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October 09

This day belongs to Leslie.
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Day 174. Wed, October 21 2009

Bunyan meets Benatar

Lumberjack plaid shirt and trilby hat from eBay, zebra print leg warmers from Sockman, leather belt donated from the Google accessory drive and vintage granny boots donated from Julie's Etsy shop, ScottieinaCanoe.etsy.com.

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Judith tagged this Cute

I wore plaid today too! We are aligned. Have donated once -- hope to donate more as time goes on. Love your movie!

Betty Anne tagged this Cute

So cute! The lumberjack top is perfect for my neck of the woods - and I love those leg warmers! I would have never thought of this combo on my own!

Mara tagged this Cozy

The legwarmers are so cute. Love this look.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Love your caption! Fun outfit -- nice balance of colors/prints . . .

Jess tagged this Brave

love it.

mm tagged this bold meets brilliant

if i pinch my ears just right i think i can hear Cobain howling "You Better Run" from the wooden kimono.

scary. tagged this DEMONTED.

O.M.F.G. loveeeens can i dedicated this look to my other favourite brooklynite ?!- I'm gonna anyway - MARI DE MONTE THIS ONE'S FOR YOU SISTA!! 5 days til..>> Black Rabbit, 8pm.. Margarita thanks and a Knob on the rocks for my old friend here...

emma tagged this Cute

oooh i have a similar plaid top... can't wait for my own LBD!! love it!

scary. tagged this TWENTY SEVEN IS IT.

27 my lucky number. congrats on it being THOUSANDS! and Benatar as in Pat? This is all too much in one post.. ICSI!!!

Eleanor Craig

I think you have given me about a hundred new ways (so far) to accessorize/dress up a button up denim dress I own... LOVE the zebra leg warmers! the 80's are back!

ammakke tagged this Hot

another great combo.of colors, black, red & white..Those leg warmers are awesome! really love them .Had another session with ur fabulous trailor ..great work!!

Pen tagged this Love *is* a battlefield

Particularly digging the belt

md tagged this mmmmmn......

I get it but.....ouch. the 80s were bad the first time round.

Anneka tagged this City farmer joe

Gorgeous! loving the plaid shirt :)

Joel Patrick tagged this Try Harder

sorry i was without internet on my pc! this is Africa ehehehe lol

holly tagged this sassy

good morning! $27,000 on the knocker. Keep on trucking

wasabipear tagged this Red-White-&-Blackalicious

Lovin the lumberjack esp. mixin the plaid with zebra print.

Nina tagged this Batty

I love the combo of red checks and black-and-white stripes! I also have a question: You are going to wear this dress for 365 days. Next year is a leap year! So will you stop one date early? :-)

Peg tagged this Cute


céleste tagged this 50%

not a huge fan of the socks / belt and the mix of prints (maybe I'm too classic) but I do adore the idea of the shirt and the hat is perfect with the outfit !!

Payal tagged this Hot

Wow...I love the plaid shirt under the dress...so easy and comfortable! And the belt and shoes just nail it! Sex on toast! I wasn't crazy about the leg warmers in this look...but it's growing on me!

banana anna tagged this Cute

sheena, you have a nice movie making voice. i hope that isn't creepy. keep doing what you're doing.

Kit tagged this Batty

There's just a bit too much going on here.

MBT tagged this Cute

Love EVERYTHING except the white belt - a little too white for me!

Irene tagged this Cute

I wore red plaid today too! :D Awesome leg warmers! plaid and zebra print, two things I would never had put together, but it works. The belt is glaringly white...

Alexa tagged this Hot

SNAPPY!!! This one is really together. I dig it from head to toe.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Now that is CUTE!! And you look adorable!

Kiwiken tagged this not bad

Plaid looks neat. Not so sure if I wouldn't like the legwarmers better in red/black.

Melanie tagged this Cute

Love your site. What a great idea. As a fellow New Yorker, I applaud your looking past the surface for a way to give back!

Mi tagged this Try Harder

not like :(

. tagged this ZEBRA!



You're a lumberjack and its OK

ivygail tagged this no


Durga tagged this zebra-esque

arrree wat is this yaar? smile no? nice dress and shoe:) I: @durgaO

Justi tagged this Try Harder

my suggestion is: change the dress for that with a good cut..I have already written about that, but I will write it once again: this dress has no cut and it looks bad for anybody! but I want you to understand me good - I am not rating your projects; just the unshape dress is bad. Projects are so brilliant and creative!


love the leg warmmers,very hot!!!

Tami tagged this Cute

love it!

scyllacat tagged this Brave

I'm always wary of patterns--I probably would skip the checks.

KatieQ tagged this Cute

Love the lumberjack shirt =) Keep up the good work!!

Linda tagged this Cute

Yay!! My belt! Super flattered :)

Lindsay tagged this Hot

Cute! Love that plaid shirt and ADORE the zebra legwarmers!

Heather tagged this Cute

OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE this look. I am totally going to make some slouchy light-weight leg-warmers for myself and copy you!!!!