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May 09

This day belongs to Magan.
"A fun outfit like this makes me feel like dancing in the sunshine!"
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Day 13. Wed, May 13 2009

Cause I'm gonna be a dancer. A good dancer (!)

Vintage wool cardigan, zebra warmers, thrifted junk jewelry, purple tights from Sockman and gold pumps from ebay.


heather tagged this Hot

hoottttt to trot

Shuchi tagged this Kitsch

Mixed feelings about this one

Kelly tagged this Hot

i LOVE this!

Anonymous tagged this Hot


Modelmental tagged this Hot

I just discovered you and I'm inspired! What a fantastic concept, I'm blown away. Giving you shout-outs wherever I can, for what it's worth!


Oh! do you go to NYU?

Karla tagged this Hot

apart from the leg warmers... superb :)

Karen tagged this Batty

The mix is crazy, but the pose carries the look.

AJ tagged this Hot

I love this one!

Jenny tagged this Hot

Love this except for the leg warmers. I am not personally a fan of animal print but that little cardigan is cute and soft looking. What a great weekend outfit.

eldub tagged this Batty


Skeeter tagged this Wild

I tagged 'wild' but 'kitsch' is really more like it. Got some great legs going on so you almost don't see the outfit.

RogueTess tagged this Batty

Love the vest and belt alone, maybe with milder tights.

christine tagged this Cute

love this!

Julie Monteiro tagged this Cute

I Loved this look!

RDL tagged this Hot

Great look.

ttt tagged this Batty

maybe i just don't like african animals:D first giraffe socks, now zebra warmers. If i cover warmers with my hand, i love it though.

Ellie tagged this Hot

Rocking the belt/wool waistcoat


this one is by far my fav. Gave me a tip for what to do with my cardi/vest. kudos my love.

Lisa Webb tagged this Hot

HOT! you are a master at accessorizing! i can't do it at all! I love your style!


Love it...but not crazy about animal print.

yvonne tagged this <3

i want to wear that. RIGHT NOW ! LOOL LOOKS REALLY REALLY GOOD !! (:

Kathy tagged this absolutely perfect!

I think this is my favorite outfit so far. The legwarmers are the best! I want a pair so bad and am sad I don't live near NY.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I wish I have your accessorizing skills.

Anonymous tagged this Love Animal Print!

Those legwarmers are amazing! Where did they come from??

Addie tagged this Hot

So cute. I like everything about this look. SO urban chic.

Anonymous tagged this wildest

'm in love with this outfit :)

Vannnah tagged this a-frikin-mazingg (:

omg, this outfit is amazingg...(:

Anonymous tagged this amazing

love this!!

nita tagged this Brave

It's bold to make your legs the focal point of this outfit. I love the juxtaposition of the neutral top colors and a wild bottom half. Very dynamic- va,va voom.


I'm not a fan of the warmers tough...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

EEEEEEEP!!! i love it!!!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

You just kicked it up a notch with those electric violet tights! Overall though, not really working in my opinion. I would change the vest..

fashion lover tagged this Hot

i love the vest, belt, and leg-warmers; it makes a very chic outfit.

MK tagged this Hot

Worrkkkk it girll!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

This one is amazing!

laney tagged this Brave

i love the belted vest and necklace...the leg warmers notsomuch.

Tabitha tagged this It's okay

It is so "Hannah-Montanaish", but I think zebra print and color are adorable.

maggie tagged this Fashionable

That outfit is so fashionable

sophie tagged this Brave

i really like that

Rachel tagged this Hot

Love this!!


omg.... these zebra are just... hideous..... 8-O

Anonymous tagged this funky

OMG I want your Zebra warmers!!! just gave me the idea of using jumper sleeves as leg warmers...

alyson tagged this Brave

I would love it with dark textured tights and suede ankle boots much more, for a muted look. But, it's cute and quirky with the bright colors and zebra print.


I love everything about it! The sweater and the purple tights with the zebra legwarmers over it...everything!

Gruntalope tagged this Cute

This is very me, if I was a female. Correction, I have zebra print socks.

kayleefromtexas(: tagged this super de duper retroo(:

haha im in love with this look its awesome, oh and btw i think what your doing is wonderful and really cool, haha well take caree bye(:

Emily tagged this Batty

LOVE this!

Janaina - Brasil tagged this Brave

I love!

anonymous tagged this Cute

love the zebra leg warmers! <3

Daniella tagged this Hot

Major fan of the leg warmers!

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love the tights and legwarmers!

SalaTrash tagged this Glam

In love with the zebra warmers and purple tights <3

Yesenia Abrajan tagged this AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE these leg warmers!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Really cool! :)

rupiningsih tagged this Cute

Yuhuuuu!!!!! love this verrryy muucchh.... nice purple

mini gurl tagged this Brave

love it but not going well w/ cheerleaders...

Katie tagged this Brave

purple :PP bravee

Patrycja tagged this Hot



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