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December 09

This day belongs to SammyM.
"So classically beautiful! Be part of the global ethical shift."
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Day 215. Tue, December 01 2009

Caped Crusader

Like living in a fairy tale, we've been blessed by eBay with some amazing new powers, allowing us to turn every dollar we raise into an additional dollar during this holiday season. With our newly vested super-strengths, the U.P. Super-Heroines pledge to only use our new power for good, justice, and the education of the youth in need.
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Hand woven Alpaca button cape donated by Ten Thousand Villages. Shop the cape at their online store. Hot pink gloves donated by Candace Yu, hand-knit corsage worn as hat donated by Dennice Mankarious, wool tights donated by Cat and vintage boots from eBay.


Mara tagged this Hot

Love the gloves!!!

wasabipear tagged this Woman on a Mission

Schiaparelli would be proud of your Shocking Pink.

Claire tagged this Cute

Very cute and winter-ish!

Jo tagged this Hot

Loving this!!

ali tagged this europa

c'est excellente! how does the "hat" stay on your head?


I've donated once already but will send some more bucks your way; your daily efforts have brought a lot of pleasure to me. With eBay's generous offer, December seems the perfect time to make that donation count even more. Your commitment to this project is inspiring.

Cynthia tagged this amazingly beautiful

Tu es si jolie avec cet ensemble. Bravo mille fois!

scary. tagged this pink for the rink.

class. get your ice-skating on, tis the season and the get up for it ..! congrats on the ebay deal.. expect dollars to double from all of my clan! believe.

abigail tagged this rich

rich, tres chic......colors are gorgeous.......

Krystyna tagged this Hot

Absolutely stunning!

mm tagged this super woman

these photos are like a holiday gift. xmas seems to have come early this year. and while we're on the gift giving topic, last time you did the Green Team thing it said eBay would donate up to $25,000 but it seemed like you only raised around $10,000. not bad, but still that's a lot of corporate dosh leftover in their coffers. i hope this time around all of us supporters will really take advantage of their offer and donate to your goal, so the kids can get ALL of those corporate dollars!!!

Anonymous tagged this très chic

I love it!

em tagged this adorbz, as usual

can we get some close ups on your shoes? you've got great ones.

Mariah tagged this In the Pink

Hurrah for the matching program! Education is the best gift the kiddos could wish for . . . The triple layers (Uniform, underskirt, and cape) make a nice shape/profile.

Babz tagged this Hot

Outstanding, gorgeous, stunning. there aren't enough adjectives for this outfit. LOVE it!!

Ana tagged this Hot

Fell in love with your gloves... best thing in this outfit :)

Jolly M tagged this Hot

what a fantastic offer from ebay!! hmmm...I am pledging now to cut down abit on my usual Christmas spending for such a worthy cause. Sheena...& this is the best time since its "buy one get one free" time!!I am pretty sure, all your "fans" will take the ebay challenge to the full advantage for the U.P - I mean - kids ...kids ...kids....kids....BTW you look elegant in today's outfit esp: the cape & the hat..

Steph tagged this Hot

Very striking and glamorous! Love the colours and shape of the outfit.

amelie tagged this Cute

tres chic!

prutha tagged this sexy

totally sexy ! love it

bb tagged this Cute

so classy and bold. i love it!

Scully tagged this Cranberry & Bosenberry!

I LOVE this Eliza Schiaparelli would be proud!

Dennice tagged this Urban Chic

You look as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. The fourth photo should be framed and hung on the wall, you're gorgeous.

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

Sai tagged this Hot

Love. Love. Love. Especially the crochet flower. Debating about getting my grandma to make me one as well!

Sai tagged this Hot

AND, I love your gloves!

Carole tagged this Hot

Bravo! Very nicely done!

theinstitute tagged this cape this

tres chic daaaaaahling!

Eloise tagged this Oulik!

Jy's te oulik!

Kay tagged this Hot

I can't wait to donate for Christmas (yay Ebay!) -- it's styles like today this that make your blog so exciting and fresh. (and the new Funds Raised box makes the impact of your donations more tangible!)

Irene tagged this Hot

classy, rich, with a hint of mystery.


awesome blossom! love the get up and your ideas.Impressed with Ebay as well....very cool stuff

ammakke tagged this Elegantly stylish

Wow!! What a stunning start to the "Holiday Mission"!!!Love the elegance of the gorgeous oufit today.The cape & the 'cap' are awesome.Congrats on the inspiring eBay deal.Hope'n pray that each fan of The U.P. will take this as a X'mas challenge to take advantage of this awesome deal. Assure you to encourage more fans in the month of December.

liesbeth tagged this classy!

I LOVE the hat!

Sophie tagged this Hot

This outfit looks so sophisticated and 20's. I love it.

Linda tagged this Hot

This look has it all ~ it's adorable!

Libby tagged this Amazing!!

Such a perfect combo!

Josey tagged this Hot


kristina tagged this Cute

love the pink gloves!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

absolutely fabulous

Angelika Dawson tagged this Cute

i LOVE that cape and i love what you're doing. you go girl. ten thousand villages is such a great store for more than clothing. check out all their fair trade ware.

kataay tagged this just lovely

beautiful :)

vintage girl

stunning! love the cape & gloves.

Juan tagged this Hot

Classy, very elegant and classy outfit, I love it. You look great. encuestas pagas

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Cute

Except for the cabbage on the head it's a perfect look :D

Laura Daly tagged this Give them the Ooh La La

You get an extra donation this week for this. One of my all time favorites. Who can avoid a smile as they watch you go down the street!

rachel tagged this Amazing

so beautiful. you look like you stepped right off the runway.

B tagged this Awesome

very dapper! Love it

Aliza tagged this Fab!

I love the cape! This whole outfit is put together pefectly!

Sarah tagged this Hot

I seriously LOVE this :)

Payal tagged this LOVE!


Cyn tagged this Fierce !!!

My favorite of all !!

Chicago tagged this Beyond lovely

You are a vision.

céleste tagged this so elegant...

and congrat's for the gloves that really add something !! well done !!

Nana Soma tagged this Cute

I really love this outfit!!! The cape is just so beautiful! And yes, all this winter story looks like a fairy tale (it was the first thing i thought when this image came up).


This is much better! You are getting my compliments and my money. Well done!

simone tagged this YEY!

this is my favourite look so far! LOVE the hat and cape missy.

Heather tagged this Cute

ADORABLE and Chic!

Moritz tagged this Hot

You wore this dress on my birthday and it is stunning! I love it!

DIYcouture tagged this Hot

This is so smart and beautiful

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love it

joyce tagged this perfection



I ADORE THIS ONE! one of my favorites for sure. absolutely brilliant =]

Zara tagged this LOVE LOVE LOVE


Sassie tagged this Cute

Sooo Audrey Hepburn! :)

Leni tagged this Fashion-Forward

This outfit is amazing. I am in love with the hat and the little stripes in the tights. Every part of this outfit is gorgeous!

Mandy tagged this Hot

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Anonymous tagged this Hot

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akeelah tagged this Cute

this is very cute and elegant ? i have a suggestion for u: why not smile bigger instead of a smirk


Wow this outfit is one of the best. full rapidshare downloads