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March 10

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Day 317. Sat, March 13 2010

Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Clyde

Quilted Starstyling jacket from Öni's momma, fabric necklace from Etnyk on Etsy, neon socks gifted by Scary and vintage pumps donated by Jessica Carroll.


Adelheid tagged this Brave


christine tagged this playful

the second outfit this week that's like a protective cocoon. although not everyone will "get" this outfit, what i admire about you is how you play with fashion. i feel so boring after seeing your imaginative combinations.

Mara tagged this Batty

It looks so cozy. And I love the socks/shoes.


A little bit kooky, a little bit cosy


My eyes are dim I cannot see...even tho' I have my specs on me.Need some front fill lighting... or closer close ups to see the details.

Beth tagged this Heavenly

I'm thinking angel wings. . .

Irene tagged this Brave

I see either a marshmallow or angel wings. But this is something much more interesting than what we've been seeing lately, so thumbs up for that and the colourful socks/shoes combo.!

Tina tagged this Brave

Is this the next M&M color?.....

md tagged this kafkaesque

the socks remind me of grade five.... but I think that mine might have been tights.. egads! If only I had saved them they too could have become part of your UP!

swis tagged this Brave


???? tagged this Batty

?? ??? ????


You look cozy,Sheena...Love those socks & shoes..smashing!

Ciara tagged this Boston

Am thinking Kafka's Metamorphosis. Buzz, buzz :-)

sasha tagged this Brave


Deepa tagged this Hot

I wish I wore this when I took my SATs.


Comme des Garçons pulled something in the direction of the shape of your jacket for Fall'10; apparently they described it "Inside decoration". I find it scary and borderlining fashion nonsense but on a completely different note am almost strangely glad that a) fashion has its moments of postmodern "Hey, let's sculpt this!" thought (or whatyouwill. Read: let's see what clothes would look like if they were a house and vice versa), b) you really DO take hints from everywhere (crazy fashion included) even outside Fashion Week, and c) your jacket looks like a cumulus i want to wrap around myself and take a nap in... Oh, the visual...it should have been a Sunday outfit. P.s. is that fabric necklace a reconned t-shirt? :-)

wasabipear tagged this Neo Geo

You are what i wish my 10th grade geometry class was : Black and white with a handful of skittles.

Kat Marsay tagged this Brave

Loving the pacman title, I have a pacman belt :) Did you know that clyde is named after the inventor's wife which is funny because Clyde is the slowest.

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Tara tagged this Hot

I LOVE that jacket... I might try to steal it one day!

Sarah tagged this Batty

I would have done black shoes with the socks, and the jacket looks like a cloth paper bag. The shape is terrible. Love the socks.


A plea which has nothing to do with this particular post. When you sell copies of THE LBD, will you please make it a bit longer? Those of us over forty who would like to wear this to work thank you. Also, have you considered selling copies of the dress BEFORE your fundraising year expires? It would be great advertising; we could have an international "Uniform" week, where every buyer accessories the dress to her taste/lifestyle/work environment, promoting the UP. I'd definitely participate. My office of 100+ people has a big heart. As the corporate trainer, I am a "public" figure in the office and would happily spend the week promoting UP by wearing the dress every day with various parts of my wardrobe. I am known for my cowgirl boots; can't wait to put one pair in particular with this dress!

Payal tagged this Cute

So much humour in one little outfit. Good humor of course. And Stylish. Stylish humour. Love the socks so much! Can...not...wait...for...the...auction!


I think the photo poses not chosen show this awesome outfit to its best advantage. xoxoxo

Jesse tagged this weird

what are you... An iceberg?????

dfhj tagged this sf;oi


moon tagged this Cute

this looks like u are hiding in an igloo as a child and you got caught! adorable

CJ tagged this Try Harder

the jacket is hideous....not your best look sorry


eeeee! you look like a cute little owl! or a totoro...or a pac-man ghost...

rachel tagged this Cute

and i love how the shape of your hair echos the shape of the coat!