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December 09

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Day 223. Wed, December 09 2009

COP15 Catwalk

Batwing cloak by Mundi, one of the designers representing Iceland in a competition of sustainable design as part of the Fashion Summit during COP15. Twenty designers from the Nordic countries are competing today on a sustainable runway show organized by NICE in association with C.L.A.S.S. Mundi cloak worn with hand-knit corsage as hat donated by Dennice Mankarious, and vintage boots stolen from Scary :-)

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WOW - love the colors!! Not sure about the boots, though...


I'd love to see more fashions from the Fashion Summit; some on the website look amazing!

ammakke tagged this "interesting"& brave

Hmm, not a fan of those boots but love the colors,the blue, the deep violet, black'n the grey..

Birta tagged this Cute

love the Icelandic cloak and the hat is awesome.. but I don't like the boots.. -love from iceland :)


I love the color scheme, and I totally want that crochet flower for myself. The boots look a little big on you though.

Nivea tagged this Disaster!


psycho Fan tagged this Hot

WTF people. This is an amazing outfit, sorry is it just me or has anyone else noticed the quality of design from a designer practicing ethical design - not to mention the incredible styling of this whole outfit, head to toe. That skirt is subtle genius btw. Congrats and thanks for all the info on this sustainable fashion event!

Payal tagged this Hot

LOVE IT! Easily one of your top looks! I wasn't sure of 'batwing cloaks' before...but when you look past the boxer's robe feel, it's just stunning! I'd def wear it! Teamed with the corsage, tights and boots - perfection! If I were you, I'd steal those boots too. And keep them! I'm in lust with them...good taste Scary! Good work Sheena!

holly tagged this how sweet the sound...

amazing cape, scary boots

Dennice tagged this Fabulous and Fresh

You look amazing! I am so thrilled to see the $ amount rising more each day. So many wonderful, giving people in this world! Thank you for wearing the Fringe corsage/hat, you wear it with such beautiful style. xo

mm tagged this mos' worthy

why aren't we at 40 yet?? c'mon people. eBay isn't running this offer forever. we need to get those dollars up.

Dee tagged this Try Harder

Ummm...this is cute-just a little strange. I'm a boxing fan and I wasn't certain whether or not this cloak was your homage to the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight announcement.

m and m

Love the colours (not the boots) but the cloak looks way too big for you and the outfit.

abigail tagged this fab

love this very much, but can u please explain exactly why this cloak is considered to be "sustainable fashion design"?

Britwatch tagged this Capital Stuff

Nice one. And well nicked - Scary's far too tall for em boots.

Natalie tagged this Hot

Hi Sheena! This is an amazing story! Would you like to be interviewed for Australian TV so we can promote your cause and website? Please email me as soon as you can, I would LOVE to speak with you further. I'd love to do it this weekend or your next available time!! Please email noliveri@nine.com.au Thanks Sheena, Natalie

Jamie tagged this Try Harder

Aren't you just doing exactly what Alex Martin did in the US over 4 years ago - wearing the same dress for 365 days? http://www.littlebrowndress.com/brown%20dress%20archive%20home.htm

Cynthia tagged this Batty

no nono

Mariah tagged this Brave. Nuts. Amazing.

This really shouldn't work, but it does -- fun! Great colors. And boots are in (or close to) my UP Top 5 in Footwear.

Linda from SA

Unlike most of the others, I AM sure of the boots...They're definitely NOT the perfect match for this outfit! (Do they have little balls as part of the heel?) I think the boots of July 27th might have perfected this outfit for me.

Irene tagged this hot and nought.

The boots are cute, but maybe for some other outfit? Awesome cloak, or not, I can't decide, but maybe a little too shiny...

elisabeth tagged this parachute

yeah parachute yeah parachute



mn tagged this talkin bout a revolution

@abigail, fair point but I'd like to know what isn't sustainable about this piece..It is made by a young designer currently involved incredibly important event creating social awareness in sustainable fashion. Ok I'm not sure how sustainable that fabric is either, but it does look to me like an classic investment piece- One that can and no doubt will be worn for generations, exceptionally tailored future vintage to die for! is that not sustainability in itself? How do we measure sustainability anyway.. Is it secondhand shoes originally made in Taiwan by sweatshop workers, bought on the internet and then shipped half way across the world to our doors? When trying to shop ethically all angles need to be addressed and a decision then made. Sheena Matheiken is clearly someone thinks about these things, so much so that she made a conscious effort to raise awareness and try make a difference in our mostly fucked up mess of a world. I for one trust her judgement.

mn tagged this double or nothing.

p.s DONATE peoples.. tis the season of giving! :) happiness!!

school uniforms tagged this Cute

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Mara tagged this Try Harder

Hmmm... cute colors, I like the hat and skirt. but it looks a little messy and uncoordinated to me.

