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July 09

This day belongs to Florence Ann.
"As an avid cyclist I was so pleased to see a bike included in the Uniform Project. There is something to be said for considering fashion while cycling. By looking great while riding, we encourage others to dust off their bikes, pump up the tires, throw on a great outfit and look fabulous! My new LBD from the Uniform Project will be the perfect addition to a wardrobe that works both on and off my bike."
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Day 87. Sun, July 26 2009

Champs-Élysées Chic

Reflective and sustainable cycling helmet and gloves designed by Scully. See prototype of the full line at scullynewyork.com Vintage ankle boots from eBay. Summer scarf from a brooklyn thrift store.

Félicitations, Señor Contador. Vive le Tour de France.



i need a helmet that's not ugly!as, i suspect, do many people. this is great.


Fantastic! How utterly contemporaneous! Manxman Cav wuz robbed but hey what a finish too! Nice one Uniformproject!!

Allie tagged this Cute

So CUTE!!!! I just adore your scarf!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love it!!!!!

Irene tagged this Cute

it's so cute! I want a helmet that's as cute as that. So much better than the ugly one I have now.

Mariah tagged this Cute and Creative

Adore this! . . . especially with the touches of turquoise. Your creativity continues to amaze.

nana tagged this Try Harder

these sort of uneven "dressings" just don't work for me... it's a shame because i've seen you wear some pearls for outfits, like days 35 and 08, and even as simple as day 02 :D

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Cute and timely ;)

Austen tagged this Cute

this is gorgeous :)

Jolly M

Cute!!!!Creative!!!!Catchy!!!! Enjoy the ride, sheena

janiey tagged this Hot

I think I have short leggings like the ones you are wearing!! And oh man, your boots are so hot.

christine tagged this Hot

je l'adore!

ammakke tagged this Stylish

Wow!! That is one of the best ones so far! The turquiose blue scarf adds glamour to the outfit. keep cycling.

blueberry deluxe tagged this Cute

oh YAY. Its bike time... and fashionable time at the SAME time! cute cute!

UnofficiallyOnBehalfOfUniformProject tagged this Tourworthy

would like to issue a disclaimer that the project can sadly not accept any liability for injuries resulting from injudicious adoption of champs-elysees chic style helmet in place of sturdy variant that serves protective function to skull content.

brenna tagged this big no no

when and where would anyone where this? really!!

Elle tagged this Amazing!

Truly amazing -I look forward to your new outfit everyday!


i don't like it, not my style (:

Baba tagged this Brave

If I were "few" years younger I will must definitely wear it. I love the hat

Rachel tagged this Cute

its cute but....i wouldnt wear it. i like the dress though :)

TheSockBoutique tagged this Hot

Yay!! Fabulous!

Cynthia tagged this Cute

Cool. Except for the hat, which is distracting.

aj tagged this Brave

Like the look, though I doubt it would work in Paris. Brave is so not Paris.

Bri tagged this Brave

I don't like the hat much. But I liked how you incorporated the bike into the picture.

helene tagged this Hot

tres style et toujours mignon bravo

ashlee tagged this ummm.......stupid!

i only like the boots.stupid outfit sheena!

Alice tagged this Try Harder

Love the touch of blue at your throat, on your legs, at the ankles. The boots are to die for.

Alice tagged this Cute

Alice meant to tag this cute. Sorry!

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

love this one..and love the bike..i wanttttt... good to have met u...xoxo

emmysmiles tagged this Love

Love, Love, LOVE!


Sheena...you continue to impress! The hat is amazing...and I love the addition of a prop :).

Beth tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this tres chic

oh my god this is so cute! very classic and one of my favorites.

HahahaAHAHahaha tagged this aAHAHahahaH


In Awe tagged this Proppy

Why you haterz laughing like unfashionable wankers? Give Sheena props. She is NOT...I repeat, NOT...to be laughed at and neither are the children of India.

Rich Grimaldi tagged this Cute

Absolutely adorable helmet! Love the gloves too!

