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August 09

This day belongs to Samantha S..
"Mmm. Fried eggs and a black dress. Starting the morning off with a big steaming cup o' changing the world. "
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Day 101. Sun, August 09 2009

Brunch. To go.

Hand crocheted brunch necklace made and donated by Sarah Peters. See more of Sarah's kooky creations at her Museum of Useless Objects, www.mouo.etsy.com. Vintage hat from Treehouse, brooklyn. Topo asymmetric bangles donated by Tia at silvercocoon.etsy.com.


Laura tagged this Brave

simply genious

ammakke tagged this Brave

brunch for the weekend,great idea.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

hate, hate, hate that necklace

Miranda Wildman tagged this Cute

so SundaY! perfecto!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Hysterical

Sheena you're becoming a fashion comedienne! All you need now is a Charlie Chaplin mustache and a cane to finish the meal!

heather k tagged this Brave

haha :)

Svanhvit tagged this mmm fry up

It's making me hungry!

Morris tagged this cataldo 14


Mariah tagged this Sunday Funnies

Pleasantly silly!

Siri treehouse tagged this Hot

so cute! love the hat, but luuuuuuuuuuuv that necklace! amazing! and so nice to meet you lovely lasses! kisses from the branchesand reaching for the stars, siri treehouse*

Jean tagged this Brave

YIKES! Had to go with 'brave' on this one ...

Mia tagged this Delicious!


Beth tagged this Batty

I think its appropriate to say that this is batty!

SP tagged this Funky and Delicious

It's totally perfect for Sunday!! Yum!

Angela tagged this Cute

Eek! I love this! The necklace is so cute!

Camilla tagged this Try Harder

I'm sorry, but I just don't care for the necklace. Like the bangles and hat, though.


love the necklace. did you wear it out of the house? how did people react? i would be too shy too wear it out.

jeanine tagged this too crazy

Made me laugh...made me smile

lindsay tagged this Wonderfully Whimsical

Lighten up, people! This outfit is supposed to be kooky, its supposed to be fun, and personally, I love it.

jenithea tagged this Adorable!

OMG that breakfast necklace is the cutest thing I've ever seen! And your outfit looks great with that little hat, too.

tanya tagged this makes me hungry

love the eggs!

Alice tagged this Funny


annie tagged this delightfully silly

What an fun necklace...I bet it will be a conversation starter. Those little pieces of bacon look good enough to eat! Love your sense of humor Sheena :).

RogueTess tagged this Brave

Funnee! The hat, shoes, bracelet work as a foundation to show off funky necklaces.

Anonymous tagged this Unique

haha! very creative idea

Beth tagged this Cute

MMMMMM . . . you're necklace is making me hungry!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Brave AND daring!

Le Journal de Chrys

WAOUHHH Quel collier!!!!

Janice tagged this Cute

Fun, fun, funky necklace! Love it!

pippapine tagged this FUN

haha brilliant! How perfect for a sunday

Irene tagged this hilarious fun

this is hilarious. and it's amazing how the brunch is all crocheted. props for being brave enough to wear this!

Jolly M tagged this Daring

Daring.... Funnyyyy.... Brilliaaaaaant.....Sheena I bet, the poor kids of Mumbai & Punai would really love your brunch if they got a chance to see U. Keep going for them & ofcourse your fans would make sure ( I hope !!) the donation curve will rise up as they enjoy your site.

Thalita tagged this Cute

Muito criativa; Amei o colar e o detalhe da chicara; (;

Anonymous tagged this eh

this one doesn't stand out

Lindsey tagged this Brave

The necklace made me groan. Sarah's store is aptly named.

Penny tagged this Brave

The necklace is very different. Very Brave

shuchi tagged this Brave

so this is what you were talking about! absoletely love it

Jaz tagged this Brave

Gotta say that this totally cracked me up in laughter! :-) the smirk makes it complete! Good work!

