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July 09

This day belongs to Mzbeca.
"Vintage chic on my daughter Annika's birthday. A beautiful look!"
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Day 83. Wed, July 22 2009

Bon voyage at the pier

Vintage hat, doiley and oxford pumps from eBay, lace gloves from a Pennsylvania auction and swing skirt donated by Eliza Starbuck.

For Lois.


Maquis tagged this Cute

Au revoir! :)

Cort tagged this Darling!


BethBG tagged this Cute

I'm loving this one!

Svanhvit tagged this Brave

Love the shoes, gloves and polka dots. Overall effect is a bit scary and old ladyish though!


me like

Mariah tagged this Charming

Amazing transformation of the basic dress! Love the entire outfit, particularly lace gloves.

Laura Daly tagged this Coco Sheena

Utter Perfection!

Nabilah Said tagged this Lovely

I love this, so classy and chic. the shoes are TEH LOVE.

heather tagged this Cute

where can i buy this dress???? charge extra and raise more money!


Really fun! I like this.

Maria tagged this Hot

LOVE the swing skirt, the length and the 20's throw back style. Bravo.

ammakke tagged this Hot

u look adorable, esp. in the 3rd shot..very elegant & ladylike, I love the whole combo.

Creatipa tagged this Try Harder

high heel shoes would have worked better.

Shen-Shen tagged this Completely Amazing

LOVE your hat and collar. AMAZING!

Beth tagged this Awesome!

I love the whole outfit! So cute!

Lindsey & Fiona tagged this Freakin' adorable

Just wondering if you are a student or a professional? If you are a professional, what field are you in that allows you to pursue such an unusual (and amazing!) endeavor through your fashion everyday?!

nikki tagged this beautiful!!!

so classic and elegant

Irene tagged this gorgeous

Reminds me of Titanic when I first saw it. I love everything, esp the lace gloves.

dinky tagged this Cute

I love this but I would have had some brighter shoes

rosalafae tagged this Cute

My favourite to date. I think it's the lipstick and the hat that make it.

Diana tagged this feminine

The best era to replicate. Love it.

Jean tagged this Hot

LOVE everything but the swing skirt. Especially love the shoes! A great look!

Eleanor tagged this Elegant

Sheena, your ensembles become better by the day! And thanks for smiling in photo 2-you're lovely!

Alexa tagged this Brave

Faaancy! I really love this look - though as a focal point of the outfit, the belt almost seems a little too current and clunky in the midst of all the lovely anachronisms. Color-wise it does match the hat and shoes nicely, though. (And I LOVE the hat.)

Mrs. O

Picture 3 is a perfect shot!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Who doesn't love polka dots? And a little lipstick brightens your face!

Mary Irene tagged this Hot

this is the best yet!

Anonymous tagged this Love it!



One of my fav to date

the knotty hooker tagged this sa weet!

i love how the lace collar makes this dress seem completely different....i'm working on some collars for you to try...hope you like!

Jose tagged this Lovely

Nice surprise! I like.

Camilla tagged this Cute

Adorable! Love the whole look!

lauren tagged this Hot


Kristy tagged this Cute

SO CUTE!!! I <3 retro. I think this has been my favorite so far.

Georgia tagged this Cute

My favorites are the outfits with the layer shirt. Such great creativity. I'm getting good ideas!

Maura tagged this Fab!

Love today's outfit!

X tagged this Magnifique

Oh la la, très chic!!!

Deborah tagged this Perfect Interpretation

Thank you Sheena from the bottom of my heart! Perfection! My mom is smiling from heaven.

Jo tagged this Brave

Lipstick--Wow, almost an accessory unto itself.

Rachel tagged this Cute

My favorite so far!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Fabulous! Very Audrey Hepburn.

Keira tagged this Classic

Awesome outfit! So classy...

scarlett tagged this Hot

So sweet with crisp lines and sweet details . I love the textures and the blend of tans with the black and white.

Anne Kinney tagged this Cute

Keep the hats and gloves coming!

annie tagged this so sweet

You look like you just stepped off the set of a WWII-era film....great outfit today!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Trés Chic!

Vous etes vraiment jolie!

Anonymous tagged this BELLISIMO

Me gusta!


fantastic.. very days gone by ;o)

barbara tagged this Marvelous

Once again, a marvelous outfit.

beth tagged this Hot

i love love love this outfit!! so cute and summer-y.

peggy bonach

Ok. Must know where you got the dress. I've noticed other people have asked too. Do tell!!

Whitney tagged this Cute

Love it!


Ok. Must know where we can get ahold of the dress. Do tell. Ditto what others have posted....use it to raise more funds!

cindi tagged this breath-takingly beautiful

there is no more i can say...i'm speechless


Regarding the dress : Patience lassies, we're working on it. :)


this is cute, but I would have chosen a different belt

Sarah tagged this Cute

Very southern charm! I think this may be one of my favourites to date.

tara tagged this Hot

so pretty, j'aime!!!

mary tagged this Lovely

so sophisticated! reminds me of audrey hepburn. Love it!!

