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January 10

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"im lovin it"
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Day 275. Sat, January 30 2010

Burj al arabesque

Handknit cowl worn as hat donated by Ana at ToilTrouble.com. Cuff made from recycled magazine paper donated by Jessalynn from pivotboutique.com, Goan harem pants and boots donated by Scary.

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mm tagged this first

first. and hope that some of those monied dubai supporters will make some donations in honor of today's title

riley tagged this Very cool, as usual

I'm a big fan of using items in a manner other than what they were originally intended to be used. I like the cowl-as-hat! Great outfit.

Britgirl tagged this Chic

Love the pants reminds me of Jan. 17 & 19 outfits. Love the chunky cuff, its great how you're also donating to a great cause and recycling too!

moon tagged this Cute

HA! like the outfit...not feeling the shoes with the set, but love how you represent all cultures too!

scary. tagged this quality.

loveeeeeen. my poor boots up for another day of abuse! but they be tough ones- so bring on the attack!! i miss them, my outfit is severly lacking today and my other boots don't get me half the attention in public. fact. now i don't need to tell ya i love this outfit. you knows it. :)

caduceus tagged this Best Food Forward!

What I really like today is your posture. I have never been particularly interested in fashion - it seemed frivolous - but I have become enthralled by your project and website. You have accomplished amazing things, and your eco-friendly, altruistic methods are quite inspiring. That said, some days the pose seems rather submissive/girly/pigeon-toed. I'm not saying that's necessarily bad or wrong (or is maybe just your natural posture), but the the attitude your poses project today is more commanding and authoritative.

scarlett tagged this Scheherazade chic

I always hated harem pants, but I have to say that I really want these, with the coffee color and the sparkle. Super cool :P. Super fan of the sustainable fashion, btw. Inspiring and inspired.


You almost look Russian with that "hat," boots, and black arm warmers

Sue tagged this Brave

Love the cuff bracelet, but I keep wondering if you are cold. Or do you have the heat cranked up? I'd love to see some outfits which are as seriously layered as I am right now -- with the heat turned down!

Irene tagged this Chic

looks Russian inspired.

Lorraine tagged this Batty -in a good way!

Loving the UP. Here's a suggestion: you should make a calendar for 2011 featuring each months outfits. Great inspiration for us all and perfect xmas pressie for friends. Another way to raise the mulla!

gruvee tagged this Brave

honest to goodness.... I don't know how you do it but you always make the most interesting combos look great! wowzie!

Rose of New Zealand tagged this Purring

So wonderfully feline. You look like a slinky cat, prowling and purring around. What a glamorous and inspiring woman you are. You make me see that I can use my interests to unite people and contribute to that wider world of ours. Seriously. Thank you. x

scary. tagged this quality pt.2

I can't believe I spelt severely wrong. the shame. and as for trying to compete with comments from the likes of caduceus and the kiwi .. forget it. towel thrown in.

JessicaR tagged this By Crom!

Because sometimes you're in Brooklyn, because sometimes you want to dress like you're on the set of Conan the Destroyer, and because sometimes you don't have to take crap from anybody about it. That's why.

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TREgirls tagged this striped cat

E says: I like your hat and the arm warmers with the bracelet, the bracelet holds the outfit together. T says: love the bracelet, it reminds me of an african art piece, but the pants.... a cover of a sofa or some granny sheets.

Daisy tagged this Try Harder

Eh, not big on the pants. I LOVE the long black arm thing though :)



annie tagged this book!!

While I was rocking my son to sleep tonight, I was thinking about U.P. and how much it's changed the way I dressing myself since following your site last June. I will be sad when the year is up! Has anyone suggested to you about doing a coffee table book of all the photos? Your lovely outfits could be immortalized forever!

