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February 10

This day belongs to olivia.
"sleek and stylish"
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Day 303. Sat, February 27 2010

Blanc et Noir

Monochrome saturday in a preowned vintage dress worn under the uniform and handmade belt designed by Tara St. James of StudyNY. Tights from Sockdreams and vintage boots from eBay.

In the excitement of the March 1st LBD announcement yesterday, I forgot to mention my brand new do. Thank you Gaby Starbuck for another smashing haircut. Gaby runs a hair and plant salon called (drumroll please....) Hairticulture in our cozy neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She also takes customers at Aveda in the city, so if you are looking for a new hair stylist, hit her up!



Grrreat boots! Yep, I like the uniform dress as a top layer. Spent some time looking at your earliest posts this morning, and your style has evolved over the months. Who would have thought that possible, with the same dress throughout?

abigail tagged this palate cleansing

this cleanses the palate.....black white gray.....love this black simple print on white vintage dress layered under uniform....and belt, tights & boots make it all work beautifully....new do is perfect for u.....

Cinnibarr tagged this Cute

I love the outfit, but I liked your old haircut :(. Am I the only one who's reminded of the little mushroom people from Super Mario? I know, I'm such a hater...

Anne tagged this Hot



It is snowing here in Flagstaff, and this outfit would look just beautiful in it.

Irene tagged this looking into spring.

nice and classy. I love the layered look from the dress the the uniform.

kay tagged this Stunning

i love the print on the dress and the colors are so clean and outstanding. the belt is really interesting too!this is so inspiring, i've actually started wearing only homemade jewelry! it's so exciting!!!

BethBG tagged this fresh!

There's something about this combination that is very fresh and says "spring" to me, even though it's monochromatic. Love the tights & boots!

colm et scary. tagged this white et black....

.. meet le craic! cancel all prior engagements for the first weekend of april. because yes, it's official- a double dose of craic is landing on your doorstep and it WILL demand your full attention. :D


You look so chic!

NayZ tagged this Perfect


SarahO tagged this WOWed

This is HOTTT! That's all that needs to be said.

Surbhi tagged this Delightful

Wow this one is exceedingly elegant and chic!

Kelsey tagged this Me

Not only is this an outfit I want to be wearing, it is also an outfit I would have put together myself. For this I give you 2 thumbs up, and request to get out of my brain. :)

AM tagged this LET IT GROW!!!!!

I LOVE everything all year except this do Sheena. I was just thinking how great it was that your hair FINALLY grew out from that horrid cut and here it is again. Please let it grow a bit.

Bombshell* tagged this *****


kapaikeni tagged this I like it, like it a lot

It don't matter if it's black and white

ammakke tagged this Smart

You look smashing in today's outfit but Sheena I TOTALLY AGREE with AM "please let it grow"....I even shared (with my husband) the joy seeing ur hair grown a bit,hmm...

Maylis tagged this lovely

Love the belt, love the dress, love the boots... Well I love everything! Amazing like always

Tina tagged this Hot

LOVE the outfit. It questions whether you're going out for the morning or evening! However, ditch the hairstyle...I have to agree with Cinnabar...

Adelheid tagged this So McCartney

Sleek. Digging the balance between romantic print and geometric patterns. Preferred your do when the sides were noticably longer than the bangs. It is a bit severe looking now. Outfit: Stella Do: Paul

Alicia tagged this Bond Girl!

Great hair and outfit! I like the dress best when you're rocking a 60s/70s vibe. This reminds me a bit of a "Bond Girl".


Classy! Although I love colour I really like when a black/white/gray simplicity looks so cool and stylish. You're doing it great!

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Cute

love this outfit. I've said before you really get better every day.


Very elegant and classy, without being dull. Nice job.

Payal tagged this Classics!

My favourite tights with my favourite boots - love it! And that drss is just gorgeous! But that belt - oh that belt does steal the show! I'm in love with it!! P.S: I can see why not everyone's a fan of the haircut, but I actually really like how simple and funky it is. Me likey! It's March 1st for me tomorrow, but I'll post it together with everyone else - I'm so excited about recruiting more UPers!

Noa tagged this Belt takes the cake!

So cute!!! I can't wait for tomorrow! I don't have a facebook or anything, but I'll post my pictures and link on my blog!! I already chose my outfit, with my black dress that's being worn increasingly more often since I found out about U.P! I love the belt, by the way

Mia tagged this Fresh

When I see this outfit, I see a total perfect combination. Who knew fundraising could be so good looking!

gruvee tagged this love it

Sleek and Slick! Love it! Happy hairdo too.


Chic and design. I love it :)

jolly M tagged this Hot

swtylish,elegant & chic .The black,the white & the grey comb: Ilove &unlike many, I do love the new "hairdo" . Then again, I like short styles. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" & its fascinating that there are so many "unique eyes" too. Best Wishes to "all LBD wearers & darers"

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Khalia tagged this Hot

Very nice! You are very boho but this is a plus: stylish, chic, simple and very elegant!



Veronika tagged this Cute

I loved this outfit! :D Very nice!

Ginny tagged this Well Calculated

Now this is a tremendous ensemble. Truly, one of the very best Sheena.

Eithne tagged this wonderful

Definitely a top five combo. One of the best things you've ever worn, head to toe. where have you been hiding that dress?

emma tagged this blanco y negro

love the pattern and the belt and the new 'do!

davina tagged this Hot

if you can pull off all these fab outfits does your hair really matter? i think not! however, if i had the bone structure you have, i'd try anything and end up looking amazing like you do everyday! you constantly inspire my unfashionable world each day.

canadiangirl tagged this fab, fab, fab.

Just. Fan. Tastic!!! 'nuf said.

moon tagged this Hot

if you only had a guitar to rock out!

suzieQ tagged this Hot


renee tagged this Hot

a favorite, especially the optical effect of the tights

J-rouux tagged this WOW !