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February 10

This day belongs to bechange.nora.
"“Only after the last tree has been cut down,Only after the last river has been poisoned,Only after the last fish has been caught,Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”- Cree Prophecy~For those who give."
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Day 293. Wed, February 17 2010

Blues Bahar

Featuring BAHAR SHAHPAR. A mosaic print vagabond jacket made from hand-loomed Ahimsa silk, with unbleached organic cotton lace trim and lining & vintage velvet buttons. With a pair of warrior tights made from recycled polyester satin and 100% vegan Cri de Coeur made in Ultrasuede, a non-PVC microfiber. Square plate ring from Heidi Schulze at en.dawanda.com, and a bubble scarf worn as a turban donated by Esther Chung from tornangel012.etsy.com.

And here’s Bahar, sharing her views on life and the impetus behind her work. No greenwashing, no anthems, just some real talk. Read more >



Dig everything but the pants. I think they're an acquired taste haha...


Would love to see a close up of that jacket actually.

che tagged this forward

love the colours and silhouette

holly tagged this Hot

your head is in the '50s or '60s, but your legs and feet are firmly planted in the 21si century!

Mara tagged this Batty

Not sure about the rest of it, but the shoes are awesome!

Mara tagged this Cute

On second thought, once I saw it with the belt from the side, I like it. Maybe without the pants? But It's cute.

holly tagged this donation-worthy!

this week has been a ripper and worth more of my money; i've just sent my 4th donation - take note peeps if you're thinking of donating for the first time!

Payal tagged this Holy top 10!

That jacket makes me drool like an idiot. I don't want to say anymore. This look deserves reverent silence.

Kylie tagged this Cute

not loving the hat (looks like a marshmallow!)but am loving the outfit

Treasurer of Bahar's Fan Club tagged this Hot

Ohhhhhh sooooo awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


this doesn't move me.....but OK.....u look fab in everything, sheena......but i can't find any words for this....so sorry.....

christine tagged this drool...

i am rolling my tongue back into my mouth...stunning!

Beth tagged this Forceful

Love it again. I think it would also look really good with a more assertively punky looking hat, though that hat adds its own sweet touch. With those leggings, you could be wearing chain mail and a helmet. . .

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

love it...im gonna defi check out their stuff and make sure iadd some of it to my ultra non-green wardrobe

karenh1 tagged this inspiring

inspiring for (some of) us - who every day just change our t'shirt and jeans or skirt; our uniform! we just need to think outside the box and we can be creative and look gorgeous too!

Tally's Place tagged this Battle Cry

I want the shoes. You look like a warrior princess in your warrir tights and those to-die-for shoes. Where are they from?

Tally's Place tagged this want them now

In all my exctement I totally missed the link for the shoes. Must. Get. Shoes.


Honestly, I'm just not sure how I feel about the ensemble.........


has the uniform got shorter???

miniscooper tagged this In Touch Weekly!

are you sending a text-ural message here? I dunno why, but the hat reminds me of Maggie Simpson's head--in a fashion-forward way. :)

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dayglozoo tagged this Hot

The best thing about every look is the way you own it! Keep on struttin', girl!

Ladro tagged this Randomly ugly

Ghastly. The scarf as turban especially.

Irene tagged this Bizzare

Got a futuristic artistic feel to it. Love how it's coordinated


Love the blue heels!!!

Janice tagged this Futuristic!

The fourth pic is gorgeous! Really like it with the belt. I love the blue shoes, but not sure how well they would work without the blue background.

jojojo tagged this Totally Covetable

My favourite so far!!Jacket is gorgeous,love the ring all finished with blue suede shoes! Sorry dont think your turban matches,wrong colour for this outfit! PS Thanks for introducing me to Etsy-Im totally addicted!!! PSS Are you sick of your uniform yet?

ammakke tagged this Hot


me tagged this whodathunkit?

if you layed those clothes out on the floor to show us what you were wearing, i think i would have become extremely sick, and possibly gone into a fashion coma. BUT for some reason, when the clothes are on you, i am unable to barf or become comatose. i figured out your fashioin secret: you can make anything, whether it's trashbags or satin tights, look like couture

Linda tagged this Hot

So cute, and I love the blue shoes! The warrior tights really add a lot!

gruvee from Canada tagged this Brave

Love all but the hat. Splendid.

gruvee.... again tagged this she said it right

Just gotta say, I wholeheartedly agree w/ "me tagged this whodathunkit?" re: "i figured out your fashion secret: you can make anything, whether it's trashbags or satin tights, look like couture"

Sai tagged this These leggings are mine

All right ladies and gents, I call these leggings! Can't wait for that accessory auction to start!

Adelheid tagged this Very (Tea-)Cosy

Crazy posh ensemble meets grandma's tea-cosy! Love it!

blue tagged this blue

I really like the color coordination

Sophie B


Julie tagged this My fave!

I think this is my favorite outfit so far, out of the entire project! Love love love the warrior tights and those fabulous shoes. Wonder how this might look with a punk-ier, even spikier hat? Congrats on all your successful efforts to keep things fresh and exciting for all of us loyal viewers.

LuLuMer tagged this rubber room aka lady GaGa

first time i've had to say something negative...this is a serious no-no. i can barely look at this.


LOVE the pants!

Beth tagged this Just Right

Back again. My philosophy is that if someone says it's their most favorite and someone says it's their least, then you must be Spot On!

Sumayya tagged this Hot

Great Jacket! Love the color of the shoes!!

moon tagged this Batty

if only i could come out of the shower with a showercap and look like that!

Carissa tagged this so hot so not

I love the waist down. I think it would look better without the bubble scarf and jacket and put more bright colors that will make you memorable in the most fashionable way.

speedy tagged this love it!

when stylish vegan shoes are involved...

Silje tagged this Hot

Love the pants and love the shoes. Especially the shoes. Omg, shoes. <3


too hodgepodge-ish.

ugly tagged this ugly

your hat is ugly

Tito Jong/Prahjeks.com tagged this SIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!

Those leggings....I want!!!!