Rita Camargo

Simplesmente amei!!

kataphora tagged this Hot

so far, one of my hands-down favorites!

Cynthia tagged this Cute

Oh my gosh, now this is just tootoo cute! Except the shoes are bit of a misfire. Adore the gloves.

Kirsten tagged this fabulous

I love the whole project, but I especially love this outfit!

Liz tagged this gorgeous!

I love this look! Chic, old-fashioned, but the shoes give it a quirkiness

Ida tagged this Hot


Kate tagged this Cute

i am loving this look! one of my favorites so far. especially those little gloves and that skirt! very cute ensemble.

Anonymous tagged this fab

love it! retro, glam and adorable

Anonymous tagged this tres chic

this is great! I love your website!

hhh tagged this Cute

this looks very lucille ball

miho tagged this Hot

u're so coooooooooooooooool!!!!

emmysmiles tagged this Perfect

This is by far one of my favorites! I absolutely love it!

Maya Matthew tagged this Cute

Just got to read about your great project on Masala Chai.

Prima tagged this Starlicious

My mom would have loved the tribute. Thank you for your lovely gesture. Cheers from one of Lois' daughters.

Rectangle/LA tagged this Brave

Looks like lunch in the TeaRoom at Bullocks' Wilshire, L.A.

Elaine tagged this Lovely

Love it and love going to your site everyday to see your creativity!

Vera tagged this Hot

One of the most lovely versions thus far! Looks very well thought out.

Linda Rud-Milliken tagged this Hot

Thank you for your tribute to my Mom. She was very beautiful and your outfit does her justice. She was very precious to us and for this tribute,you must know that we think you are,too. Sincerely, Lois'daughter, Linda Lou

Inspired by The Project tagged this Smokin!

Cool as a summer breeze. Luv it all from the top of your hat to the toes or your shoes. The collar and gloves are the highlight and the polka dot skirt adds just the right touch of whimsy. This outfit just blows me away!

kj tagged this Hot

See you on the Lido Deck!

Fern tagged this Very, very lovely!

This outfit is not only beautiful, but it appears to have special meaning too. How very nice. :) I commend you on The Uniform Project. Such a lovely look today. I wouldn't change a thing!

GreatLabels tagged this Cute

Proof that you don't have to break the bank to look good! Beautiful! http://twitter.com/greatlabelssm

lily tagged this sophisticated

amazing - love all the elements of the outfit. well done!


Wow, I really like this one!

Caitriona tagged this Old fashioned love.

Beautifully romantic!

Elizabeth Jones

Mwah! you look beautiful. x Couldnt we start sending you stuff to accessorize with from around the world?

Alanagh tagged this Wow!

Super diva cool!

Louise tagged this Divine!

Today's is just so glam! Completely gorgeous!

barbara hoffer tagged this Cute

Nice, more please!

abigail tagged this trying a bit too hard

love the layered skirt, but the whole effect to me is contrived; does not look like something naturally thrown together which is a look i would prefer.

E.J.Starbuck tagged this ADORABLE!

Ha! Sheens, looks like you're going to have to start adding lipstick to your daily routine. Who knew it would make such a splash?

Christy tagged this charming

A favorite so far! Costume as fashion.

Katie tagged this 50s mom chic!

love it!

Erica tagged this Old-school glam

Definitely more inspired than some of the recent combinations!

Cathy tagged this Cute

I think it's great how creative you have been with your outfits and also using your creativity to raise money for a good cause.

Deborah tagged this Hot

So SWEET! One of your best! Love the red lips!

Skulleigh tagged this Cute



with a different belt it would be perfect

drella tagged this classic

very audrey hepburn/funny face

Nikki tagged this Cute

I love it... except for the shoes! Should of went with different shoes.


My fave so far!!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Angelina Jolie in The Changeling?



macenzee tagged this Hot

i like it,it has a very cool 50's look like the polka dots and gloves!

. tagged this Try Harder

you look a little drag queen for this. =/

Rena tagged this Pretty

Sooo Pretty Woman, I love it!

tortuga tagged this Cute

love the polka dots!

Anonymous tagged this Batty


Anonymous tagged this loosestrife guano

like a woman from last century. I like this combinating with styles

Amy tagged this classic

:) very creative and good use fo the dress! reminds me of a tea party! lol

Anonymous tagged this Hot

very parisienne

Anonymous tagged this Brave

i like it


I am loving the vintage look!



Brynia tagged this Retro

I really love this one. The hat, gloves, shoes, and that adorable doiley easily slam a classic era of sweetly sophisticated style.

Pear Picker tagged this fine and dnady


becsta tagged this adorable

oooh, very vintage, love it! and goes so well with your haircut!