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September 09

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Day 167. Wed, October 14 2009

By Your Side

Slouch cardigan from eBay seller Mama Stone Vintage and cuffley cap donated by Chaely Chartier. Marble print tights from Sockdreams, ankle boots from eBay and south african cwabasi beads donated by Debi and Jani Finch.
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Isabelle Mae tagged this Sassy

very cute!!love the necklaces and the hat combo!

Pen tagged this chic

Really like this one - perfect Autumnal dressing, hangs together really well. Beads in particular are fab.

angelle tagged this Cute

love this look! i'd wear this one for sure!

Betty Anne tagged this Hot

GORGEOUS! Oh, I love this outfit so bad! What a perfect look for fall!

jenny tagged this Hot

LOVE this! the shoes are gorgeous xx

Mariah tagged this Cute

Great beads! -- they really tie the outfit together. And boots are def on my Top 10 Fav Footwear list!

Tara tagged this Hot

I love this look! And I have a present for you...


@Tara, does it involve gradients? :-)

Beth tagged this Hot

What do I NOT like about this outfit. It is so awesome, especially the tights, cardigan and hat.

melia tagged this Cute

very cute! red SO is your colour!!!

MJC tagged this Newsies!

Yay, jewelry! Great look today. Very wearable and chic--I especially enjoy the hat. When items are "donated," do you give them back or keep them?

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

okk. seriously? the shirts make her look rlly fat but the necklace is kinda cutee. :/

Tami tagged this Cute

Love this!

abigail tagged this super

fab ~ love beads, leggings & boots & red on u ~ r the beads one single long long long strand or several strands?

iLsEoRt tagged this Hot

Love gray (beads, cap, tights)!!!


@abigail – several strands.


back to your wacky best, looks like you are in the back-home groove


thanx for response, sheena~~~ :) abigail


<33 this! And I never get tired of those cwabasi beads.

Joel Patrick tagged this Brave

this boot are mad for walking

Payal tagged this Winner!

Love it! Love it! Love it! Looovvveee it! Love the fit and colour of the pink cardi. Love the pink & grey combo! Love the boots and beads! One of my top 5 looks!

Anneka tagged this GREAT

Love it - and yay about international sign up! EXCITED to help!

bets tagged this Cute

love the hat!

theinstitute tagged this cardi-cool

definitely one of my favourites. x


your hair looks adorable in this one!

Cynthia tagged this tres chic

luv the beret, beads & booties!

kaity tagged this Cute

one of my favorites! i would totally wear it!

Steph tagged this Cute

I like that the silhouette is changed by the cardigan.


love the beads & how well they compliment the tights. I'm off to Morocco for 9 days, so will have to catch up when I'm back. I'll keep eyes open for some cool stuff to donate!

Anica tagged this Magnificent!

I cannot believe some anonymous person came to your website, looked at this gorgeous outfit, and said it makes you look "rlly" fat. Honestly, the nerve of some people. You are gorgeous. This outfit is divine... I want that cardigan for myself. I love everything about your project. You are an inspiration - for fashion and for helping others.

lera tagged this Hot

great! the best one

sarahj tagged this totally rocks

i love this, the change in seasons has totally insired you. And i love how different those beads look ( they are the ones you wore over yor shoulders lat imes ?) and if you look fat, we are all doomed !!

yobe tagged this Relaxed

Looks superbly comfortable

ammakke tagged this "autumny"

I love that cardigan, looks gorgeous on u too.Those tights are cute as well. Perfect for the fall..


This is TOO MUCH FUN! Another look I'd totally wear!


Ha! I just finished reading this story set in Paris and I see the hat. A very Parisian-y feel. Maybe it's just me. Nevermind. Love the combination, very well put together.

Irene tagged this Cute

The necklace perfectly ties this together. BUt the cardigan makes your figure look all boxed up? Perfect for fall.

Linda tagged this Cute

I love all the cute hats you wear! Not everyone can do hats well! :-D

Sam tagged this Hot

Finally! The last weeks I didn't like yours looks very much but it seems that your feeling for style is coming back. I love this, it makes me think of Paris!

Kiwiken tagged this comfortable

So far my favourite for the month. Looks warm and comfortable, very relaxed but still chic. I like the touch of berry red colour with the black, there's something autumny about it. I would totally wear this.

flashbulb100w tagged this Cute

This is something I would wear.

Leslie tagged this Hot

this is my favorit outfit, by far!

Mara tagged this Cute

Hehe, adorable. Very roguish.

Alice tagged this Hot

Love it

BBD tagged this Hot

Hey! Love this outfit! So cute!