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this cuff n cowl

Love the way you have reinvented the cowl and worn it as a hat. And that cuff totally fascinates me.

great work tagged this Brave

MC Hammer attends the Russian Ballet in a Babylonian paradise.


impressive, day 275 and your team is still inspired and having fun. Great silhouette; who would have guessed the little black dress would work with these elements.

ammakke tagged this East meets West

all I want to say is "KOIS AL HUMDHULLILLAH "!! Hope U got the message right, Sheena .welldone!!

Steph tagged this ace

This is a striking outfit without looking too costume. Love it. Especially the pants and the pants with the boots.



Payal tagged this Hot

Hahahaha the title is hilarious! I love this look, so high-fashion. And wow Scary's boots - so hot! But 'donated'? Really? :)

Payal tagged this STAR!

Hey I got a star for COTD! Yayy!

modernfigurative tagged this Cute

ditto Annie, minus rocking the baby!

Eithne tagged this !!!

Arm warmers!! :-) Boots are über-great! The harems are a bit too wide for my taste but the fabric/pattern/colour is excellent! How does one make a bangle out of magazine paper?! So many exclamation marks! :-)

Lizzie Roberts-Garth tagged this Cute

lovely lovely!!! :D


Hello, I'm following your great project and i wanted to tell you that is really fantastic what are you doing such on the human plan that on the fashion plan. I justed wanted to give you this link, which is a french tv show which is really watched in France. The girl is really funny, and presented all days a new event of the world, and the january 28th she presented your. I hope you'll enjoy this video and you'll understand my bad french-glish! http://burkiblog.blog.canalplus.fr/archive/2010/01/28/la-chronique-du-jeudi-28-janvier.html

katie.s tagged this so cool!

totally loving this outfit, absolutely top 5. Actually every outfit with those armwarmers I love.

Charlotte tagged this Brave

ditto annie about the coffee table book, i would definatly buy one,and it would be another great way to raise some more money!! X

Linda from SA tagged this Hot

What the project has taught me so far: *Do not take fashion too seriously. Even mismatched tights, zippers, tattered tights, bracelets out of newspaper and neckpieces out of recycled roadwork plastic can be exciting. *Do not seclude outfit elments to the purpose they have been made for: skirts are also dresses or ponchos in disguise, neckpieces can become corsets and cowlnecks (and sometims even pants!!!) can become headgear! *Shoes need not perfectly match an outfit! Actually, over-matching can be too predictable and boring...and that is not good for creativity! *If your house is burning down, you need not save your whole wardrobe...only a basic little black dress! It will never go out of fashion and the ideas to jazz one up, is endless!

jolly M tagged this Hot

Another inspiring ensemble, Sheena.... Glad to see U keep on going with your creative ideas. Have a look at the link Anais has given...having shown your many outfits,this presenter went on demonstrating accessorising on 4 youngsters...its fascinating & funny, although didn't understand a word in French !!

Rosalba tagged this mysterious

Love your mission--am using it in a class I will be teaching on whether fashion is art and how to look at fashion through an artist's lens. You're an inspiring figure in the quest for how fashion informs art/life and vice versa. Thank you.

Tally's Place tagged this Hot

Very chic...totally loving the way you are rockin' this outfit.

wasabipear tagged this Make Mother Proud

You would have fit right in at the show last night! Mosh Pit et al.

poop tagged this hideous


Guilherme Busch

Hi. Your project is very interesting, and you are a lovely and beautifull girl. My name is Guilherme Busch. I'm a journalist from Brasil. I live in Campinas, city with one million people around São Paulo. May I invite you to visit my country? We can make projects to show your clothes here. We can talk about it by e-mail. My e-mail: guibusch1@uol.com.br (sorry about my english!!!) Bye

Paula tagged this Batty

Batty but chic!

Sarah O tagged this Bladerunner beauty

This is wicked - the metallic threads in the pants are a beautiful touch and the boots are unexpected and yet keep the look hip and modern - I'm such a huge fan of big soft hats. Great job!

Laura Daly tagged this Have Style Will Travel

NO ONE should be wearing those harem pants but you. Perfection!