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September 09

This day belongs to Andrea Roy.
"Happy anniversary!"
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Day 147. Thu, September 24 2009

Candy for my loveens

Off to Scotland today to see folks. Cropped blouse from Hooligan Studios sale in Brooklyn. Vintage bow from Treehouse. Tights from Sockdreams and vintage suede pumps from eBay.


elisabeth tagged this Fun

wow! those colours are so "eichler" - I mean retro cool like those old batman comics - not that you look a jot like batman...

yobe tagged this Electric

Gorgeous! Could be chilly though - it is Scotland after all

saby tagged this Cute

Cuuuuute!! Love the colors!!

jess tagged this fun

wow this is lovley but i would cover up a bit, i live in scotland and the weathers terrible right now :(

Beau Peep tagged this Hot

LOVE it.

scary. tagged this galway slang tastic.

howyaaaa loveeeeeeeeeeeeeens! you just made my granny's saying famous. legend.

b. whitaker tagged this Cute

this is as cute as can be!! color palette is spot on!

vintage girl

not loving the color combination.

Mi tagged this Hot

You never fail to amaze me. This is so great!!! Love the color combination.


love love love the cropped blouse (you look so beautiful in blue-greens and glues!) but would like to see it paired with a different color of tights or socks.

ammakke tagged this Cute

Give us a smile please , sheena. I totally agree with jess,here in scotland it looks as though we are skipping autumn.Welcome to Scotland ..we hope You enjoy your stay ..


(oops! meant to types the word blues, not glues)


Love the color blocking- You lucky gal to be from Scotland! I am a McGregor,Anderson, and now a Craig by marriage. My husband and I ADORE Scotland and can't wait to visit again!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

i would wear this every day.

Beth tagged this Cute

Like the tights and bow.

Mara tagged this Cute

Cute! Love the color of the tights, but not so sure about the vest and tights together. Separate, adorable.

Kaity tagged this Cute

I absolutely love this outfit. The colors are great! One of my favorites!

Irene tagged this Fun

The colours looks so cute together. I like how the bow is the only real decorating element here, but it's plain and simple like everything else.


you are going to need a coat then!


The vest and bow are great!!

Marie Massé

C'est génial ! Tout est génial. Bravo =)

holly tagged this Batty

it's the shoes!

B tagged this Cute

Love the colours! Those tights are awesome! It's a very simple look, but amazing. Def one of my favourites

Mariah tagged this Yes (Mostly) and No

Love the vest (color and shape) and bow-tie -- cute! Less excited about the tights and shoes, but just personal tastes. Creative, as always!

sue tagged this Try Harder

terrible color combo!

the institute tagged this scots do it better

how much stuff did you have to take with you across the pond? so many accessories and only one (plus clones)uniform.. :).. you look great hun!

Payal tagged this Cute

The colours, the hair, the shoes...they all look so happy together! Another classic...


This just remembers me of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, when she turns into a blueberry... I LIKED! 8D

h tagged this Cute

love the tights - a little over the coy, pigeon-toed gamine stance, though.

pippapine tagged this Cute

Your stocking collection is enviable. Love the colours!

hhh tagged this Cute

this is just beautiful!! I feel the vest changes the shape of the dress completely. looves it.

Maya Matthew tagged this Try Harder

whoa! that's a sight for sore eyes, the colours clash a bit too much.

Cathy tagged this Cute

Why not try some scarfs?

NayZ tagged this color!!

LOVE the color combo!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

cute outfit, not the shoes.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love it!


yes for the little top, not sure about the tights?

J.J. tagged this LOVERLY!!!!

I love it sooo much!!! I would wear any day

Zach tagged this Love

Love love love! the colors, and the bow and the shoes! 10 out of 10.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Brilliant! It took me looking at three weeks to realize you're wearing the same dress in each one. swank creative & meaninful

Hali tagged this adorable.

This is by far my FAVORITE.


Cropped blouse top notch!

Tumor tagged this Batty

You're like a real life pixie! I lourve the colorssss.

Zoey tagged this Amazing!

I want to have it! Great outfit, geat colours, great combination!!