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June 09

This day belongs to irenegarden.
"Happy Birthday to all girls who're born on 8 June!!! But while celebrating your birthday, don't forget to share your fortune with those who're in need!!!"
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Day 39. Mon, June 08 2009

Black and white and striped all over

Thrifted cotton top, striped tights and anklets from Sockdreams and vintage red pumps from eBay.


Dana Starbuck Dubay tagged this Sweet!

Me Likey!

slim tagged this Adorable

Is this based on my "black & blue..." title? ;) Loves it!


slim, yes it is!

Anonymous tagged this Coco Cute

Love everything, not sure about the shoes though!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

love the shoes! and you've done the red-black-white combination very well


I like this one... including the shoes.


Nice n smart n bright yet simple :) Good one sis!!!


Hey, the shoes are the best bit. I love your expression!


Love the little camisole. James?


lovelovelove this project!


adorable. they are all adorable, but this one is especially super cute.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

very , very nice!!

Sana Dareduck Monday

that looks entirely "new" to me, well done

Joevakro tagged this Sweet

Orphan Annie meets the Red Shoe Diaries.

MegC tagged this MegC

my FAV so far.

cruz tagged this Cute

SUPERcute! love the shoes, striped legs get a little "wicked witch" sometimes...but this works

PeaceBang tagged this A Bit Too Contrived?

I'm not a fan of the little girl look -- this is a bit too bus & truck of "Annie" for me...

Sacha tagged this Kitchen-ish

The overshirt looks a little like one of those dishtowels that's crocheted on top.

SLY tagged this Cute

Very cute

ilovemygirls3 tagged this Cute

she's young, she's cute and she looks adorable!

Allie tagged this Cute

Love. The. Shoes.

Jenny tagged this Batty

Oh I dont like this much. kinda like a maid's outfit.

eldub tagged this Cute



I love love love the leggings... not so sure about the white thing though?

RogueTess tagged this Cute

You've got the best shoes!


where'd the dress go? haha cute nonetheless.

Beth tagged this Interesting.

Like it!

k tagged this Cute

love the shoes, top questionable -_-

bibi tagged this Cute



nice fusion of grey scale!!!

Mel B. tagged this Cute

this looks like a fun outfit to prance around in!

Sara tagged this Wonderful

Haha, your facial expressions and poses are priceless! I love this. I have those same leggings and as usual, I adore those shoes!

Anonymous tagged this sweet

cool shoes. you look so cute in this.

Addie tagged this Edgy

Spunky and Edgy. Not my personal style but I can respect it when it's done well.

Freya tagged this Cute

Love everything, but not sure about the shoes.. :)


Oh No! sorry dont like this :-(

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