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September 09

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Day 150. Sun, September 27 2009

Climbing castles

Thrifted tunic altered into a bubble top, thanks Jessica! Tights and knee highs from Sockdreams and vintage laredo boots from eBay.

Blog post: Some of the lovely talent we discovered at London Fashion Week. Read here >


Britgirl tagged this Cute

SO cute. Love the dress

Lindsay tagged this Cutesy

This dress puts me in a good mood.

Mary tagged this Brave

Not so much. Looks clownish to me. You're brave to wear it :)

ammakke tagged this splendid

Wow!!absolutely adorable, needless to say that Jessica has done a wonderful job with the tunic.All lovely shots.

sarah tagged this okay

love the dress and rest of the top half but hate the knee highs and boots !


You look like Rainbow Bright. :)

Mariah tagged this Yes (Mostly) and No

Congrats on making $14,400 -- that's 40 more kiddos getting an education because of your efforts! Today's outfit: LOVE the shape/lines of the tunic and all the blues/greens (esp. leggings and socks) -- just not feeling the spring pink today (stripe in the tunic). But still admire the creativity . . .

Kathleen tagged this Batty



@Mariah, thanks for the support and for keeping your eyes on the cause :)


very sweet, gives color during fall. Why not!

Laura tagged this Cute

Love this..the whole idea!! Just saw the video on CNN and im hooked!!

Soumya tagged this Very Smart and Cool

Love your idea. You are cool

wasabipear tagged this Enchanting

You look like you crawled right out of a fairy tale. o:)

Kay tagged this Cute, but not Perfect

I love the colors in this outfit... but I would have loved the whole thing more if the tunic was altered *evenly* -- the weird cuts at the hip make it look like a mistake, rather than a piece of renewed fashion. But, pretty palette overall.

Irene tagged this cheery cute and playful

I love the colours in the tunic, but I think having the bubble alterted so that it's even would give off less of a clownish feel to it, and more of a fun little girl cuteness to it.

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Adorable! I love the transformation to a bubble skirt.

Denise Montellano Martin tagged this expressive

Love the color ensemble. I saw a dress yesterday at a yard sale that could be modified like this; I think I'm going back to get it. (smile)

Lottie tagged this Batty

Im loving this project! adorable, as always.

jenithea tagged this Striking

Sheena, I think you are the Audrey Hepburn of the modern era... (nothing about this particular outfit; just your gamine looks, wistful-but-elegant aura, quirky originality, and your dedication to helping unfortunate kids). You are my favorite (living) model. Regarding the outfit, I love the colors, the boots, and the bubble top, but am not crazy about the knee-highs.

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Wow..... Very Charming outfit... Still enjoying the Scottish countryside & Castles? Good to see the donations slowly building up !!Keep up the good work

Carlotta tagged this Colorful!

I really like this outfit! It's so colourful!

Cynthia tagged this Cute

Very cute BUT WHERE can we buy this wonderful little black dress?

Jessica tagged this okay

I Love your boots...this great but a little bit colorful

Kyra tagged this super cool

wow, that looks so cool. i don't know how you pull it off.

pixenator tagged this Brave

reminds me of my clown costume, but i like the fact you CAN wear this comfortably


maybe if the dress was worn over and unbuttoned.

Callie tagged this Hot

Love it.

Davie from Danderhall tagged this Fine bit of crumpet

You're a bony looking lass, but you're still a wee smasher to me

yobe tagged this playful

love the colour, but maybe just a bit too contrived

Noodle tagged this Cute

I love it! Very cute but w/a Vogue twist , one of a kind look !! Original :)

caitlyn tagged this happy

she looks great i love the dress and her sense of style!

Beth tagged this Okay

Not much for pastel stripes, but love the tights and socks!

hhh tagged this Cute

aww this is so cute. love the color choices! and the boots. your shoe selection = to die for.

Zach tagged this Cute

Love this.

amberss tagged this Cute

wow this is so colourful:) i love your layering!

gruvee tagged this Cute

oooh! colour! lovely

Tunet Jordaan tagged this Batty

Batty but cool!

stripy tagged this creative

so colourful!

erin tagged this Cute

gorgeous tunic. really. and i LOVE the boots.