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July 09

This day belongs to OhCaye.
"I love this outfit so much I went on a mad search on ebay for those shoes. Got them! "
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Day 84. Thu, July 23 2009

Bottle of blues

Vintage lace trim converted to collar, carved wood disc ring donated by Eliza Starbuck, ice blue summer tights from Sockman and a hand-me-down pair of J-Shoes donated by Tara St.James


ber tagged this Cute

love the shoes!

barbara tagged this Cute

Very nice!

Anonymous tagged this adorable

Those shoes are the best you've worn so far! So cute!

Cort tagged this Try Harder

At first the shoes look like orthopedic grandma shoes, but I then I looked at the close up and they kinda grew on me...

Eleanor tagged this Tres Chic!

Tres chic!

Julia Gilroy tagged this Cute

The shoes are fantastic!

Molly tagged this Cute

The blue is nice.

ammakke tagged this Cute

that collar suits you perfect,Sheena.U look lovely& I love those shoes with the ice blue summer socks.

Sarah tagged this Hot

Perfect! I wouldn't change a thing about it!

gonnie tagged this kindly

MMMMMM.....going through, the shoes, where do you find this...amazing regard

Maquis tagged this Charming


Carmen tagged this Wowowow

Yes, yes, yes! Mrs Harlequin (;


The shoes/tight combo is adorable.

Mariah tagged this So-so

Not my favorite -- but DO love the ice blue and cream color mix.

Katie tagged this Try Harder

kinda boring... they can't all be winners though.

Natacha C. tagged this Very Cute Outfit!

I love the shoes!

Shrewti tagged this Extreme Chic!

I lourveee!

annie tagged this Cute

Love the shoes...not so sure about the collar, but the outfit is still very chic!

Cynthia tagged this Try Harder

Not feeling this one. A stack of pearls around the neck and off- white pumps,perhaps.

Beth tagged this Okay

Love the tights!

Kat tagged this Brave

The shoes are marvelous! The whole outfit looks fantastic.

bree tagged this Cute

i love this the shoes are fantastic! i generally don't like matchy matchy but you always make it work splendidly :) http://theartcupboard.blogspot.com/

@marycray tagged this Hot

LOVE the collar and tights! Ice blue, what a delicious hue.

Jean tagged this Hot

Crazy about the tights and shoes!

Inspired by The Project tagged this Smoooooth

Ice is nice! Simple and elegant. Luv the shoes and would have loved to see a close up of Eliza's ring too.

www.speirsart.com tagged this Hot

This one is my fave! I love the tights and shoes -Rachael

meg tagged this Cute

lovin' the tights' sheen. i agree the shoes are orthopedic-y but the heel saves them.

Irene tagged this Cute

Cute shoes! and I love the blue from the tights.

Gargamel tagged this Smuffy!

Cute blue tights! Can I put you in my pocket and take you home? I've always wanted a real live Smurf!

Josey tagged this Cute

Love the ice blue tights! So refreshing for summer!

M tagged this Cool

I adore the shimmery tights!

X tagged this Perfection

Absolutely dashing!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

luv it!

Big Bertha tagged this Try Harder

You need to spray starch your dress. It is looking wrinkled.


Why are all your dresses the same?

Juno tagged this Cute

I love those tights and the ring is huge, which I love. I want your shoes, lady!

Cat tagged this Brave

I'm not sure about the shoes or the collar, but I like the colors for this outfit!

Christine tagged this Cute

i covet this outfit, esp. the shoes!

LoBeLa tagged this Cute

OMG I want those shoes.


the shoes doesnt fit

Katie tagged this Hot

Those tights are soooo good, wow.

Mary Beth

You should sell the dresses online! You'd make so much money for your cause! Good Luck!

Alexa tagged this Cute

Love this. The tights are splendid, and everything's working together quite nicely.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

simple but cute

evie tagged this Hot

i like todays shoes and your tights i also like your dress

crunchie tagged this Brave

kudos for waking every morning; and no matter what; braving weather,mood,life and critics to put your self up here with creativity and enthusiam.

Zoe tagged this Cute

Looooooove the shoes!

