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September 09

This day belongs to palarbo.
"layer me up and i'm good to go"
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Day 151. Mon, September 28 2009

Chilly greens

Thrifted scarf donated by mom and green suede pedal pushers, an old staple. Knee highs from Sockdreams and thrift store boots from Brooklyn.


Mariana tagged this Brave

Loved the scarf!

Mara tagged this Cute

As always, I love the socks. The shoes are adorable as well, and I want that scarf! Cute!

prutha tagged this Hot

love the pants

czarinakathryn tagged this Hot

awesome combo. it really looks great together.

Betty Anne

Cute, cute, cute! You do such wonderful things with this one dress! <3

ehmulsion tagged this Hot

you look all warm and cozy! I can't wait to see your autumn/winter outfits!

Beth tagged this Cute

Mmm . . . looks warm and toasty. Is it getting cool in NYC?

Mariah tagged this Cute

Would never have believed those cargo pedal pushers would work -- but terrific look!

Margaret Sperling tagged this Cute

Nice subdued tones and colours for fall


@Beth – I'm still traveling, in Scotland at the mo. Back home in NYC next week!

yobe tagged this Sherwood Forest

Very Maid Marian! Like the boots, just need the bow and arrows

chris k tagged this Double Thumb up

Keep up the good work, stellar as always ;)

Denise Montellano Martin tagged this comfy

Love the scarf and the pants.

elsie tagged this Hot

one of my favorite looks by far - incredibly stylish and wearable with no hint of "costume" (I love those looks to though) - am enjoying following your journey VERY MUCH!

ammakke tagged this nice'n cozy

awesome outfit for an autumn day..u look gorgeous.Cool blend of colors.

OhCaye tagged this Cozy, Comfy, Cute!

I am amazed by the number of shoes you've carried to Great Britain! How many suitcases? I love the arm warmers too.

M tagged this cool

It takes on a different style with the cargos. Try some more with a less feminine feel!


@OhCaye – One big suitcase and a carry-on. Most of the layering pieces take up less room than you'd imagine. But i'll admit, doing this out of a suitcase is starting to get tedious :(

NayZ tagged this LOVE

I am totally lovin this look

tia tagged this Cute

feels like fall. wish i could wear this outfit today!

Deb tagged this Cute

Such a good fall look!

franssie tagged this Hot

one of the coolest so far, let's go hunting ;)

Deb tagged this Batty

Saw you on Channel One this morning. Love the concept and cause.

iLsEOrt tagged this Uniformed Robin Hood

...not because you steal from the rich, but because you give to those in need!

hhh tagged this Brave

I love the shape of this outfit! completely different from anything else. love it.

Kelli tagged this Hot

On point girlfriend, on point:)

holly tagged this surprising

You are really showing us all how to make the most of the clothes we already own; to take chances with unexpected combos. Very cool!

Rae tagged this Hot

Outdoorsy at its best. I want those socks!

Scully tagged this Cute

I just voted for you! Best of luck. I love this look. Casual Chic!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Celtic Biker

You look like you're ready to hop on a motorcycle and take a ride through the high lands!

Cynthia tagged this hot cozy

mom has great taste in scarves!

abigail tagged this perfect

love this.....thrown together, natural, thrown together, fits you (maybe really me)......fits nature (the weather).....comfort......u look awesome in anything tho!

Tina tagged this Hot

You have the best taste--You must turn this into a fashion book or something....

Cecília tagged this Hot

Ficou muito bom e elegante!

Wanda tagged this Cute

I love that you got your boots from a thrift store! It's amazing what you can find there...

Taylor tagged this Cute

i think what your doing is great .Whats funny is im the kind of person who thinks i have nothing to wear.Your doing great keep it up.

leselbe tagged this funky

I love this outfit

Austin tagged this Cute

I'm just a guy. How can I change one shirt to look so different without looking feminin?

Angie tagged this Cute

Learned about you on Channel One today with my class. You are Inspiring!!

Nora tagged this Cute

So cute, you're getting to my kind of style!

CAG tagged this Cute

Sheena you are amazing!! You have inspired me! I'm going to try this for a week and blog about it. I'm going to highlight your cause and hopefully my readers will come and donate. I will donate as well. Money is tight, but I still want to help. I'm going to shoot you an e-mail. I have a lot of shoes and accessories to give away. Good luck hon!

Irene tagged this Hot

Looks nice, warm, comfy, and strong, but still cute. I like those boots. And I never would have thought those cargos would go with the uniform.

elisabeth tagged this good one

love it when you look comfortable, warm, relaxed ...

Anonymous tagged this wow

i luv the outfit its amazin

gruvee tagged this Brave

Honestly - you have a real knack at putting together the most unlikely bits. I could never get away with it - you're fab!

megintosh tagged this Cute

I love this and I love Scotland :) Compliments to your mom!


I LOVE this look! Very rugged, kick butt, yet the scarf is a hint of feminine...

Random person tagged this Scarftastic!!!!

Nice scarf!!! Dont like the pants..

isabelle tagged this funky fresh

great cozy fall fashion. love the boots!!


LOVE IT! The whole outfit : )

Janie tagged this Nasty

Lumpy looking like a bag lady whose wearing everything in the cart... sorry ick

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

best scarf ever.

Nina tagged this Just guh

I love this look so much.

ines tagged this yeah!

especially like the socks!

mia tagged this Hot

loveLOVE the military inspired look! combining this with a dress is a cool spin.

Therese tagged this Hot

I'd wear this! This is really cute!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

I don't like the cargo pants, but the rest is fine.

Daniella tagged this Hot

Love the boots! I'M shoe freak!

NICKIET0624 tagged this cheerio!!

kinda has a "STEAMPUNK" vibe...I am lovin it!! KEEP IT UP!!! such an inspiration!!!

Galilea tagged this Hot

Sheena, I love this one, I rate iy hot. Galilea Montijo

Tumor tagged this Hot

Super functional as well as super cute.

erin tagged this Hot

love it. especially the socks.