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October 09

This day belongs to texastime.
"Love the pants, the simplicity and the way 60s glamour is a bit channeled"
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Day 146. Wed, September 23 2009

Blue and Green must never be seen…

Thrifted headscarf, ruffle sleeve blouse, harlequin pants and vintage shoes from eBay.



love the sleeves

rosalafae tagged this Hot

Looove the sleeves and the neckwear. Where are you at the moment?


@rosalafae, still in London.

ammakke tagged this smart

that 3rd picture looks absolutely adorable!

Beau Peep tagged this Cute

I need those Harlequin Pants!

Beth tagged this Hot

Love the shoes

Grace Dalton

LOVING this one : ) The sleeves really transform the dress.

Darby tagged this Love it!

I love this! So cute! The ruffled sleeves look nice under the dress.

prutha tagged this Hot

love the pants

Mel tagged this Hot

Oh wow! I absolutely LOVE the sleeves! You're so innovative!

yobe tagged this subtle

Like the pants and the turban! What's the gizmo round your neck?


Loove the shoes and the tights/pants. Very cute.

bunneh tagged this Cute

cute! I like the whole thing

sw tagged this awesome

Sleeves are brilliant and i like the pants too.

Kim tagged this Inspired

Great silhouette, lovely colors, fantastic use of the scarf. Did I mention great shoes? Sheer perfection!

Chris tagged this Sweet

Ohh, I love it!

glove girl tagged this Hot

ooooohhhh i love it!

vintage girl

love the sleeves on the blouse, & the pants make it fun. Will u ever sell the dress to raise funds?

pippapine tagged this Hot

Love this!

Laura Daly tagged this Harlequin Hotty

I am green with envy over this entire look. Yes, the pleated sleeves are simply divine... and those pants! You always look so put together without looking matchy-matchy or overwrought.

Shelliolios tagged this Hot

Ok, now I'm impressed. The uniform looks awesome over that type of sleeve, and the whole outfit looks extremely elegant and chic.

Lau tagged this Great!

Love it!

b. whitaker tagged this Brave

i don't know that i love the sleeves so much, but the pants are fantastic!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Great outfit! The sleeves work well, colors blend (without being blase) and love seeing the harlequin pants again.

Jannie tagged this Hot

Simply love it!

holly tagged this gorgeous

You are developing a great series of interpretations. love your style!

esteff tagged this Cute

love it!

kiki tagged this Hot

OMG LOVE THIS! especially the top half & headscarf!

Katie tagged this Awesome

Love the sleeves and the pants!

scary. tagged this epic.

epic. ;)

Kirsten tagged this Camden-y

Love the shoes.

Joolz tagged this Hot

Hey, I LOVE this one! Awesome! Did you get my emails?

Lindsay tagged this Beauty In Blue

That headscarf is sick! And I like those sleeves too.

jenithea tagged this Cute

I totally love those pants... they look really cute on you.

MJC tagged this Not clowing around

Long time supporter, first time commentator. I LOVE this look! The sleeves are fab--and the pattern of the apartments in the background mimics the patterns of the harlequin pants. Seriously brilliant. Keep it up!

Scully tagged this Mod Ballet Russe

Beautiful. Love the colors!

MD tagged this Truly lovely

LOVE it - I love the color combination, and particularly love the sleeves. You have caused me to look at my own wardrobe in a whole new light! A side benefit to your project...

Diana tagged this Aristocratic

My favorite by far.


Forgot to ask, is that a wrap or a hat on your head?

@marycray tagged this Hot


Rachel tagged this Hot to Trot

LOVING this look, super hot. The sleeves add gorgeous volume and blend seamlessly into the outfit. Nice work!

Lady_Ti tagged this Ultra

This one is simply beautiful. I have loved many of your outfits but this one is absolutely great. I am loving every day of your project.

sarahJ tagged this Hot

Love those sleeves, they really work under the dress

M tagged this Cute


elisabeth tagged this Hot

love the way the ruffles work with the uniform on this one.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the ruffle sleeve blouse and hope to see it again!!

Irene tagged this Hot

I like the subtle contrast the colurs bring against the uniform.

Danae tagged this Swingin', Baby!!


Heather tagged this SO Chic



Adore the sleevs with the dress. Lovely!

Stefanie tagged this mmmm mmm good!

love this with a firey passion! woah!

hhh tagged this gorgeous

I love this look. the sleeves and the headscarf especially! it would have been a little better if they were harlequin tights instead of pants, but it's still fabuloso anyway.

vancouvermama tagged this My fav

have never commented (although I check your site daily), love this outfit!!! You consistently provide beautiful, budget friendly style ideas, thank you!

gruvee tagged this Cute

very nice

Anonymous tagged this Batty

love it!

Anonymous tagged this olala!



This is amazing.


Very cute, love the pants & shoes.

Lars tagged this Cute

Great project. Best of luck!

cookie tagged this Cute

love the pant and the under shirt ,like the ens of the sleeve.

Reanna tagged this Inspiring

This mix is fabulous! And it`s for a great cause. I saw you on Channel One, and thought you were so inspiring.

Zach tagged this 10

This is GORGE. Love the vintage shoes. And the headscarf.

Justi tagged this Cute

very interesting!


I Love the Looks! Forever

Anonymous tagged this Hot

It looks so beautifully pulled together. Interesting and confident. The puffy sleeves underneath make a beautiful silhouette.

Dinah Sanders tagged this Hot

Another exceptionally great outfit. Nice!

ana julia

eu achei um abuso.. pensei que fosse uma proposta mais viável.. ela usa roupas super tendência da moda que custam um bom dinheiro e não são muito usáveis em dias comuns... mas são roupas lindas! ^^

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

Fave for September.