute

i love the contrasting colors in this outfit!

riley tagged this cool

I saw the outfit and thought, "Oh, very Clockwork Orange!" ... then I read the title of the entry. I like it!

holly tagged this tick tock

You are definitely going through a wild stage! I wonder if you stand out amongst the NYC crowd? Any thoughts yet what will you be wearing for Indian Independence day?

elisabeth tagged this Batty

seriously though, i don't know what to say. umm ... bright, mad, crazy - please don't clamp your eyes open...

Anonymous tagged this white rabbit

Very Alice in Wonderland-esque. Beautiful tights and leg warmers!

Sass tagged this out there

Wow, some crazy combos over the last few days... Creative I guess!!


not a favorite, but I like the blue tights. belt reminds me of 1 I had back in the 80s! :-)

christine tagged this batty in a good way

love all of the layers!

wasabipear tagged this Realism Personified

However did you come up with that title?

Lulu tagged this clockwork cookoo


Irene tagged this edgy

I don't like the shoes with the outfit, but I love the scarf and the layered leggings/socks.

Linda from SA tagged this Try Harder

Don't like the scarf with this outfit.

Viv tagged this Interesting

I love the blue of the tights!!

Payal tagged this Interesting!

Love the scarf and how it works with the leg warmers! The burst of blue is also great! Yesterday I dared to wear crazy purple stockings - Thank you!

Francesca tagged this Hot

love the leg-warmers. So cool

lulu tagged this Batty

thought you were doing it for eco-consciousness... 1 dress + hundreds of shoes, belts, vests, scarves = as consumerist as everyone. Style = trendy but good.

Ingrid tagged this Batty

I don't like the belt. The rest is nice and creative.

ammakke tagged this cosy but cool

U look cosy all covered up..lovely blue'n black & white combo.I think lulu is in need of more info. reg. accessorising means ...

Eithne tagged this Cute

Love how the blue works with the black and the white here. And the belt is great - is that a watch attached to it? Fab idea to wear it like that!

anon tagged this unguent now

No likey

Natalie tagged this Cute

I'm not a big fan of the bulky silhouette, but it's very cleverly put together.

Rochelle tagged this cool and edgy

Just heard about this site in class today... one word - AWESOME


This is a really cool way to play with proportions and shapes!

Josie tagged this Brave

Has a little too much going on for me, but you look adorable as always. Love the scarf.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Loving the leg warmers and shoes. Not too sure about those tights in this particular outfit, but it's still pretty cool =] Nice work.

moon tagged this Batty

very alice-in-wonderland! LOVE the belt!

Jazz tagged this Cute

Love the belt c:

Heather tagged this Cute

I want that belt!!!

Veronika tagged this Brave

I love it!