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November 09

This day belongs to md.
"The most important things that I learned from the UP are all here - armwarmers, Sockdreams, those yummy yummy boots and... sustainable and inventive fashion. Sheena, you are an inspiration!"
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Day 205. Sat, November 21 2009

Boz's Pip in longstockings

Thrifted scarf and arm wamers, stocking and knee highs from Sockdreams, vintage Laredo boots from eBay and vintage hat from Treehouse, Brooklyn.


holly tagged this old favourites

Your mix and match of old favourites here is smart. My favourite boots!

Rena tagged this Cute

Love it, colours, stripes, socks over stockings, everything. Inspired and inspiring!

Jessica tagged this Sublime

This and yesterday's...fantastic. Really fun to watch all the different old and new accessories and pieces mingle.

Mariah tagged this Saturday Style

Week-end comfort clothes -- with an edge! Wish I was still of an age to rock the sock-over-tights look. Love it . . .

Mara tagged this Cute

The arm warmer is adorable. Love it.

katie tagged this like a doll, as usual

That is my favorite hat on you!

ammakke tagged this Classy

Wow!!worth waiting till now ..real feast to the eyes with the perfect mingling of colors& stripes& those Laredo boots are just right.The arm warmers are awesome..

Josie tagged this Cute

You're back! The outfit is great - love it, but love the expression on your darn cute face even more.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

You find the best shoes!

mm tagged this literarily brilliant

much better than the Svenska ginger or the South Park version of Pip. u so clever!

Chanique tagged this Cute

Yes! Amazing the revamping of previously seen accessories! This is when true creativity omes to life! Well done, Sheena!

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Someone once said that she loves wearing black, because it is like a canvas unto which she can add all the different bis and detail to create an interesting outfit. Someone else said that accessories are the true staple of a versatile wardrobe. It is like making a salad...using the basic lettuce, tomato, etc., you can create something Italian by adding olives the one day, but with the same base, you can transform it into something quite exotic by using mangoes and nuts instead! I think you personify both of these people's sentiments! You have a great 'salad'-collection out there, Sheena! Keep up the good work!

Irene tagged this Cute

Adorable arm warmer. Simple, basic, comfortable, but it looks great.

Holly Burling tagged this Awesome

I saw you in glamour and had to check this site out. This is awesome! I love all of the outfits and the idea is absolute genius!

Ana tagged this Cute

love the colors :)


you are really cool ! love what you are doing !!!

mackeyblue tagged this Cute

Yummy and warm...love it.

rachel tagged this Cute

you continue to impress me. you are honestly one of the best dressed women i have ever seen. i applaud you and your cause. keep it up! <3

abigail tagged this symphony in grey/blue

cool, inspired, comfortable.....especially love hat,tights/socks....and beautiful blues, which mirrored symphony in grey/blue, my walk on maine coast today....in short, perfect....


...ok.....? wish you could have a week of "trendy" outfits with the dress ie. high waisted skirt day, or color block dress day !


lovely! i'd love to see a beret soon :)

jeanine tagged this Try Harder

The only thing I like about this ine is the name.

Cynthia tagged this saturday cool

great outfit ofr a saturday of book signings and gallery hopping. just need a pair of artsy earrings.