Diana tagged this Branchy

It hurts my eyes but gurgles my belly. Great Sunday piece. :)

Susan tagged this Cute

Cute necklace and love the shoes too :)

Lorelei tagged this adorable!

I looove that necklace. It's so much fun!

Mary tagged this Brave

Unique, but I wouldn't wear that necklace!


funny, would not wear that but for a marcarade why not.

ED blogger tagged this Brave

Hi there! I hope it's okay that I blog about your cause :) I enjoyed looking at the outfits you and your friends created. I wish you goodluck and may you send more children to school! CHeers!

ED blogger

OH uhmm I forgot to put up my blog link! www.elitedresses.com/v/blog

Katharine Tapley tagged this Batty

When I rate this "Batty", I mean it as a compliment!

Anonymous tagged this Lovin' It

In the first few photos it looked ike you were holding back a laugh. You're outfit is comical and I love it!!


Very funny!

Skeptic tagged this Try Harder

Why is it the "Studio" Pics all have the same wrinkles in the back ground? I am thinking we are all being duped. A few pictures outside the "studio" see more staged then the ones in the studio. Where’s the everyday around people pictures.



Gardener tagged this Brave

Wait a minute, is that a crocheted coffee cup? Toooo funny. I applaud and am amazed by peoples' creativity.

Queen of Mayhem tagged this Brave

that necklace is SOOO cool!!! what did people think of it when they saw it???

Ali tagged this Perfect

This made me so happy when I saw it! Great stuff Sheena :)


how are we are being "duped"? the wrinkles are probably because she's using a white sheet...and I don't know how the outside pics can be anything but staged

Kelly tagged this Cute


halo tagged this Batty

There's whimsical and there's demented. This outfit is the latter.

emily tagged this Cute

this makes me think of Benny and Joon...wouldn't wear myself but i like the look


And the inside of the crochet coffee cup is even brown!! :-) very creative!

Justi tagged this funny


Caitriona tagged this Amusing

Love brunch - especially when it's calorie free!

veena mathew

ayyo...sheena chechy this sooooooooo cute :)!!

Keira tagged this Batty

Yup, definitely batty

Anonymous tagged this Brave

would not want to be caught anywhere except maybe on Halloween night with that necklace but good for you for wearing it

Molly tagged this Batty

I dig the hat. The rest is silly and I can't imagine where you could wear that

Joy tagged this Cute

Ha! Too cute!

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Suds London tagged this Smile

same dress for a year! I had several school teachers who wore the same clothes for years, i don't think they did it for charity though. More out of necessity. good luck! ps why do you look so depressed in most of your pics. cheer up love ;-)

BellaG. tagged this Cute

hahahahaha, this necklace is just AWESOME!!!!!! (clap clap clap)

pree tagged this try HARDER

the necklace is plain wacky ! and i don't vote for this look .

Suzanne tagged this Cute

excellent! the best part is you look cute and not like a crazy person. this dress works really well for that dynamic...i'm off to etsy stalk

Chris J tagged this Batty


Luciana Falcão tagged this Try Harder

No coments!!!

Anonymous tagged this UGLY


Niki tagged this Fab-u-licious!

Breakfast all day, I love it! My only question is when are you going to start selling the dress? I want to be a part of the new club.

situ tagged this Cute

two of my favorite things together-breakfast and a slammin' outfit.

Paula tagged this Batty

At first I thought it was insane, but do you know what? It kind of grows on you...


ew, slightly alarming, add some koo koo eyes and the look is complete

Daniella tagged this Batty

Love kooky stuff like that. had a good laugh

Aurora tagged this Unique

Good call making everything else basic black with that necklace. anything more interesting and you wouldn't have pulled off the necklace (which i love, by the way).

rachel tagged this adorable

this necklace made me smile... hard!!!

Pear Picker tagged this snnnazy

I wish I could sport such a snazzy neaklace everyday of my life.

diana tagged this Batty

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