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October 09

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Day 155. Fri, October 02 2009

Black and white and ready to fight

Kicking off the last weekend across the pond in vintage capelet veil from eBay, suede bow tie from Treehouse, knee highs from Sockdreams, and thrift store boots from Brooklyn.


Elissa tagged this Shakespearean

For some reason I get a Romeo and Juliet-esque feel from this costume. I can see you reciting a monologue under a single spotlight with the shadows playing off the veil

Kristian tagged this Cute

LOVE the boots.

SarahJ tagged this Lionheart

i get crusader or templar knight

Mariah tagged this Friday Frivolity

Saw this and laughed -- in a GOOD way! Fashion should be fun . . . And thanks for the capelet/hood close-up -- from the detail, it's a style that older ladies (our great-grandparents' age) in the Southern U.S. used to hand-make, almost like lace.

ammakke tagged this Brave

You look like a fighter alright, Sheena..All the very best in the "anniversary fundraiser bash" this month.The capelet veil is cute.


I'm sensing Puritan...

Sophie B

You look like a pilgrim (Or would it be a puritan?) about ready to embark on the big ocean voyage.

scary. tagged this fightin irish ...

EPPPIC!!!! -fight ya for those boots!!? I want.

yobe tagged this Batty

Definately need to get back home, girl! Whats that on your head? You look like a cross between my cat and a milkmaid. Fun but silly


I'm with Sophie B -- definitely pilgrim-esque.


I'm getting mormon...

Katy tagged this Brave

I got a Templar vibe too! Or Nun? It's cute, whatever the inspiration! I would have liked to have seen the capelet veil down - I imagine that's what one would do with it while inside. I like the monochromatic layering under the dress, and the boots of course are just delightful.

samar tagged this Cute

oooooooooooooooo the outfit is so cute n adorable

Sexy Salem

Very "The Crucible"! The bow tie pulls it together.

mm tagged this NV (no sin)

Mohandas would be proud, you honoring his b-day with your title like this. Happy international non-violence day!!

Anonymous tagged this Bold

The Little White Riding Hood is fab!

Stevie tagged this adorable

Love the socks!! Can I have them?:)

holly tagged this batty AND brave

this is a funny one!

sara Nasser tagged this Cute

We really like this site - we'll definitely be posting about you on our blog x


This blog has a very intriguing concept. I'm glad I found it. I like the veil!

Irene tagged this Batty

It was all good, for everything under the shoulders. That combo with the veil and the bow makes it way too costume-y and silly. Like a cross between a clown and milkmaid. A pity since I like that veil.

elisabeth tagged this courthouse

interesting. reminds me of the judiciary (not sure that's good). BUT still love the project. Am addicted to the daily log in and love that you are fighting the good fight against under-privilege and poverty.

me tagged this Batty

preferred the May 28 outfit with this veil.

MJC tagged this mantilla-licious

strange and lovely in its way. Just wondering...did you actually keep the veil/mantilla on during the day?

amberss tagged this Brave

brave, but the hood and bowtie are :S

Brig tagged this "chaperon- rouge"

Bravo , et si tu la mettais à l' envers comme un sarouel !

Eileen Askew tagged this Batty

You might try covering the dress with large cotton handkerchiefs diagonally, so it becomes like large harlequin diamonds. I enjoy the project. Could you sell a pattern of the dress, even in larger sizes?

Dara tagged this Try Harder

Not your best look. Kind of fug.


The capelet veil was a bit much for me. But I love the bow tie and it works well with the dress. Then again, I guess it wouldn't be complete without a white collar.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Whimsical

A bit overdone, but I see the intent.


This reminds me of the Amish. :-)

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Batty


Carma tagged this Confuzzled

Leggings are amazing

old fashioned gal tagged this Brave


Reese tagged this Brave

Mormon? I'm mormon, and we definitely don't dress like that.


One of my favourites so far!

Beth tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Batty

That veil is just too weird for me.

JoJo tagged this Brave

Where can I get those socks....I just love them

Kiwiken tagged this Try Harder

OK, sorry, but... I dunno, that veil thing with the bow tie just looks silly. Makes me think of a dressed-up baby.

Annabelle tagged this Hot

amazing. love the outfit so much - it looks so cute with the hood and bow tie but so chic with the black layeres and beautiful socks.. looovee :)

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Too Pilgrimy


Just cool that all I can say!



andrienclark tagged this Cute

thanks for the capelet/hood close-up -- from the detail, it's a style that older ladies (our great-grandparents' age) in the Southern U.S. flash drive