Rectangle/LA tagged this Brave

Today you are a cupcake

Semper tagged this Hot

I LOVE those tights! A really beautiful and delicate shade of blue. I was wonder- the sustainable fashion dress, is it currently or are there future plans to sell it to the general public, for profit or otherwise? Because it's super cute, sustainable, and could potentially be another way to give to the Akanksha's School Project.

Anne Kinney

The two things I like about Sir Walter Raleigh.



Hannah tagged this delightful.

the tights are gorgeous!

Sam tagged this Cute

Wow! Love the tights and the shoes! It is not very outstanding, but that´s what I like.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

why are you wearing tights in the middle of summer?? do you actually wear the outfits all day?

BethBG tagged this Cool

Wasn't sure about the shoes until I got a closer look. I love the collar! Do you plan your outfits in advance or just wake up and see what strikes your fancy? XX's

Ana Beatriz tagged this Not too bad...

I loved your idea and project, but the faces you make in the pictures, makes the project sound bullshit. It seems no to be serious, you know what I mean? Regards from a cloudy Brazil

Katharine Tapley tagged this Darling

An ivory belt would be a nice touch, too.

Matt Wolkofsky tagged this Cute

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jamieyuth tagged this Cute

i'd love to see your version of this drress as "beach chic".

rhys_isterix tagged this Try Harder

I like the scarf (i'm joking, i know it's not a scarf) i just do't think that the dress goes. Sowwee

abigail tagged this quirky/sweet

love the creative simplicity here.

Kristy tagged this Weird but cool. :)

Even though they are weird, I'm really drawn to those tights. They make your legs look like they are glowing. Weird, but I like it. I am not a shoe person but I am daily intrigued by yours. Love 'em. The collar really makes this outfit interesting too.


Ana Beatriz is right. Stop making weird faces. CREEPO.

Anonymous tagged this LOVE IT!

love the tights and shoes together

Svanhvit tagged this Cute

Amazing icy tights!


Hy! I´m brazilian and I looooved your project. I thought this really original, just like you! (sorry about english errors..)

Tina tagged this Cute

Lovely idea!The world need this.I'll tell to all my brazilian friends. Here we have so many projects for children but your is so creative and bring happyness.Your faces tell this!Don't be serious.

shuchi tagged this Hot

classy tights!

Maria tagged this Cute

The accessories are perfect together. Love the hosiery. Shoes look comfortable/practical and delicate. Nice.

Anonymous tagged this alright

love ring/tights/dress/shoes. hate collar

echo tagged this Cute

This is my favorite one by far. I love the elegance and femininity. The ice blue, baby pink and black work so beautifully together!

Nikki tagged this Brave

Good concept, but hate the shoes.


where can this dress be found..i want one!!

Nancy Wong tagged this Cute

May be one of my favorites so far! This is absolutely adorable, I must say. Reminds me slightly of Marie Antoinette...

brenna tagged this weird

um weird

nobody tagged this ADORABLE


Spinella tagged this Cute

cute shoes.

Justi tagged this enigmatic

love tights for the color!

Amy tagged this Love

i absolutely adore ur blue stockings with those shoes! though i do think that im not quite sure about that thing around ur neck...mabe a bow on a chain would look better.

fumie tagged this Cute

i love the color and collar!

Karen Keenan tagged this Hot

Like it - I love it!!!


Tres chic!

Gigi tagged this FaBYouLust!

This is my Rocks Frocks and Cocktails FabYouLust look of the month for July. The converted lace collar draws the eye up to Sheena'a beautiful face, then the ice blue tights make you look at her great legs. Add a cocktail to that carved wood disk knuckleduster and life would be perfect! This is a pefect example of the Art of Accessorisation , your eyes travel slowly and linger in all the right place , they are't too confused by ex-cessorisation darting from ears to feet, fingers to necks, face to waist and all over again. you look FAB, boys lust after YOU and girls LUST after what you are wearing. Yummy Wishes Cocktail Kisses Gigi http://gigirocksfrocksandcocktails.blogspot.com/

Pauline tagged this Cute

O_O just amazing, with those shoes!

Manon tagged this LOVE IT !