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March 10

This day belongs to Janell in Minnesota.
"Love the red skirt and the red shoes and the LBD every day!"
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Day 329. Thu, March 25 2010

Button belt booster baby

Vintage hat from Treehouse, corduroy pencil skirt from a London church sale, vintage crocheted tunic and platforms from eBay.

Thrilled about the recent boost in funds! And hoping that our Oz friends will have a lovely get together this Sunday. Perhaps we will have a live NY-Sydney patch-in via the innerwebs? U.P party in Sydney >
See facebook event >


babz tagged this Cute

stunning, I love red!! wow am I first to comment?

Payal tagged this What, what, what??!!

I can't believe you wore those tights with those socks with those shoes...awesome!!! It's awesome in a why-didn't-I-think-of-it kinda way. Love it! You're making me wish I was in Sydney for this weekend...but I'll put my flight ticket to better use with UP!

dayglozoo tagged this Will You Be My Friend?

Picture One is SO cute in that elementary-schoolish "I like the new girl, do you think she'll sit at our table for lunch" way. Appropriate that the look makes me think of sweet schoolkids. Thanks for all you're doing to support them!

Anneka tagged this Love it!

I have made myself a promise that if I have written 1000 of my 1500 word essay due on tuesday I will be aat the party! lets see if I can do it!

Anonymous tagged this let's read a story book

It's kind of like Little Red Riding Hood meets Dorothy meets Coraline (hence the button belt) The colors remind me of the fairytales and stories I used to read as a kid! Kudos :)

Payal tagged this Go Anneka!

Yo can dooo it!

Irene tagged this Buttoned up and ready

haha button belt! Awesome! And I love the tunic.

holly tagged this cute as a button

i had my own U.P. moment today; had to fly overseas at very short notice (2 hrs) on Monday and as a consequence my packing was chaotic. today i put on three thing i've never worn together before, including a skirt fashioned as a mini-dress. as a bonus, two of the three items came from second hand shops. thanks for the inspiration to try something different!

ammakke tagged this Red hot

I have never seen some thing like that button belt...interesting.Those platforms do cheer Us & give us all hopes for a lovely spring, You look tired though Sheena, all the hard work is killing You, my girl??Try to get minimum sleep at least & don't ignore your "tummy's calls'

rosalafae tagged this Hot

Very chic and very...British? I don't know, maybe that's just me projecting. Or it could be the bowler hat.

christine tagged this Cute

like the vintage vibe today!

J tagged this Nautical Nymph

Excellent! Best from belt down! The belt reminds me of boats, for some reason, and the color scheme is great!

Chtite Cousette tagged this Cute

These shoes are definitely my favorite of all!

noa tagged this strawberry-ish?

i LOVE those shoes!!!

EmilyKennedy tagged this Cute

So perfect. The shoes and the belt and the mix of everything is really just perfect.

Mobina tagged this Miss Goody Two Platforms

Red and blue/gray go well in a really cute way.Adding to the cuteness factor are the big button belt,the crochet tunic and your mischievous smile. Love it!!

icky* tagged this Cute


sarah tagged this love it without the skirt

LOVE the shoes!!!!!!!

moon tagged this Cute

ooh love the vintage touch...very simple, but elegant twist to the LBD...look like the LBD was designed like that. great layering!