scary. tagged this she shook up the world.

ahahahaaa! who'd a thought a pair a boots could cause such a stir, tho i have had a few controversial times in them myself ;) now @all y'all haters, go easy like! those boots got soul! :) @Payal, you knows it! @birta, ég elska ísland! @Britwatch, ha.ha.ha. :P @Linda from SA, re. july 27 boots-that would be class actually- very ali. love it. oh n no little balls on heel, there's a kinda anklet around the boot with a silver whatdja call it on- anyway in the photo it has slipped down around the heel so it looks funny. @sheena, ya thief, can i have me boots back now they need to go into therapy after this whole ordeal! ;)

Julie tagged this Cute

Love the look - eclectic, funky and colours are gorgeous. I am sure I had a pair of those boots in black .... about 25 years ago :o) LOL so loved the 80s

Austen tagged this Batty

i love it! very out there and stylish!


@mn.....thanx much for your personal thoughts on subject of "sustainable fashion"......i've been trying, myself, to understand the concept.....also, to clarify my question, i did not at all mean to be antagonistic - just asked a simple question - of course i am a huge fan of "theuniformproject" as well!! :)))

Britwatch tagged this Bootylicious

@Abigail :-D methinks ol mm might be feeling a tad bashful about his lil rant now

E.J.Starbuck tagged this What is sustainable?

@abigail and @mm this sustainability conversation is one that Sheena and I struggle with all the time. Because we by nature are consumers, as are all animals in some way, there is no one correct way to approach sustainability. But we've realized that it's largely being conscious of the consumer choices that we make that makes all the difference. Do I buy a new something from Forever 21 every time I get that shopping bug, or do I try on everything in my closet and rediscover things I forgot I even had? Do I invest in one really amazing piece or do I buy the 4 new hottest trends of the season? Asking myself these kinds of questions before I pull out my credit card is crucial to my consumer conscious and my bank account.

crushin on gavin tagged this Cute

love it!!!! purple is my favortie color! and and that hat makes all the other hats look bad :D

lovely tagged this Madness!

it's madness but i love it!


@E.J.Starbuck.... thanx for a lovely answer....yes, i think about these issues all the time as well..... :) abigail

MJC tagged this Flower girl

@EJStarbuck: Thank you. I have NOT been grappling with these issues until I found UP. I find that visiting this site, however odd the boots featured on it, inspires me to do just that: rethink my purchasing habits, which have been prolific to date. I thank you and Sheena for giving me a new perspective.

mm tagged this unabashed

@britwatch it was mn who ranted, not mm. i'm still bashful-free. mn however is wallowing in a deluge of bashfulness, the likes of which haven't been recorded since the summer of '71

mn tagged this a sustainable comment.

@aibigal/E.J. Starbuck thanks for your nice replies/comments - all i know is I'm happy to see people are thinking about these things and making a conscious effort to move in the right direction. @Britwatch/mm - bashful smashful... ;)

Britwatch tagged this Stimulating

@ mm / mn : duly noted! @ Ms Starbuck: what does the J. stand for? @ Scary : some boots these eh? They've kicked off an ecophilosophy storm!

scary. tagged this le craic.

@britwatch - does that really surprise you..? ;) haha! some craic innit!? lovin it, best comment day ever! @@@@@@@@@@@..............!

abigail tagged this diodes minna

@ mn,EJStarbuck et.al.........i'm happy to note that the world is changing.....well, i'm hopeful at least.....yes, an interesting comment day it was....


hahahahaha.....my supposed tag "diodes minna" was a crazy captcha that somehow ended up as my tag......a mistake!!!!

Sheila tagged this Clowning Around

Sheena, no offense but u look like a clown!!!

Sheila tagged this Helping situation/Sheena

After reading through all these comments, December the 9th is a great comment day. @ Britwatch, abigail/mn and mm, just stop fighting!!!!! @mn, no need to swear on the computer. It's ridiculous and rude to everyone who reads it. BE MATURE!!!!!!

mn tagged this Hot

@sheila, no one is fighting we were merely debating an issue and clearly all on the same side.. plus i love abigail, Britwatch and mm for their good nature and sense of humour. A pleasure to interact with making this day highly entertaining! :) Now regards to my swearing, excuse me? - but could you refrain from being so straight-laced? I find it offensive and dated. As for maturity, interfering in situations you misread is a general no no... not to mention terribly rude...

abigail tagged this howlonghasthisbeengoinon?

hahahahahaha......let's all laugh and enjoy this fabulous day of uniformproject......no.......therewas no fighting......we're all on the same side!!!!!!!

Jack tagged this Hot

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Mark tagged this Cute

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shaniqua tagged this Brave

MARVI!! you totally rock!! that jacket... AWSOME

Nordica tagged this Hot

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