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May 09

This day belongs to kudra.
"Best wishes to Sheena, the U.P. staff, and the children and staff of the Akanksha Foundation -- your merging of fashion, sustainable living, creativity, and social responsibility are such an inspiration!"
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Day 19. Tue, May 19 2009

Candy striper meets Minnie mouse

Vintage Polka dotted blouse with pink candy tights and clogs. Bakelite bangles donated by brooklyn vintage boutique Old Hollywood.


Ashley tagged this Cute

I love the look.. except the socks. You're adorable and so creative!

Jenny tagged this Cute

I agree this is so sweet but I dont really like the socks much either.

eldub tagged this Cute

love the title!

Skeeter tagged this Brave

Love the socks and because of the title, like this more that I otherwise would (It's the collar). You carry it well.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I like seeing the lower neckline. More possibilities!

the knotty hooker tagged this Cute

soooo cute with the collar out

Kathy tagged this Cute

Like the outfit - lose the socks!


Cute! It's a lot like the 80s though, which I don't like.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Yay, polkadots!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

i like but i think you need a necklace -_-

Christy tagged this Cute

Love the combination. I think you're the first one to convince me that colored tights work.


dude! me too - she convinced me that coloured tights can work! good work, i'm loving the blouse.

mindakms tagged this bang on

one of my faves

Jessy tagged this Cute


maggie thunder tagged this Hot

i love this...i want this. polka dots with a hint of flirty ghetto chic so very scrumptious

Anonymous tagged this Cute

it feels like something is missing...

Meena Mathew

Verrrry cute! :)

Addie tagged this Try Harder

Love the shirt... that's it though. The tights are too young.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this reminds me of 60s bollywood heroine outfits. love how you pull it off!

wolfie tagged this Cute

really cute

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I've looked through the whole set of pictures that you have up from May til the end of July. I think this one is by far and away the best one evah!

G. tagged this Cute

Great idea for a project :D

fashion girl tagged this Try Harder

don't like the shirt seems like she is a guy but love the tights!

lily tagged this Cute

cute i love it

Sylvi tagged this Cute

you are great !!

Tabitha tagged this Adorable

This is adorable except the shoes, on every one so far I have loved the outfits but not the shoes.

Jannie tagged this Cute

This outfit reminds me of the endless possibilities of fashion!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Awesome, love the pink and the polka-dots. Shoes could be better.


im impressed you are so beutiful! are we gona be able to buy the dreess?

Katie tagged this Sweet


Ulumuri tagged this Cute

Love this!

tessajae tagged this Cute

Adorable! I'm loving the polka dots.

Val tagged this Cute

I love this outfit! <3

Tathyanna tagged this spectacular!!!!

Woooow!!!!!! It's one of my favourites!!!! Really nice!!!!