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April 10

This day belongs to Janine B.
"Blue and black...such a rocking combination! Bubbles and bunny bonnet simply beautiful. Thank you for making my birthday a memorable day."
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Day 307. Wed, March 03 2010

Bunny blue

Bun fascinator donated by Mary Pattavina of Pretty Good Things, Necklace handmade and donated by Icelandic designer Elín Bríta, tights from Sockdreams and vintage pumps from eBay.


ammakke tagged this Bllue blue

Hello blue girl, That necklace is "interesting"..Love those pumps.

Payal tagged this True blue!

There's something so calming about this look. That necklace just works!

PP tagged this somethinblue

love how the colors necklace and tights blue grey and black create an (icelandic?)smurfette mermaid theme...loooooove it!


Tres chic!

Anonymous tagged this Oh Mamy!


holly tagged this Strong graphic pop!

Is that a thread I see hanging off the hem in Photo 2? I work as a costume stand by, and that's the sort of thing that would have me running on set in final checks to remedy! I like the simplicity of the silhouette, particularly the voluminous sleeves.

shuchi tagged this cosmo chic!

love the necklace!

che tagged this wow factor


abigail tagged this Brave

avant garde.....futuristic.....fabulous!!!

christine tagged this fascinating

love that you keep things fresh and new...and blue! have you ever worn the dress upside down?


@ christine, not as odd as it sounds! Have you seen the photos on regretsy of jumpers etc worn as pants? Well, to tell the truth, the pics are pretty odd

Daisy tagged this Robin Hood

I like it. It's weird, like a blue Robin Hood, but it's cute

Peg tagged this Whimsical

Your hat strikes me as something that might happen if Robin Hood went to work as a trendy French chef making amuse-bouche hors d’œuvres.

minor keys

I really love this look; very elegant with interesting art touches. Really great necklace.

Scully tagged this Hot

just blogged about you!

Scully tagged this Brave

and the link is... http://colormaven.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/bubbly-blue-and-brilliant/ I would rather have this than all the blue in the world. (Quote adapted from Maggie Nelson in Bluets pg 95).

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Super cute!!! Love the necklace you are wearing!!

jobypollard tagged this Hot

I work as a costume stand by, and that's the sort of thing that would have me running on set in final checks to remedy!It's weird, like a blue Robin Hood, but it's cute. 16gb sd card

Magyar McGuyver tagged this Cute

Adorable! It is like a bubble of vintage elegance!

Benjamin George Friedman tagged this Brave

Thought you might be interested to know that the necklace you're wearing can fittingly be described as "botryoidal": a marvelous adjective that one has so few opportunities to use, it means "shaped like a bunch of grapes". Keep up the good work!

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Mathi tagged this Foamy

I really love this blue look, it's calm. But the necklace makes me kind of.. sick.. Maybe it reminds me of dirty foam. I don't like it, but as some other says, the gray color goes well with the blue :)

Claudia tagged this Brave

LOVE that necklace!

Jim tagged this Ballsy

Oooh, that's a ballsy one!

Maya tagged this Cute

I don't get this project. At all. Your dress is nice. But looks designer-ish, innit? So much for poor children. Hmmmm. May be time to get down and do some real work. What say?

Adelheid tagged this Hot

I'd go down the rabbit hole in those tights!


Nice hand-made, high quality, ethical, appealing and fun items. Premier League Tickets

Payal tagged this @Maya

May I suggest clicking on the 'About'button on the top left corner of the page to find out more about the project and dress. Yes, it is designer, and a fabulous one at that! Not all of us can get down to the kids all the time, so you do the best you can. She's collected almost 56 grand in 307 days to put 155 kids in school. And taught over 3000 of us across the globe about sustainable fashion! I reckon that's pretty awesome, don't you?

Papusza tagged this bluetastic

i love the necklace! those icelandic sure know how to make things unusual!

Tori tagged this Brave

I am just in love with those fascinators! One day I will be brave enough to wear one.

Irene tagged this gorgeous

love the blue pumps and the necklace still!

Anonymous tagged this ugu


Adelheid tagged this @maya

Yes, it is a designer dress. But doesn't every dress have to be "designed" at some point? And it is not like this is one of those "handstitched-by-viola-playing-Zimbabwian-goats-and-then-baked-in-Russian-Honey-at-low-temperatures-for-10-years" kind of designer dress. It is just a no-frills, thoughtfully designed practical dress - that already gave many of us hope that it will be one of the last LBDs we are ever going to buy. How many cheap dresses are out there, which are just never quite so simple and versatile, because the retailer wants you coming back next season? Even if Sheena hadn't raised more than 55,000 bucks for the education of children, she still has the potential of saving earth millions of LBDs made in vain and made thousand across the globe more conscious about our wasteful consumer behaviour. And I know, she gave me (and I am sure many others) 307 reasons to smile this last year!

Anonymous tagged this Batty


Anonymous tagged this Batty

Hmmm, sometimes the outfits go past the realm of viable alternatives on how to wear the LBD and into costume territory. This feels like one of those times. That said, I love the colors, the drama, and the statement.

Gardener tagged this Bubbly

My life would be complete if I had a bun fascinator.

wasabipear tagged this Le Bleu Lagoon

Ma chou! You and your cockles and baubles are simply smashing au jour d'hui. The slight jaunt of the classique hat offset by ultra-mod neck gear makes for an intergalactic fashionista transcending space and time.

Eithne tagged this Straightforwardly bizzare

Bowie meets Bjork, because he sang about electric blue and she'd totally wear that necklace, because it's awe-inspiring. @ Benjamin: Is 'botryoidal' an actual word? Because it's awesome and i'm so using it the first chance i get. If i can get round to pronouncing it correctly.


I was wearing a similar colour tights today :) They look lovely on you :)

lostinnotation tagged this Brave

Little bit too much like an exhibit for my liking. But it is certainly brave and shoes are nice

moon tagged this Batty

loveee the necklace. it reminds me of microbiology <3 haha

kapaikeni tagged this The Growth...

...it looks like it's growing out of our neck

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

i want that necklace in my hand right now!!...how do i get one?

Tina tagged this Batty

Please, change the hairstyle...

Dísa tagged this Hot

It's a bit funny how many non fashionable people put their comments on this site. Fashion is not jeans+tshirt, it about finding you own personal style and looking inspiring & beautiful. I love the look, its inspiring, graceful & edgy. Perfect combo, love the project.

kapaikeni tagged this @ Disa

just because somebody doesn't like the outfit of the day doesn't make them unfashionable...it simply means- they don't like it...and are comfortable enough to say so. don't be in the realm of pretentious fashionista...i love it because i should... some outfits people love, some they hate...so does that make them fashionable one day and unfashionable the next? P.S. i don't like the necklace and i AM fashionable

Johnny tagged this Batty

IMAN!!!!!! Now that's cool. Bowie gets points too, by association. registry cleaner review