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November 09

This day belongs to glendaluj.
"This was my 3rd wedding anniversery and I must say blue is my color!! So happy to support this project"
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Day 202. Wed, November 18 2009


Vintage wool hat, underskirt, harlequin pants and vintage pumps from eBay and faux fur sweater from Salvation Army. Silk scarf donated by Lulan Artisans. See more of Lulan's handwoven products at www.lulan.com >


Isa tagged this Blue

omg I love adore this blue! And the scarf is so furry *-*

ammakke tagged this Blue& Beautiful

Absolutely stunning!!...Lulan has some gorgeous stuff in her collection, indeed..I wouldn't mind getting that scarf u have on U tonite..

EmilyKennedy tagged this Smartypants

Awww, your little postmodern claim to bricolage. So studious!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Only marginally excited about the pants with this combo, but ADORE the rest of it! Beautiful shades of blue! AND . . . congrats on nearing $30K in educational funds!

Hanna tagged this adorable

Top to toe adorable!

Helena tagged this Cute

So what do you do with all the items you've amassed for this project? Your closet must be enormous. You've repeated very few pieces, ... so do tell! Where does it all go?


@Helena, fret not - we'll be keeping it all safe for an accessory auction towards the close of the project.

Tikpa tagged this COMFY

I feel so cozy just looking at u in that :)

bb tagged this :(

A little too circus-y, in my opinion. sorry, but I don't like it.

mia tagged this yey!

ahh i get so excited about these harlequin pants! i think they're awesome :) :)

mm tagged this DIY

CLS gives an ashy thumbs up from the urn. This is great and in true brico-style.

tabyaby tagged this Cute

I LOVE it so much! I'd love to have some of your taste and style!

s.Jane tagged this Hot

I love that scarf!


Oh good, I've been waiting for these pants to make a reappearance, I love them! And I love this look!!!

scary. tagged this schtuff n tings.

fine clatter of accoutrement's ya got there alright loveeeeeens! this comment is for me mama who's been missin me on here! ;) x

ammakke tagged this smashing

Hearty Cograts on reaching $30K Towards Akansha !!Welldone!!!

scary. tagged this $$$

snap on that! 30 grand. nice!!

Dee tagged this Batty

Yikes! You've transformed into the crazy lady that lives in the basement apartment!


The close-up photo is one of the most stunning photos in your experiment! The hat and scarf against a black background - a visual work of art!


P.S. My vocabulary has been expanded with the addition of "bricolage". Congrats as well on reaching $30,000!

holly tagged this whimsical

Congratulations on another financial milestone.

Charlotte tagged this Unique

The harlequin pants make this outfit, but maybe the impact would have been stronger without the underskirt.The colour choice is once again brilliant!

Mara tagged this Adorable

I love the blue scarf. This looks so cozy.

Ann Marie tagged this Word of the Day!

By my calculations, you have educated 82 kids in India and this girl in Brooklyn Heights! I had to look up BRICOLAGE as well! Thank you!


I think that this idea is fantastic 4 all, to understand the power of imagination,spirit and to fight the excess of consume impersonal,...

Pri tagged this no thanks

Great pants, nice scarf, cute shoes...but why the jacket? A little too much

Iris tagged this Brave

It seems like you make three photos in a row for three days. Is that true? I think so.

Britwatch tagged this behead elsas

Hey, Scary - great minds think alike, is it?

scary. tagged this watchin britwatch.

and fools they seldom differ britwatch.. innit. ;)

Clare tagged this Warm

I love it. Inspired me to get a versatile black dress

jolly M tagged this Cute

How pretty in your lovely blue,cozy fur & the "comfy combo" Sheena...Bricolage indeed...congrats on $30K!! @ scary...Its so good to see you commenting agai

Kim tagged this Cute

Love love love the hat

abigail tagged this Brave

awesome colors ~ i respect you ~ your courage, vision, inspiration ~

Payal tagged this Black and blue!

Love the colours...that scarf looks stunning! I'm not crazy about the whole look...maybe without the skirt? I'll keep my suggestions for when I find the courage to do something like this :) 30K! Yayyy!

Lindsey tagged this Brave

This outfit is wild! I am hoping for a vampire-inspired outfit to go with all of the hype tomorrow! You are wonderful. Keep it up!!


CONGRATULATIONS on hitting the $30K mark!!

Mina tagged this bestest!

LOVE this so much!!! That scarf seriously rocks!

zoe tagged this conceptual!

I really like it, and it made me google the word bricolage! very nice execution of an interesting concept.

Irene tagged this Try Harder

each piece is cute by themselves, or their parings (eg. all the blues together) look well together, but everything together like here, is kinda like a disaster...

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

probably the least stylish outfit i've seen so far and there have been some great ones!

???? : ) tagged this Try Harder

?? ??? ????? !? ???? ???? ??? ???? ? ??? ????? ?????? ???? !

vintage girl

Love your hat! A fun look with the pants. Congratulations on the $30,000!

Casey tagged this Try Harder

Sheena, I hate to say it but, I don't like this outfit at all.

So stylish :) tagged this Try Harder

This outfit seems kinda oudated but i love the shoes!

Helen tagged this Hot

Pants are fabulous! And colors really work well

becsta tagged this sweet

ooh, i really luv the little lady bug hat, that's adorable