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June 09

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Day 55. Wed, June 24 2009

Catholic academy.

Vintage beret from a pennsylvania auction, donated by Sandra D. Vintage doiley turned collar and ankle boots from eBay.



I like it! Very...victorian..?

miranda tagged this Cute

oh, how innocent...the shoes look too big though. The collar looks Elizabethan.

m tagged this innocent

very nice

Inspired by The Project tagged this hmmm....

Lovely, I just can't embrace the beret...

Beth tagged this Cute

I like the socks and collar/doiley.

Camila Orleans tagged this Cute

Oww, so cute! I love it.

Anonymous tagged this Brave


Inspired by The Project

Funds raised to educate 8 children so far - GO Sheena!

Edith tagged this Cute

The beret is absolutely fabulous. Are you holding something in you hand?


fantastic! I love the collar.


fantastic! I love the collar.

Britwatch tagged this Bit'a'Lolita

Now where have I seen that beret before...


Awesome concept. I really want a uniform dress of my own, now.


Edith, that's the wireless camera remote I use to snap the shots. :)

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Brown w/black? Doesn't match!

jersey girl tagged this Hot

wow you are so amazing. using fashion to help others is a great idea!:) i.heart.this.project.>

julie tagged this shoe crime

think the shoes are a bit weird, but the rest is cute

tp24 tagged this Cute

What are you longing to wear on the 366th day!?

Sandra D!

I'm glad to see you love the hat!! super cute cute cute!

Megan tagged this Hot

Adoooorable from head to toe. And hot.

erina tagged this Cute

love the socks!

abla tagged this Cute

love the beret!

S tagged this Edwardian Chic!

I love the doily turned collar!

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the lace

p tagged this Cute



My friend told me about your blog. I know Beacon's Closet well, also! My blog is called www.yearwithoutshopping.com,--no shopping for clothes, shoes, or handbags for a year, and kind of for a similar purpose. I also write about consumerism, current events and books. I'm not the model you are, though, and I haven't put up photos of me yet! Great idea!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Lovely lacey collar!

hannah tagged this classic

you look so great! very classic look. i wrote about your project on my blog http://heartcityvintage.blogspot.com

hhh tagged this Cute

yes yes yes yes yes it matches so nicely

W tagged this Perfect

Love, love, love this whole outfit.


You are incredibly cute and creative - I'm loving all of these!


brown and black SO match! i love what you're doing.. hope to be able to donate soon


this is a p.s. i just wanted to let you know i blogged (www.tallysplace.blogspot.com) about your amazing decision to do this... i'm hoping you make so much money for your great cause.

Valencia tagged this Cute

The hat looks really weird, probably because it's dark and so is your hair. Gives it a weird silhouette. Really cute otherwise


This is a favorite of mine so far. And that says something, because I've loved them all.

Jem tagged this Cute

This is incredibly cute, I love your use of tights and socks.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

adorable! Have you considered selling the dress on your site with a % going towards your charity? I'm sure there are plenty of readers who buy it!

Janine tagged this Cute

Love the expression that goes with it. Priceless and practiced for a good reason!

Alaska Girl


Stardust tagged this Cute

Goes wwell with the hat.

Grace Lee tagged this Cute

I love this outfit! Simple but really cool!

Elaine tagged this Perfection

I just spent the whole morning going through all your pics!~ You're amazing, an inspiration! Stockings or socks like yours are a rare sight, over here in Malaysia.

Pertinacia tagged this Dainty

Have been following for quite some time. Love it!

aminah tagged this Cute

What a versatile dress...I want to see it with a pair of flared jeans and sneakers...keep up the good work!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

i don't really like the cream collar & white sock combo.

meemu tagged this Cute

The doiley for a collar is inspirational! C'est magnifique! x

Kate tagged this Cute


nish like fish tagged this Cute

The photographs remind me of Vanessa Winship's Sweet Nothings: Rural Schoolgirls from the Borderlands of Eastern Anatolia http://www.vanessawinship.com/gallery.php?ProjectID=157

Anna tagged this Cute


Juneau tagged this Cute

Simple. Nice contrast between the lace and black dress.

lucie_bruneau@videotron.ca tagged this Hot

Very imaginative idea! Congratulations to you. Have a creative day. Lucie

janet babin

hi...The Story, a show on national public radio stations, is trying to reach you for an interview. please email me at jbabin@wunc.org, thanks, janet babin

Cris tagged this Cute

This is a great idea, and you are doing a very good work!!! Congratulations :)

daisy tagged this Cute

how is the doiley collar held on? i want one! would look great under button ups and even over a simple black tee.. anyway its lovely, the entire idea is lovely. i'm a fan/follower.

Stephanie tagged this Hot

You find some of the cutest shoes on ebay!

Karen tagged this Cute

This site is so much fun!


so cute!

Badge Madge tagged this Cute

That's lush! So... where can we get the dress huh?

Katharine tagged this Awwwww.


Sarah tagged this Cute

Personally, I would have gone for a cute pair of Mary Janes to really top off that "school girl" look - but this is so cute!

Anon tagged this Try Harder

That doily.... ew.

Sara tagged this Cute

Reminds me of Wednesday Addams only not in a morbid way. Very cute. I wouldn't normally care much for the shoes, but they work somehow. Great pairing.

Addie tagged this Hot

THIS..................... IS........................... HOT!


Lolita goes to Catholic school? Memorable, muted, good girl/bad girl. It works for me.

Luana tagged this Cute

Perfect sockets! I love it!

Nikki tagged this Try Harder

hate the ankle boots. and the rest is very plain.

Aricia tagged this Cute


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Ashe tagged this Hot



I just love the shoes OMG they are beautiful

chanda tagged this Cute

love the beret!


Why do you like so much the socks?

Manon tagged this just read my comment :)

Perfect. Just Perfect.