Kristy tagged this Cute

Love the blue peaking out. Nice accent color.

Anonymous tagged this interesting

its cute i guess.i wudnt wer it tho....


the outfit is cute.... very cute just not whatever that is on her head...

barbara tagged this Balanced Blues

Thanks for the close-up shot, which really shows a lot more of the lovely details. Also, it seems the overall lighting/flash on the photos today is better. I can see details on the dress that are normally not obvious. Excellent placement of the blue pieces in the outfit today - nicely balanced.


Love the gloves and hat!! =D

uniformproject tagged this ap- misdo

Thanks Barbara. I shoot indoors with mostly natural light, so the lighting is often hit or miss depending on the NY skies. But will try to pump up the exposure in the future :-)

Kirsten tagged this Semi-Cute

Luv the scarf, boots and gloves.....Don't like the shorts the helmet or the socks.

Ines tagged this Cute

super cool!like the colours

it is very nice tagged this brave

it is very nice

Svanhvit tagged this 1920s hairmet

Assume you didn't wear the helmet all day! Love all the blue accents and the boots are Gorgeous.

Prashanth Reddy tagged this Cute



love the shoes

Ana tagged this Brave

Hot boots and brave helmet. Love the the naif/naughty look. Great pic!

Rachael tagged this Lots of fun

Love the scarf and those gloves are fab

Deedle tagged this Creative

the coolest gloves ever

Britgirl tagged this Hot

Omg, this outfit is so chic. Everything is perfect, best one... so far


I like the blue and the gloves. It looks nice with the black dress.


Your dress designer is superb. Do you have to iron the dress?

Chris tagged this Stellar

Stellar as always. New bike? ;)

Jess tagged this Try Harder

I honestly don't like it at all....

tina tagged this Cute

I'm so impressed with the quality of your self-portraits, not to mention your style!

e tagged this Cute

what vintage ebay stores do you shop?? i'm dying to know, you wear the cutest stuff from there

Inspired by The Project

The polka dots make it pop! The gloves and boots are great. I assume that the helmet is meant to be fashionable (it is--is it comfy?) and does not meet safety standards,

shuchi tagged this Brave

Love it!

X tagged this Brave


Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Not a fan.

ratatooey tagged this bike-a-licious

chill out fashionistas, it's a helmet, not a hat! very cute too - i bike commute every day in a dress & would love to see more bikeable looks like this!

Sarah tagged this Cute

Love this!! I sold my car a few years ago and am now an enthusiastic cyclist.

Edith tagged this Hmmm...

Very old fashion but at the same time modern. I feel bad saying this but the bike does half the work.

hhh tagged this Cute

sometimes people say that black and brown shouldn't go together, but you're working it girl! love it. and love the idea of fashionable biking gear. genius!!

Charla tagged this AWESOME

As an avid cyclist who always feels more dork than bad-ass on my bike, I am so excited by this outfit! Thanks for the tip!!!

heather knight tagged this ingenious!

yaaay! props!

Georgia tagged this Batty

I love it! I really want to know where to get the bike helmet!

Laura Daly tagged this Topnotch Tack

OMG! I have been thinking that I would bike around town a lot more if I could accessorize AND stay safe. The look here is "bike as trusty steed". Time to Schwinn it to work!

Coco tagged this BRAVO!!

LOVE the helmet.

veena mathew

oh sheena chechy .. :)!! liked this one very much :)

Laura Daly tagged this Pick of the week

Really, the most fun for the week! This is my pick for my weekly donation.

Amy tagged this voage(?), modern

love! especially the gloves and accents of color!

Kate Hildebrandt tagged this Cute

I want the helmut - sure beats the one that I've been wearing and I could wear the dress every day - just my style !

anonymous tagged this nations Lefko

Very cute!

Howard tagged this Brave


Jamie tagged this Obsessed

I like it. I have the same one in red

Daniella tagged this So fun

Adorable gloves

Leni tagged this Cute

the little touches of blue are my favorite part