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February 10

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Day 298. Mon, February 22 2010

Bloomers gone wild

Harem pants in handwoven fabric from FabIndia. Vintage belt and suede boots from eBay.

Guess who raided my closet?
The folks from StyleLikeU recently caught up with me in my apartment and did this nice little feature. Pardon the excessive rambling and the mess. Thank you Elisa, Emmy and the rest of the s.l.u gang for the lovely post!
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JessicaR tagged this A Very Important Date

I think the favorite theme I've seen in this project is that for all the vintage pieces and antique looks the finished outfit feels like what we'll be wearing in the future. A future where less is more and we've replaced consumption with creation.

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abigail tagged this perfect

great little video....i like your hat wall and necklace board.....(why can't i be organized?).....and your whole apt as well.....and today you look magnificent....i love those harem pants....esp. with uniform....black red white beige....perfect....creative & effortless!

Kay tagged this Breezy Baddass

On a nice spring day, with this outfit and a sweet pair of aviators, I could see you owning NYC. (p.s. love the clock).

holly tagged this Cute

I found the link via facebook yesterday, really great feature. It was good to get an idea of what you are thinking, as well as what you're wearing. Plus, you've gotta love a gal who puts her piano next to the fridge!

wasabipear tagged this Arabian Evening Pirate

@JessicaR ~ gorgeous post / Sheena ~ gorgeous silhouette.

Laura Daly tagged this Go wild with donations

Sheena, you have been REALLY on top of your game lately. What more do you have to do to get people to donate? C'mon people! If you aDore her, Donate!

moon tagged this Batty

the bamboo pint on the pants make me think you are going to look for pandas

canadian cheryl

what a great feature in StyleLikeU; thanks for letting us into your world at home...it's great how open and generous you are with your loyal fans! love the pants!


SO cute!

Payal tagged this Hot

What makes today's look even more awesome is the video. Suddenly we've got a peek into your life...we know what's next to the white screen, where the shoes are, how you keep you hats and store your jewellery. And also that you've got a guitar and piano in your house - how cool is that! Awesome video! Rock on! @JessicaR - amen!

carissa tagged this oh know you didn't

in a bad way hate it!!!!!!

Sharon tagged this Individual

Very stunning with a Cossack flair!

christine tagged this bamboozled!

great feature! and there are those great boots again too...

Irene tagged this unique

I always wondered how you managed to keep all the accessories you had in order.

ammakke tagged this Cute

Those harem pants & boots are gorgeos..loved the s..l..u..'s lovely post.great idea..

me tagged this WILD!!!

the clock will stop when everyone lays their eyes on this creation...GONE WILD!!!!! p.s. i recall you've done at least one other GONE WILD outfit... i guess we all need to go crazy sometimes.

Linda tagged this Hot

Very cute! I love how you can make this little black dress work with everything! It makes a great tunic for these awesome harem pants!

alfonsina tagged this Cute

Priate style cool

jolly M tagged this Inspiring journey

Enjoyed the journey through your closet.More importantly, you are taking your 1000s of fans througn an inspiring and positively style changing journey, all these months. well done and congratulations to Sheena, eliza & the U.P team !!

prutha tagged this cool

love the top half

situ tagged this Hot

love love love it. I'll be looking for those pants next time i'm in delhi and fab india!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Cute

Your hair looks really great in this picture. I think this outfit has a little bit of a Sinbad feel with the pants, boots, and belt.