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June 09

This day belongs to Mazie.
"I adore this dress!"
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Day 44. Sat, June 13 2009

Charlotte green.

The uniform worn as an open tunic with a boho plaid skirt turned dress from eBay. Skinny leather belt donated by Sara. Black velvet pumps from Verseau Vintage and moth ring from Other Peoples Property. Thanks for the photos, Kes.


Allie tagged this gorgeous

everything works really well together.

A thinking photo tagged this Lush!!!!!

Good idea!

Anonymous tagged this LOVE

This makes up for the polka dotted pillow case. :) You look adorable!!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Love what you did with the skirt!

Sacha tagged this Cute

Very smart -- dress as jacket and skirt as dress!

Melanie tagged this Gorgeous

I LOVE this outfit. One of the best so far!

Eleanor (undeadgoat) tagged this Cute

Wow--really works with your figure here.

hhh tagged this original

once again, completely different from your other looks - I applaud you for that.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

romantic! love it!

Carrie tagged this absolutely wonderful

This is one of my favorites so far. Perfect for summer!

Kathy tagged this Perfect Saturday Outfit

I think this one is very sweet looking - perfect for a Saturday! The colours really suit you!

Beth tagged this Cute

So pretty!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

very pretty

mein melon tagged this Hot

long skirt turned sundress! nice!



Anonymous tagged this Cute

really awesome plaid

Suzanne tagged this gorgeous

so classy


This is stupid, it's a case of wearing different clothes every day with the same bloody smock thrown in on top. How could anyone ever use this as a "green" alternative? Plus this whole, I'm a little girl you're a bit paedo thing, is frankly sad. Grow up.

Lisa Webb tagged this Hot

love this, so simple

Pope Richard Corey tagged this Hot

This is going to sound extraordinarily lecherous, but you have an astounding collarbone. The location for the shoot was brilliant, if obvious.

kim cee tagged this Cute

very cute, but i can't help feeling like this is cheating somehow since the dress is more of a jacket (aka accessory) here.

Jennifer Gehrisch tagged this Hot

I love this, all of these looks are ingenious, great job.

Mel B. tagged this YES

this is truly stunning and brilliant in its simplicity.

maj tagged this sheer love!

i simply love this outfit. the black dress works really well with the green skirt-turned-dress

Chloe tagged this Hot

this is great!


This is gorgeous. Your cause is so great. Go girl!!

Sara tagged this Hot

Ooh, that's gorgeous! The dress is super great, too.


by far my favourite

Anonymous tagged this gorgeous

one of my favourites so far. I absolutely LOVE that skirt turned dress and as always I really want that dress now. :/

Cynthia tagged this forest goddess

Love, a faun dress.


while I admire your ultimate goal, the accessories that accompany the same uniform/dress/outfit on a daily basis are frightfully expensive and you could perhaps spend less by shopping at discount stores and having different outfits, if indeed one of your aims is to spend less.

Naomi tagged this Beautiful

Very Pretty and earthy

Addie tagged this Cute

Totally love the "new" dress. It's amazing how you can do that.



rebel tagged this another day off

another stand alone outfit over which the "uniform" has been tossed, just to say it's there ....

Anne tagged this Excellent flow

Unexpected. A departure from previous short or short-with-leggings models. Flows well, and the dress takes an appropriate back seat. Beautiful colors and setting, too.

Anonymous tagged this Lovely

I think you look beautiful, and I do NOT think this is cheating.(Stupid critics just don't get it.)

Samantha Villamgna tagged this Unique

I love how used the black dress as a cover up to the pretty tell dress.And the acc. are creative and unique.

A tagged this Hot


Ashe tagged this Hot

Again, I'm in love

beej tagged this Cute

to johnnie314@aol.com: "frightfully expensive" ???? Apparently you are not familiar with the meaning of the terms "thrift","borrowed","gift","found", "flea Market" or "Ebay" in her descriptions, all of which are synonoymous with FREE or ridiculously cheap. The last time I checked free was still cheaper than discount.

shahzad tagged this MUNFRIED!

main jub bhee internet per jata hoon. mari baity ko "uniform project" website bohuat pasend hay main jub bhi computer on kartaa hoon "kahtiy hay" phaly iss website per jayian pher our koi kaam karyn.

Freya tagged this Hot

Now THAT is unfair. There are WAY too many people beautiful people out there. You're one of them.

Canadian chick tagged this nice cheat

This is a beautiful outfit, but is definitely cheating- you are using the "uniform" as an accessory, rather than accessorizing the uniform. Also, if the point is to show sustainability rather than conspicuous consumption shouldn't you confine yourself to things you already had, rather than adding new things daily?

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Brave

Elegant use of overtunic over clever adjustment of skirt.

Medo tagged this Hot

Love it.

Leafy Green tagged this Hot

Smart idea!

Flash tagged this Brave

I love that you aren't wearing socks or tights. It's a nice change.

Lulu tagged this close but not cigar.....

i like the outfit but the expression on her face totally ruins the outift..the environment... ehhh change the face girl look at least happy...

robi ann tagged this Hot

it works so well with the serene background.